Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Fox eXtended, Channel #40

Using the unofficial "We can curse after 10pm on basic cable." rule for all it's worth FX has made the most of harsh and gritty shows.

One of last channels I got because Cablevision is slow on adding stations to the current packages. Once the only place for Buffy and X-Files repeats but now has a strong original line-up.

The Shield was the best they had. A cop show that where everyone was a criminal brilliantly done.

Currently Rescue Me is their anchor show. Firemen cope with their daily lives in a post 9-11 New York. This show can have some great single episodes but they usually don't keep up the momentum during the following episode. Still it is a great much watch show. Add to that they've filmed around my neighborhood which makes the show even more real for me.

Morally none of the characters are redeemable. At first glance each character seems very stereotypical but they are written with complex backgrounds and enough compassion to keep your attention.

FX has other original shows and comedies with similar formats but I'm trying to cut back so Rescue Me is all I'm watching on this channel.

The rest of FX's programming day is filled with reruns and good movies.

Off Topic: I think this writing a post a day has backfired. While I'm writing easier I've forgotten my CAD skills. I'm trying to make a copper and brass fixture then using finite element analysis software test it. This is a real broken fixture so I know where it will fail but I forgot how to use the CAD drawing tools. I'm one of those students that the second class is out so is my brain. I have to relearn everything from the beginning and can't do that when I blog often.

Blogging is fun and easy, CAD drawing is boring and difficult.
Blogging pays me about $60.00 a month, CAD drawing would pay about $4,000.00 a month, if I can convert the internship.
Not much of a choice if I want to eat in the future.


  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Speaking of The Shield, do you remember The Commish?

  2. Yup, I started to watch it but didn't like it at all.
    So when the Shield came out I didn't bother. Then TiVo recorded few episodes and I got hooked.


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