Friday, September 26, 2008

Exclusive on the Set: Royal Pains

While I was rushing to get to class I did get some pictures before a charged another person with a mission, take as many pictures as possible. Now I don't want to fail the person let's just say I would've done things different.

First they brought out a coffin.

Never mind it was a camera crane.

They are instructing the extras.

Oooooh the camera is out looks like everyone is excited.

The star is here Mark Feuerstein is here.

He looks cool in the chaos.

He sees me!

The big view.

They renamed the hospital to Brooklyn ^$$^$$@& 6@$^$, I couldn't read the sign.

Feuerstein entered meditation mode.

He starts walking the scene.

Seems he's carrying something.

Going through the motions again.

My favorite picture of Mark Feuerstein meeting his fans.

I wonder what she was saying, maybe something about Good Morning Miami.

Signing autographs.

Taking pictures.

And now the filming begins.

And there done, it's over. From what I gather this is the scene where the Doc gets fired from the Brooklyn ER for treating a poor patient over a rich one. 24 hrs for a 15 second scene.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mental Problems

The Mentalist: Pilot
So some guy was watching Monk and Psych and decided what if I combine the two shows and pitch to CBS. Well it happened and they made so many inside jokes it was silly.
They subtly mentioned Eureka, Psych, and a few other detective shows.
Law & Order Special Victims UnitImage by MacRonin47 via Flickr
If I have a free hour I may watch it but I hold no hope for it's success.

Law & Order: SVU : Trials

Simply great, the best show this season.

Clay Aiken, duh.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Filming In Brooklyn

Apparently Wyckoff Heights Hospital is very photogenic.

After filming The Greatest earlier this year, Ransom many years ago, and a few others, they are back at it with Royal Pains.

This is a USA network show that is about a doctor who saves a poor boy over a rich old lady...then his life collapses around him. It is a 90 minute pilot that stars former TV doc Mark Feuerstein. (3lbs was his other Doc show and it lasted 3 episodes on air before cancellation.)

I will do my best to get pictures but I must be in class until 8pm so it may be difficult. Plus my track record being a paparazzo is awful.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yankees Last Stand

Yankee Stadium croppedImage by phillenium1979 via FlickrOn ESPN watching the last game played at Yankee Stadium is just incredible.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Semi-Live Emmy Blog

10:59pm They finished early. That's historic.

10:55pm: Tom Selleck seems serious, the Best Drama is MadMen. I gave this show a try but it just doesn't flow.

10:54pm: Best Comedy 30 Rock yeah, well, hmmmm.

Quick flashback Don Rickles was the funniest thing so far.

10:49pm: The build up to the Reality Host winner Jeff Probst was funny.

10:41pm: Tina Fey ho hum.

10:38pm: BRYAN CRANSTON he should won years of ago for Malcolm in the Middle, I guess I'll have to TiVo this.

In Memoriam, dang I forgot how many good ones died and Charlton Heston too.

10:26pm: Alec Baldwin wins Lead Actor in a Comedy and it's OK but I don't watch the stuff so...

I'm back.

I need to take a break.

9:36pm: Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale just lost what a shame.

9:22pm: Outstanding Directing in a Comedy went to Barry Sonnenfeld won for the pilot of Pushing Daisies and had a nice prepared speech. "Love TV and fear the Internet."

9:15pm: Seriously Laugh-In.

9:02pm: Josh Grobin singing theme songs melody was laughable, not in a good way.The Smothers Brothers: Tom (left) and Dick (right)

8:54pm: A Smothers Brothers just laid the political smackdown.

8:44pm: Whoa Jennifer Love is less bootylicious. Cool The Colbert Report won.

8:42pm: Conan made a funny about "The Heigl". Diane Wiest won the Outstanding Support Actress Drama, whatever.

8:30pm: Best Supporting Actor Drama goes to some guy from Damages over the guy from Lost ridiculous.

8:20pm: Jean Smart just won for Outstanding Supporting Actress Comedy, hell yes that is perfect. Damn they cut her off too soon.

8:17pm: When all else fails show Seinfeld clips.

8:15pm: Macy's commercial was great better than anything so far. Screw you Wal-Mart losers this is a real store that makes more per store than that huge chain.

