Thursday, June 25, 2009

70s and 80s Beginning To Fade

Alleged reports of some deaths.

Farrah Fawcett was an actress I never got into. She was a staple of many 80s teen wish list. The Burning Bed was the movie I remember the most mostly because it was the first female killer turned hero by television writers. She became a serious actor with this role, something beyond the blond stereotype of her earlier work.
Fawcett died of anal cancer which was said to be brought about by the HPV(warts) virus that today there is a vaccine to prevent. Her alternative treatment was not good to say the least so by the time western medicine got to her it was too late.

Michael Jackson was an incredible musician. Just talking about his music would take several blogs. I remember The Jackson 5 the most as a kid watching another kid being such an incredible thing.
Jackson was said to died of cardiac arrest. He suffered from lupus and vitiligo which has been known to affect the heart. Constant wearing of mask suggest some sort of hypochondria.

In both cases once slightly normal people went, in my opinion, a bit nuts. Denying conventional medicine and science. They went alternative and then fell into faith, the crazy kind not the real kind.

Still whatever happens now they were great once in their field and taking time into account they are worth mourning and maybe a final prayer. (oooh I got all spiritual)

Ed McMahon recently passed. The man was more than a sidekick he was a star. I remember him most for Star Search where he hosted and made the current talent show host look completely classless.
He died of various diseases mainly bone cancer. His later years were a bit of a struggle but he kept family close and was still trying to stay in the business.

By the way I don't believe in the whole 3 at a time thing.


  1. Farrah Fawcett was more of a 70s pinup, not 80s. Her stint on Charlie's Angels was mid-70s. I distinctly remember the girls in my 6th grade class trying to copy her hair style, and that was 1977.

    My family loved the original Star Search. I don't remember anyone saying that the acts that rose to fame from that show weren't real performers, which is what some people say about singers from American Idol. Perhaps Ed McMahon's presence put the old-school Hollywood blessing on the whole thing.

  2. Most of my memories are from the 80s so I can't testify to her influence of the 70s.

    I know 1976 was deemed the year of Farrah and she took years to peak unlike today's stars who fall fast.

    By the time I started watching Charlie's Angels it was a series of replacements, Aaron Spelling had a reputation for trashy TV so I never got into it.


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