Friday, June 12, 2009


Channel #22 on the box, #25 over the air
NYC TV is part of NYC media group a collection of 20 media channels owed by the city and one of the many great thing Mayor Bloomberg has done for New York. It shows NYC specific shows, documentaries and other stuff. Also they show PBS programs and educational programming.

Last night I saw Citizen Tanouye a documentary about eight high school kids who are sent out to learn about Tech Sgt Ted Tanouye. The story was well told and I found it very emotional even though the kids seem more cool with their feelings.

Other enjoyable shows are
City Scoop - arts and government around NYC
Backdrop N.Y.C. - film makers showing NYC from odd perspectives
Secrets of New York - short time host and next cooking Top Chef superstar Kelly Choi goes around the city looking for less traveled sites
$9.99 - goes around NYC with less than $10 to eat and have fun
Cool In Your Code - goes zip code by zip code showing the best of each

Standard Deviants TV
- an educational show for high schoolers to teach them enough to past standardized tests in any subject

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