Thursday, June 04, 2009

Royal Pains

Royal Pains: Pilot
On September 26, 2008 I stumbled upon the filming of Royal Pains. At the time I couldn't take pictures so I had someone else take the shots and they gave me a great post you can see right here ...

Almost one year later it final premiered on the USA network and they showed the scene that took 24 hours to set up.

13 seconds maybe?

The show is about a brilliant doctor Hank Lawson who, one his day off, brought his basketball friend to the hospital while the rich hospital donor was also being admitted. Both had identical cardiac conditions and while the rich donor was stable he went and helped the young baller. The donor dies and instantly Dr. Lawson is being sued and he becomes a medical pariah.
After a time he is on vacation in the Hamptons and becomes an instant hit with his great medical knowledge, honesty, and quick response. Dr. Lawson becomes a concierge doctor which mean he works out of a SUV and gets paid for one time discrete service.

The show is funny at moments and the people are beautiful but all of the Hamptons becomes one giant stereotype. Personally I've never been there but it may be completely accurate from the few documentaries I have seen. I will watch the rest of the season.

Sidenote: I listen to Loveline Live online and David Carradine was recently on and was far from depressed so the entire Thai closet death is extremely fishy. Thai police ruling it a suicicde means nothing.

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