Wednesday, August 31, 2011


SPEED, Channel 99

Dedicated to racing and everything including themed game shows and reality shows about cars and trucks. I should be more into this channel since I actually built and raced a car once but honestly I can never watch it.

There is definitely a car-racing culture that is very easy to join but unless you are passionate about cars it is also easy to leave behind.

Again I maybe watched 10 minutes of this channel all year so I probably will just speed on by. Oh love those puns.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


HGTV, Channel 98

Yup starting this up again. Last left off on the Food Network about 2 years ago then my TVs broke and then most shows became awful but let me finish off the channel list.

On with HGTV a channel that shows houses and occasional garden shows. From the little I saw they focus on buying, selling, or redecorating homes. From what I heard it started as channel that built homes and gardens but then it changed from documentary-style to "reality"-style.

House Hunters International
"A woman decides to make a life in Paris"
A show where Americans go to foreign countries and find a place to live. In this episode some woman with no real career goes to Paris and gets a NYC size apartment for $1,400 a month. It had no real shower but a great view. The other two apartments were two expensive or too small. Apparently since she had savings style was more important than affordability.

Never really watched this channel and I doubt I will again.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

BBC America


Probably the last cable system in all of America to get it but Cablevision finally brought BBC America, channel 101, to me. Perfect timing too since it is the episode premiere of Doctor Who. To prepare us they have been having a season six marathon of Doctor Who.

I have now fully caught up with all the episodes and although I  do not care for the new doctor the stories are great.

I have alos watch some Kitchen Confidential and hope to see more great British shows soon.

Oh also there is a hurricane acoming.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Not Getting the Whole Picture

Not having an HDTV you miss a few things. Things like sharp images, every wrinkle, and side jokes.

For the most parts networks have been good to consider us old fashion TVs user when filming but it looks like they are starting to update.

Check it out my favorite news channel is now fully HD and I cannot see the full time or temperature.

Is it 28 or 98?
Am I going have to look out the window? The horror.

Still I have no plans to upgrade so I suggest the networks adjust to me.

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