8:12pm: Jeremy Piven wins Best Supporting Actor Comedy. I'm fine with it because I like him, I prefer Jon Cryer.

8:10pm: The opening was on of the worst bit in TV history, congrats.

7:30pm: Pre-Emmy Red Carpet Show on E! is nice to see the pretty people.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Decent Flick

I watch most of my movies on the small screen which has a great property of making CGI even worse then it does on the big screen. In this case CGI was not an issue the movie was beautifully shot.

No Country for Old Men
The genius of this movie is the separation of the characters. By this I mean there is no chance meetings, no crossing paths, or almost meetings. Each character is left to their own devices.

I've been overwhelmed by TiVo recording these crime-drama where there is always a twist of some sort. It is refreshing to see a story unfold based on the crime not some outside influence. Granted it is completely unrealistic unless your living in a third world country.

A must see.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I hate Politics

I don't know about the rest of the country but every New York station had the reading of all the names of the 9/11 attacks. The coverage was full and uninterrupted and very touching.

Then later that night they had some conference on service or as it should be called "forced volunteering". It was a waste of TV time. As bad some of my favorite TV blogs are overrun with the agenda politico.

Obama-Biden (not Osama Bin Laden) says a whole bunch of empty words with no back bone, granted he sure talks pretty and he can just delegate his plans later as president.

McCain-Palin just lie, Yahoo news had a great article pointing out all of McCain's lies or flip-flops (flip-flops which according to Republicans 4 years ago were really-really bad). He twisted a child protection bill into a sex for kids lesson. He denounced 4 Bush plans then said "they're GRRReat". Palin supported a nowhere bridge then after the lower 48 said pay it yourself she said "Uh-no".
Yet as president McCain would delegate his plans and be willing to comprise for what is best for everyone.

Either way both guys are doing what it takes to win, campaigns hold no truths.

Maybe I'm living too long in NYC. We went from...

  • Dem. Mayor Dinkins who defied lawmakers and increased the NYPD ranks, cut public services, and left the city with a surplus amount of money from the deficit he inherited.
  • Rep. Giuliani who made everyone mad by continuing most of Dinkins' policies, letting the police fight crimes, supporting choice, and selling city parts to the highest bidder.
  • Ind. Bloomberg (formerly Dem. & Rep.) he is valiantly trying to save the city from debt by selling/renting every piece of space the city has on hands, he killed the board of ed., and has a salary of $1.
New Yorkers tend to vote for...take a seat...the most qualified at the time to get the job done, not for party lies lines.

Dinkins defused racial tensions, Giuliani defused crime fears, Bloomberg defused money woes.

What does the nation need defusing and who is qualified to quench that fuse?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out The Bedroom Window

Lights are nice but buildings would be better.

Ten years ago you could see the tips of the Twin Towers from this window and the entire Empire State Building from my front windows.

By now so much new construction has all but blotted out the New York City skyline still the Empire State Building is shining bright. What is missing was what most considered the ugliest towers in NYC. Yet the love and hate relationship for these 7 buildings know as the World Trade Center only rose to minor snobbish whisper. Until...

19 Muslim attackers in a pro-religious anti-American stance decided Washington D.C. and New York must pay. These attackers were not poor or oppressed they simply were doing evil. Knowing like most do that this is the true American heartland they struck a blow that hurt. Inspired by the events of September 11, 2001 still now more Muslims, extreme right-wingers, online conspirators, and others plot to bring more terror to Americans.

The fact that there hasn't been another major incident in America is not by chance it is because we were also inspired by that day. Inspired to stop anyone who wants to be a martyr. Inspired to keep this part of the world free. Inspired.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fringe Groups

JJ Abrams had some great pilots; Felicity, Lost, What About Brian, and Alias.
Then there are the stinkers Six Degrees and now Fringe.
It's like Ghost Whisperer meets the X-Files but in a bad way. Little was interesting about this show so I'll give it one more episode before I get into to details.

The Shield: Snitch
This was a great episode with the best scene was when they arrested two Spook Street gang members and then the thugs proudly walked down the street while the neighborhood yelled "Spook Street Ayea!"


