Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rescue Me Mini-Episode

Rescue Me returns tonight with a 6 minute episode...

Turns out it was a 4 minute episode with only donut eating madness and the most cursing ever for a four minute show.
Still funny.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

WPIX turned 60

WPIX Celebrates 60 Years on the air as New York City's first independent television station. Granted a license under the WLTV call letters it was an open contest to pick new call letters that someone suggested WPIX.

To this day this is the best news show in NYC.

To celebrate they've been giving a showcase of some of their well known broadcasts. The line-up is as follows...

  • 12noon The Little Rascals
  • 1pm Abbott & Costello
  • 2pm The Three Stooges
  • 3pm The Adventures of Superman
  • 4pm Get Smart
  • 5pm My Favorite Martian
  • 6pm I Dream of Jeannie
  • 7pm The Odd Couple
  • 8pm The Honeymooners
  • 9pm WPIX 60th Anniversary Special

Watching The Little Rascals, Abbott & Costello, and The Three Stooges you get kind of that funny-creepy feeling because of all the stereotypes and racial jokes.

With The Adventures of Superman, Get Smart, and My Favorite Martian they cleaned up their acts but the shows were kind of cheesy. I don't mean to say they're second rate but they were not high budget shows.

WPIX is given trivia in between the breaks one was that the budget for The Adventures of Superman was so low that they filmed all the scenes for each set at once in the same clothes. Meaning for each season the cast never changed their outfits.

Other trivia...
  • Anytime the Three Stooges hit their noses a bike horn would sound.
  • The Martian's spaceship was made of wood and cardboard and painted silver later it was sold in 1975 for $750.
  • Superman's original costume was brown and gray because it showed up better in black and white then red & blue.
  • Babara Eden and Larry Hagman later starred together in Dallas.
I wathced most of these shows on WPIX channel 11 growing up. My least favorite were The Honeymooners and The Odd Couple I just never got into them didn't think they were funny.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kathy's back

Yes a new season of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List just started and it featured an even more potty mouth Kathy with her boyfriend/man-date/arm-candy Steve Wozniak.

The scene where he ignores her and attempts to hack her Ipod is bound to be a reality show classic. Kind of reminds me of the guys from Big Bang Theory.

All in all it was a funny start because her last season was just too damn depressing. Although this season the scene around the producers awards show were hilarious.

As the World Turns
Odd in late December 2005 I saw Debra Jo Rupp of That 70s Show fame appeared on All My Children and now she was on As the World Turns playing very minor characters.

This time she was a camp counselor, last time she was a drunk.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

National Puerto Rican Day Parade

On Fox!?!

Report goes to the crowd for a sideline interview.

Reporter: So how do you feel today?
Crowd member #1: WOOOOOOOHH! YEEEEEAAAAHHHH! (whistling blowing) WWUUUOOO!
Reporter: So about you?
Crowd member #2: WOOOOOOOHH! (whistling blowing)YEEEEEAAAAHHHH! (whistling blowing) WWUUUOOO!
Reporter: How are you enjoying the parade so far?
Crowd member #3: WOOOOOOOHH! (whistling blowing)YEEEEEAAAAHHHH! (whistling blowing) LALALALALALALALA!

After an hour of going back to this clueless reporter.

Reporter: How are you enjoying the parade so far?
Crowd member #761: BORIQUAAAAAA! AAAAAAAHHHHHH! WOOOOOOOHH! (whistling blowing)YEEEEEAAAAHHHH! (whistling blowing) LALALALALALALALA!

I liked it better on channel 4 (NYC WNBC).

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