Monday, June 29, 2009

TV Depression 101

Impact: An ABC Mini-Series
This was basically a television version of Armageddon. An impact on the moon causes a change in it's orbit and the Earth is doomed. That is until a brave group of not-astronauts must journey to the move and save the Earth.

The best part of the mini-series was the kid actors, they kept losing people they loved and kept crying. The science may be a bit iffy and the effects are all CGI but the sentiment was good.

Life after People; Prehistoric New York; Prehistoric Disasters
Apparently we are doomed, we were doomed, and we'll always be doomed.

Gardens of the Night

A very uncomfortable but well done movie about the worst society has to offer. Leslie, 8 years old, is kidnapped and used horribly for years. There is no happy ending but compared to what happens in real life it is a much brighter future.


  1. OK, you need some more cheery viewing material. Maybe I should send you a copy of "Wall-E" or something :-).

  2. Wall-E was incredibly depressing, if they didn't add the little ending sketches over the credits it would have been a drama.


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