Sunday, March 11, 2012

Game of Thrones Marathon

So after a year of hearing how great this show was I finally saw it. HBO had a marathon on one of there many channels. Watching back to back thanks to TiVo made it better, pausing to sleep of course.

Houses of the Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama  about waring lordships. The families are quite dysfunctional and tend to do the worst. The Lannisters are the worst. They are a bunch of power hungry, incestuous, tyrants who are winning politically. The Stark clan are the good guys who do not want the throne but are forced into the middle of everything.

While the families are distracted something evil is lurking in the far north. In the novel the things in the cold north are known as "the others" but it was changed to White Walkers for Lost reasons. Apparently there has been nine years of summer and the winter is coming. The winter may be long and with it will come the White Walkers and the possible end of the world. Oh these Walkers can make zombies so that is kind of bad.

Overall the show is okay. Season one of True Blood and Rome was much better. I do not see why so many people love this show. Yes it is well acted and the filming locations are nice but it lacks heart. The good and bad people lack dimension I am not emotionally involved. I root for the good guys only because the bad people are awful not because I care for them.

Game of Thrones: Is an epic, dynastic power struggle, set in a mythical kingdom, where competing families spin a web of conspiracy and betrayal in a feud to control the Iron Throne.

Sunday, March 04, 2012


GCB: Pilot

Based on the book of a raunchier name. They already changed the show from the commercials. First they dropped all references to the B word. Then in the repossession scene they cut out the part where the repo guys take the coffee out of Amanda's hand.

The show is about the hypocrisy of Christian-middle of the country people. Amanda lost her criminal husband and is forced to go back to Dallas. Since Amanda left she has grown and evolved as a person. Unfortunately the ignorance and pettiness of the past remains, watch a Republican rally for real life examples.

Acting is well done and the little jokes are good, Bridget Sanchez-Fong had me rolling. I have been a big fan of Leslie Bibb since Popular.

The Monkees Marathon

Antenna TV is giving a tribute to David Jones with a marathon of the Monkees.

The Monkees was a sketch musical-comedy show. The band of four would go around the country looking for gigs and get into zany adventures. The great part of the show is they constantly broke the third wall. The referenced the script, the cameras, and the fact they were actors. Puns and jokes were non-stop often ending up in laughing fits by the actors. The singing and dancing often had little to do with script.

Even 45 years later this show still holds up well. The comedy is still funny and the music is great. I recommend everyone catch an episode or two.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Awake: Pilot

Awake: Pilot

A guy is in a car crash and the results is a split. Not a split personalty but a split reality, at least from his perspective. In one reality his son survived and in the other his wife survived. Unexplained slight changes exist in each reality. He uses these slight changes to solve crimes in both worlds.

One problem is that if this was a split in reality at the point of the accident then why so many differences in both realities. Does one person living and  not dying really change the world that much?

The show is well acted but future episodes suggest a more conspiracy type show. Hopefully it is not a dream, purgatory, or coma.

Being Human vs. Being Human

Thanks to repeats I got caught up with the U.S.A. and U.K. versions of Being Human. This show is about a reluctant vampire, an accidental werewolf, and a anxious ghost live together and try to be normal.

Image source: SciFi Mafia

Being Human (UK):
Darker, more cursing, and more comedy. Everyone who comes across the path of the trio is much worse for it. There is a lot of history, conspiracies, and prophecies all of which gets resolved. The vampire is a bit naive, dangerous, and funnier than his U.S. counterpart. In the latest episodes everyone is dead and gone except the ghost who is looking for roommates. 

Being Human (USA):
More drama, less blood. The trio is less silly than there UK counterparts which makes them very sympathetic. Since this show is about three seasons behind the UK version you can see where there going. BUT, yes that is a big but, they are not doing as much of the conspiracy/prophecy stuff. Although it is a bit early too accurately compare.

In both cases the show is fine but watching them at the same time is better. There is something about comparing stuff that makes it better.

Real News via TV: March 1, 2012

Sick and tired of so much non-relevant news I hope to write about what is really important.

Top Local Story:
1. President Obama is in NYC fundraising and generally causing traffic issues for some.

Top Nationwide Stories:
1.  Way too much coverage of the Republican race where a bunch of ignorant, superstitious, and prejudice people who are running on unrealistic and vague promises.

2. People living in the path of tornadoes are shocked when one hits. After destroying the natural landscape to build a home then choosing to make there homes out of wood they are shocked by the destruction.

3. Andrew Breitbart the yellow journalist who entrapped and twisted videos on his blog died of unknown causes. As he was 43 any natural causes would be known within hours but drug use would not. 

Mo' Money Links

Mo" Money

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