Saturday, June 27, 2009


Turner Network Television, Channel #37

The reason I got cable again was to watch Babylon 5 on this station. It was worth it and I even enjoyed their spin-off Crusade.

Along with current original shows like The Closer, Hawthorne, and others they are heavy on movies. If you want to watch Braveheart wait 12 hours and it's likely this station is repeating it.

They have quality shows and great movies but with so many other things I watch I never get around to the stuff on this station.

They did have a great mini-series called Into the West one of the best pieces of Americana in a long time.


  1. For the past several summers, the majority of my viewing schedule has come from USA and TNT. This summer, I am watching The Closer, Raising the Bar, HawthoRNe, and Saving Grace on TNT.

  2. I'll probably watch most of these when they give a marathon but for now I'm trying to trim my TV watching.

    It's annoying getting into a show like 4400, Dead Zone, and others just to have them canceled mid-plot.


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