Friday, September 26, 2008

Exclusive on the Set: Royal Pains

While I was rushing to get to class I did get some pictures before a charged another person with a mission, take as many pictures as possible. Now I don't want to fail the person let's just say I would've done things different.

First they brought out a coffin.

Never mind it was a camera crane.

They are instructing the extras.

Oooooh the camera is out looks like everyone is excited.

The star is here Mark Feuerstein is here.

He looks cool in the chaos.

He sees me!

The big view.

They renamed the hospital to Brooklyn ^$$^$$@& 6@$^$, I couldn't read the sign.

Feuerstein entered meditation mode.

He starts walking the scene.

Seems he's carrying something.

Going through the motions again.

My favorite picture of Mark Feuerstein meeting his fans.

I wonder what she was saying, maybe something about Good Morning Miami.

Signing autographs.

Taking pictures.

And now the filming begins.

And there done, it's over. From what I gather this is the scene where the Doc gets fired from the Brooklyn ER for treating a poor patient over a rich one. 24 hrs for a 15 second scene.


  1. Nice. Lucky to be around and in the right place at the right time!

  2. Thanks Man. Clicked over from your post on Amy's site Great pics. Mark Feuerstein is such a cutie. I hadn't heard of Royal Pains before this. W/ him in it, I'll have to check it out.
    btw, I'm a Rescue Me addict, so if you EVER see any signs up for that, please get the info to Amy ASAP. I'm willing to travel the 2 hours each way from PA to get on the set again.

  3. James, they film dozens of movie and TV shows around NYC that is just a token away.

    Tracy, I saw your great Rescue Me pictures and I'm also a big fan. Trust me if I have a chance to see them film I will shout it out in bold type everywhere.

  4. hehe Great. Isn't it a great show? I think I remember hearing that they're going to be done shooting either the end of Sept or Oct, can't remember which, & can't remember where I read or heard it.
    It's been weird, because there's been nothing about them filming posted anywhere, they're flying under the radar, darn them. I'll be in town this Thurs & Fri for a long weekend on LI, & am crossing my fingers & toes that something comes up for them for those 2 days. If not I'll see if there's anything listed on Amy's site or olv that I'd like to see.
    I stopped by Life on Mars in Manhattan last week, had to retrieve my car from Brooklyn after the breakdown the night of the Fringe screening. You couldn't see the set from the street - it was in a parking area blocked by a brick wall - so all I could see was a beat up 70's era car. I hung around hoping to see MI, HK, or JO, but no luck. I gave up after awhile. Not a successful set visit.


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