Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Channel #12 exclusively on the box
News 12 Brooklyn another 24-hour news channel that is even more local than NY1. Focusing mostly on Brooklyn issues is fine but I just sleep here. I got to school, work, and have fun in Manhattan. Brooklyn for me is just a place to take a nap so what happens in the borough does not consume my thoughts. Add to that Brooklyn is huge Williamsburg and Coney Island may as well be in different cities.

Started in 2005.
A spin-off from the original News 12 started on Long Island in 1986.
there are 9 different News 12 stations around the city.
Cablevision owns them under the Rainbow Media umbrella and so it is exclusive to Cablevision/Optimum systems with a few other cable services showing these channels.

Profile - Person of interest stories are touching.

The Crawl - During the September 11 attacks so much information was coming through that a crawl at the bottom of the news was added to most stations. Before this the news crawl or ticker was for stock quotes, weather, or school closings basically any kind of list. Now most 24-hour stations keep the crawl underneath to announce every little bit of news.
News 12 has a large crawl that sometimes shows full paragraphs. Seriously, I can't read that fast and it takes away the focus from the story that is being played.

Logo in corner with full crawl. Mostly local ads.

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  1. I like being able to tune to "Sky News" here in the UK and reading the "crawl" in just a few minutes to "get" the news, but I don't want it on the "general entertainment" channels. :-(

  2. I see your point but unless something is currently exploding there is no need for constant updates. They recap the news every 15 minutes so it seems redundant.


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