Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why Movies Why?

I just saw The Dark Knight, Tropic Thunder, and Transformers on cable.

Each one was horrible and badly acted.

Honestly why was Batman still doing the scratchy voice when he was alone with Lucius Fox?
Where were the jokes in Tropic Thunder?
Why does Megan Fox look forty when she is supposed to be a teenager?

I sometimes feel bad when I miss a film at the theater but then I watch it a year or two later and realize I made the right choice.

Update:Megan Fox...confessed to Entertainment Weekly that she was terrible in her breakthrough role in "Transformers."
100% agree

Pushing Daisies: Kerplunk
Series finale ties up most of the loose ends but very hastily. They did some bad CGI with Arquette holding some macaroni. The sweep of the entire town was meant to show every episode but again time and CGI made it looked rushed. The dog running through CGI daisies was laughable.

All in all great show. On par with Wonderfalls.


  1. God, don't get me started on "Judge Dredd" either. A huge fan of the comic books / stories, and then they make an appalling film like that! I've never liked any of the "superhero" comic-book adaptations to films... generally, they were all awful.

  2. I liked Judge Dredd only because I never heard of the comic. After seeing what the comic was I can't see how the film was even called Judge Dredd.


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