Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Channel #13 on the box
PBS-The reason I enjoy television so much.
Things have changed but back in the days, up to just ten years ago, Channel Thirteen provided a window to things only equaled by reading a library of books.

Real documentaries, global, and uncensored with full joyous and tragic outcomes.

Movies from every time and every country also uncensored in their original language.

Educational shows that teach basic to advance subjects.

And of course muppets, Sesame Street.

When you don't have cable and want to watch a high quality movie without commercials and not heavily edited for family friendly viewing the only choice was Thirteen. I say "was" because since the station depends on public funding and they no longer take risks. The station is a target of Conservatives because they often fear truthful stories that do not have their one sided slant.
All the the movies, documentaries, and art shows that ran late at night and contained nudity were ripped off the air. Most of the foreign programming were replaced with music concerts.

Watching a documentary that spanned decades or a movie of childhood in Sweden, South Africa, or the Soviet Union was incredible and to this day is not seen on regular TV.

How To - Cooking shows, building houses shows, fixing stuff shows, learning languages, and general education. This Old House is still among my favorites.

From A Celebration of Me, Grover, showing much...Image via Wikipedia

Travel - Showing every country from helicopters, down the streets, and even through the sewers. Made want to travel despite my lack of money.

Movies - see rant above.

Documentaries - Best in the world because they use sources from around the world.

Concerts - Older bands, singers, and old concerts are always fun to watch.

Kids Shows - Puppets teaching you to count is great.

Running Scared - The new Thirteen focuses less on bringing movies from the world and instead goes after more American stories. Late night is just concerts no more art shows.

Pledge Drives - Now every 3 months they spend a week or two interrupting all their shows begging for donations.

Cookie Monster - Denied cookies, how dare you!

I know I will never get the wonderful free uninhibited station but at least it left me open to see the true size of this big slightly egg shaped world.

Very seldom used logo in the corner. Once completely ad free except for a simple list of high money contributors they've changed to show full commercials before and after every program. Most of the ads are direct sponsors to that particular show.

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