Sunday, June 28, 2009


USA Network, Channel #38

As Dani pointed out in a recent comment "For the past several summers, the majority of my viewing schedule has come from USA and TNT." I agree but I missed a lot of these shows pilot episodes and would like to watch it from the beginning. Plus paying for premium cable I tend to watch True Blood, Weeds, or any other premium channel show first.

Still I love the crime drama and sometimes I put on USA and watch dozens of episodes of Law & Order: Whatever Unit, CSI: Some City, or NCIS: TGIF.

Another reason these channels have been off my radar is the bad scheduling. Royal Pains started June 5, Burn Notice started June 11, Monk and Psych starts August 7. Season finales this year were early starting in March so it been 3 months of waiting for regular summer shows that put me off TV for a while.


  1. I have a rough time with this new world of TV scheduling myself. I'm old enough to remember when TV was three channels, cable TV was only available in big cities, and the TV season corresponded with the school year. Nowadays, even shows on the Big 3 have variable start and end times. DVRs with the Season Pass capability showed up at just the right time. Without the Season Pass, I would miss the season premieres of many of my favorite shows.

  2. 100% agree I completely missed the season finale Law & Order: SVU because it was 2 weeks after the previous episode and 6 weeks after all other NBC season finales.

    I remember Who Shot JR? was during a writers strike yet no one premiered anything against that episode.

  3. One of our "Discovery" channels within Sky TV's package rebranded as "Discovery:Crime" or something, and we are watching a lot of that at the moment... not so much the dramas, but docu-drama / factual stuff like "American Greed".

    Mind you, Stacey Keach's voice can get annoying after a while...

  4. I liked Stacy Keach when he did comedy.

    Speaking of American greed Madoff just got 150 years, his story was really fascinating for a while during the documentary I kind of felt bad for him.

  5. Just goes to show how powerful a medium TV is; it can make us feel sorry for someone who's committed a crime etc.

  6. It didn't change my opinion a bit but it did explain more than most newscasts. I assume that some newspapers were as thought provoking but I rarely pick up the daily papers.


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