Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Day the Earth Stood Still

So after 13,858 episodes As the World Turns ended on Friday to little fanfare.

Apparently the two and half tornadoes that hit NYC was more important. So any special soap opera coverage never happened.

As the World Turns was a NY filmed showed and it should have been an event but with the bad weather and the fact the show wrapped up back in July it did not have a big impact.

The final episode showed no old clips instead it had the chief of the hospital retiring in a quiet moment while a glass globe spun on his desk.

The ending was awkward since the shows power couple, Holden and Lilly, were not back together. This is because the original actress who played Lily was dumped last year and the replacement was not as good. Also ever clip of Lily was the original actress so they chose not to show her face again which was a big mistake.

As far as I can tell all the storylines wrapped up with love and babies.

So for the next week instead of showing clips and best of episodes the will have The Price is Right. Then after that they will have a new talk show that is just a copy of The View, which itself is a copy of Politically Incorrect.

The golden age of TV is gone and if I never get an HDTV I no longer care.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Before, During, After

Before people barely talked about the twin towers, unofficially they were an eyesore. No talked about a field in Pennsylvania. A few people talked about the Pentagon but with little sadness.

During that day 19 Muslim extremists with hate in their hearts decide to kill and hurt and tried to forever change the American way of life.

After the people, mostly non-New Yorkers or non-Pentagon employees, decided that anger was good but being petty was better. First you had the greedy wives, then the deniers who swarmed the internet with foolish conspiracies. After a while you got the phony sick who spent 30 years smoking and then spent 2 weeks many blocks away from the site and whined their way to millions. Now you have the exploiters who seek to use the day to win elections or plug their church/mosque.

Still they tested the tribute in lights on Sept 10 while having no building to walk into on the 11th.

Rebuild and never forget.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Update for Update's Sake

List of awards and nominations received by Mod...Image via Wikipedia
It's not that I'm overwhelmingly busy at work more like TV has not been inspiring.

Lots of great winners especially Modern Family for best comedy.
Shame that Mad Men won again seeing how I can't seem to get into the show.

They should have kept it canceled. They have lost that edge.

Royal Pains, Rescue Me
Both shows have been stretching out their season beyond reason and with weak storylines this is not good.

As The World Turns
Well in a few weeks this longest running soap/TV serial/radio drama will end and they have been wrapping up storylines left and right.
Special guest, memorials for those who have passed, and lots of clips from over 50 years have been sprinkled throughout the final episodes.
I can only hope they end with dignity.

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