It was reminiscence of Republican National Convention when the group yelled USA!USA!USA! to drown out anything else they found objectionable. Just seeing such a scary mob mentality in the name of pride is something.

Code Chanting

"Lipstick on a pig" count:
McCain 3 times
Cheney 1 time
Obama 1 time
Kermit 145 timess

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Samurai Clone

Samurai Girl: Episodes 1 -6

Based on a bookish type thing.

So I'm not good with people and there maybe some errors in the characters names but the picture will be clear.

Asian-Buffy is destined for greatness but doesn't know it. She survives her wedding and meets up with blond-Willow and blond-Xander. Blond-Xander has a crush on her but can't say it.

After some bonding moments Asian-Buffy finds her one true love ninja-Angel, he has a dark and evil past but know fights on the side of good to redeem his sins.

Soon her brother's-British-Watcher comes to guide the newly formed gang. The travel and fight together until ninja-Angel meets some tragic end, then comes back to life. Ninja-Angel's ex-girlfriend evil-Blond-Cordelia shows up and causes trouble.

Asian-Buffy never realizes her true power and ninja-Angel goes and spin-offs around the world. Meanwhile her true enemy Asian-Spike comes back and they face-off. Fade to black.

This show reminded me of another, if I find out I'll be sure to post it.

Friday, September 05, 2008

GIANTS Undefeated

The only undefeated team in the NFL your New York Giants!!!!

Kitchen Nightmares was cool all the best/worst restaurants from last season were revisited. They all kept up with the advice given and have increased business.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

If You Don't Watch TV You're Nuts

Yet another article about TV and its affects.

It basically says people who don't watch TV have less greedy kids and enjoy their neighborhoods more.

They're also extremists like crazy-hypocritical religious right-wingers and tree-hugging left wingers. I would add to that list most gang members and other criminals tend to hang out on corners rather than watch TV. Very few TV addicts are waiting in Central Park ready to mug you.

So now what to do?
I watch TV and become more informed and greedy or do I stop watching and become myopic and selfish.

Hiding behind the chant USA!USA!USA won't make the truth go away.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kids, Cops, and U.K. Stereotypes

90120: We're Not in Kansas Anymore
So was it me or did that kid from Degrassi have some odd conversations with her adopted brother. I mean in a bikini, on his bed, and about naughty sex. They do make a cute couple.
The show was slightly interesting but typical of a soap. The acting was one of the worst I've seen in years. Okay now I can just wait for the series finale to see how it ends.

The Shield: Coefficient of Drag
Intense acting plus tons of blood equals series finale.
It was good but the names of the bad guys are incomprehensible.

  • Zadofian
  • Luis Aramboles
  • Beth Insardi
  • Ellis Rezian
  • Cruz Pezuela
Autumn Chiklis is the actual daughter of the star of the show and plays his daughter on the show, freaky.

Bones: Yanks in the U.K.
Bones goes to speak at Oxford University and wouldn't you know someone dies. The first half of this two hour episode was nice and sweet with love blooming and life amongst death. Then the second half started and every lovely moment from the first half was destroyed.

The shows jokes consisted mostly of the rude Americans running around making fun of the British. It was funny plus I learned a truck is called lorry??? Who knew...well maybe some British people knew.

Daily Show: September 3, 2008
I'm not watching the political conventions since it's just hot air blowing used to elected. What was great were all the hypocritical moments shown on today's episode.
Nice to see so many quotes directly contraindicating themselves just because of the new VP candidate.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Prison Break

Breaking & Entering

Two episodes back to back for this less than stellar season premiere. After a month worth of spoiler commercials that showed Sarah is not dead.

All the other guys who survived last season are back. These episodes were leading to the big heist they will complete this season. There were so many obvious set-ups that made a simple job complicated that after I fell asleep and woke up I did not lose my place in the show.

What is Gossip Girl? No seriously. Why the hell am I flooded with ads for this show about twentysomething high schoolers? The news just called this show ground breaking. Unlike 90210 that actually had a diverse audience I only see pre-teens talking about this show. Just because your audience is rabid doesn't mean the show is great. Look at Sci-Fi.

Mo' Money Links

Mo" Money

TV is educational. If you can't learn something everyday your box is broken.