Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hell I've Been Busy

This semester has been tough not just the classes but the endless reports and projects. So infrequent updates for you!

Back to TV I've seen three new shows:
Jericho a great show about a small town apparently surviving a full nuclear world war.
Men In Trees a good show but in a bad time slot so I couldn't keep watching it so it off my TiVo list.
Heroes horrible first episode but I know it has been "retooled" so I'll keep watching.

Old shows return:
ER had the best premiere.
Grey's Anatomy is great.
Everything else is on tape or TiVo and I'll watch it during the weekend.

I'm looking forward to Dexter a Showtime drama about a serial killer.

Lately I've been annoyed with the state of TV. Mostly dealing with the damned logos on the bottom and news crawl during shows but that is a huge rant for another day. I understand the what really is going on.

To all the regulars I lost everyones blog addresses so that is why I haven't visited anyone so if you want to drop a line go ahead if not sorry.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Niether Gone or Forgotten

On this the 5th year after the attack on America by Muslim terrorist there is more videos of these modern day monsters planning the attacks.

Television captured the horror of the day and I hope the justice against these enemies of freedom will also be televised.Children did die that day but many more lost there center, fathers, mothers and loved ones.

It's anger that fills me today sadness comes later when looking outside the window with a skyline forever changed.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Addiction Recovery

Hello my name is Man and I am a TV addict.

For years I would watch up to 5 shows at the same time now I have a busy life and have only been watching what I actually care about.

Why the change? Easy because of great shows like Surface that only lasted a half season. Also good shows like The 4400 that turned to crap but more important most of this semester classes invovle computer assignments which leaves me little time to watch TV.

So my new policy is just watch returning shows and only a few new ones the others are probably going to cancelled and available for free on YouTube in case I every really want to watch them.

I look forward to watch Jericho on CBS, Men In Trees on ABC and any show I watched last season.

Now for some brief reviews:
House: Meaning
6 weeks after emerging from a medicaly induced coma House is fine and healthy he treats 2 patients, one of which was Claire Kramer better known as Glory/Glorificus from Buffy. Soon though House notices he has some pain and gets himself some pills. I was kind of disappointed that they didn't show his path to recovery or the results of the patients from the season finale.

Stargate SG-1: Memento Mori
Vala gets her memory wiped by a Goa'uld and becomes a waitress. The story center around Vala's trust issues and was nicely done. At the end she officially becomes part of the team.

Stargate Atlantis: McKay & Mrs. Miller
Very cool episode dealing with McKay's personal issues and featuring his sister. Which was played by his Hewitt's(Mckay) REAL LIFE SISTER. That was cool watch it again if you did not know this before and you'll see the brother-sister chemistry between them. We also meet a cooler version of Dr. Mckay from a parallel universe. Also a very touching episode about family and friends. Who knew nerds were so sentimental. I guess thats why it took the almost destruction of 2 universes to bring out the emotions.

Image from the great site

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin Died In Australia

According to news sources the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin was killed by a sting-ray when swimming off the coast of Australia. His wife has yet to be officially notified. The sting-ray bard is dedly and struck him in the chest.

That is beyond awful, he was so young and had such great energy and love for life. He leaves behind a great wife, two kids and millions of fans as well as a better piece of Earth then when he started.

Windfall: Series Finale

Sad ending everyone is broken up with there true loves and Frankie got kidnapped by either the evil Russians or her psycho dad.

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