Wednesday, October 24, 2012

God I Hope They Kiss!

Since I watched all the debates on ABC it seems only I steal a line from an ABC show for this title. For those fans of Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 you will instantly recognize the title of this post.

Debate Summary
Romney holds no opinion for more than a few months and wants to fire hundreds of thousands of governments workers (including the Big Bird puppeteer). This grand plan with no details, a huge cost, and ignoring the layoffs of a theoretical small government is all he pushed. Romney touts himself as a great business man except for the fact he does not get how binders full of women is wrong. Also how efficiency works seems to elude him because he keeps calling for a large fleet that no one needs.

Obama plays defense terribly. Instead of promoting the few accomplishments that matter he defends things that he has no control over. Bush left a broken economy that will take 15 years to fix and add to that efficient technology will keep unemployment high. While Obama has done little over the last 4 years he should have pointed out that he tried but got GOP'd to a stand still.

Debate #1 = Big Bird has a target on his beak.
Debate #2 = Biden has a cartoonish laugh.
Debate #3 = Women in binders = affirmative action, unless your Romney.
Debate #4 = WWI is what we should striving for, bayonets for everyone.

Your Vote

Um, it does not matter for most people except for a few in the small counties not in NYC.

The focus should be on medical, science, and engineering and the future technologies in every field. Ignorance, psychosis, and religious extremist should be punished at every turn. In response to the Muslim extremist many Christians have become equally extreme and none of the candidates wants to acknowledge this reality.

At the end either guy getting elected will not change much. Romney has many millionaire/billionaire backers like the owners of Home Depot and Staples who will create jobs if he gets elected, also they will cut jobs if Obama wins just for spite. Obama on the other hand will be stuck in gridlock as the economy slowly fixes itself but at least we won't become a theocracy.

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