Friday, June 30, 2006

Lily Got Groped

Just testing this whole YouTube thing so I'll start with this post.

On Jue 23, 2006 the news reported on Operation Exposure, a crackdown on subway perverts by the New York City Police Department.

While doing interviews about women who have been groped or flashed in the subways they interviewed Leven Rambin an actress who plays Lily Montgomery on All My Children. She also starred in the short andd contraversial Book of Daniel on NBC.

Here is two sound bites of her interview.

I'm surprised no one else saw this or recognized her, she was being interviewed by her own station, ABC.

Please excuse the quality of the video this my first. It didn't hurt much but with practice I'll get better. I have a TiVo and a digital camera yet I still don't know the best way to tranfer videos without a PC/TV tuner.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Still Windfalling

Windfall: Running with the Devil
Zoe is still missing and the gossip mill is running at full steam.

Every lottery winner is being robbed. Damien finally got some from his wife. Someone gets shot.

Boy this show is boring.

Larry King Live: Star Jones-Reynolds
Watching Star evade simple questions by twisting words and not be upfront shows why she was fired. The sickly looking Star kept calling her surgery a "medical intervention" when King asked so "does that mean surgery?" she said "but of course it does what else would it mean".

Having a near photographic memory gives Star the ability to stick with a half truth and never slip up. She never mentions the word surgery and will never slip because of this gift.

It is like if some asked "Who drank the last can of beer?" I say "It wasn't there when I last looked in the fridge." and no matter facts the person brings in like "You are the only one in the room. I just stick with "It wasn't there when I last looked in the fridge." all the time knowing I will never confess.

Lucky Louie is Nuts

Lucky Louie: A Mugging Story
Kim is mugged by a some teenage punk and fights back. She steals his wallet and confronts him at home. The kid keeps her keys and threatens her revenge after his grandma forced him to give back her purse.
Louie tries to guard his home but falls asleep on the job.
Kim(Pamela Adlon) like Carrie Heffernan(Leah Remini) on The King of Queens is the strongest character on the show. Louie can't hold his own against such a good actress, but he is not the weakest link on the show. That falls to his daughter who is as bad at acting as the Jim Norton, who is a great comedian but a horrible actor.

Then there is Rick Shapiro as Jerry. He opens the show with full frontal nudity plus a towel that covers nothing. He even seemed to be sporting some wood which made it more disgusting but funny. Then at the end he closes with more nudity except without a towel for coverage.

The show gets funnier each episode, with or without Shapiro's twig and berries.

The View( Yes I had to TiVo it to see the drama )
Tuesday= Star Jones-Reynolds annouces she is leaving in the fall, after the show she said "they fired me".
Wednesday= Barbara Walters says You were fired for being fake but we hoped you would leave with diginty, too late.(Star is erased from credits and website.)
Thursday= Renee Goldsberry who should be there on Monday comes in early as a replacement, she plays a lawyer on One Life to Live and that nearly caused Walters to choke.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What Else Is On

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
Kathy is back from Iraq and is no worse for wear. She Updates her Star weight loss article and loses more then the twelve pound goal.

Then the brats come in, her niece and nephew. Kathy brings in some Laguna Beach loser to impress her niece which does and she clams down for the visit. Her nephew on the other hand can care less about Kathy and insults her and acts his age which irks Kathy. Luckily she doesn't kill them and sends them packing with her parents.

What I learned in this episode...Cake Soup!

  • 2 slices of rich German chocolate cake
  • 1 package of vanilla ice cream
Blend in mixer until liquid and eat from bowl.

Rescue Me: Chlamydia
After last weeks disturbing happy-rape scene Tommy Gavin fears he has the clap. His psycho sister gets dumped by one of her 5 boyfriends.
Alicia steals Franco's daughter saying that she is trying to help the girls mental stability but Alicia lost a kid so she may just being a psycho.
The two gay firefighters are still fighting with each other.

A much funnier episode but Tommy still looks like scum after that last episode.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Psychics Are So Easy To Fool

The 4400: Gone Part 1
Maia gets a vision of her mother forgeting her and then a long lost sister shows up. The sister turns out to be a fake and kidnaps her and four other kids into the future. The fake sister tells her that she was seeding into time a bit late and that she needs to go back earlier.
Meaning they can but her back twelve years earlier and have her in present time as an adult woman.
While this potential crap is going Isabelle is growing in power and attitude as she turns on her mentor.

The Dead Zone: Independence Day
Johnny Smith is trying to save his friend and a whole bunch of people stuck in traffic but it takes a while because he can't see the criminal right in front of his face. Of course everything works out in the end.

What is the keyboard version of rolling ones eyes? The biggest probelm with this type of Sci-Fi/Fantasy is that there are no set rules so when there are holes they are big.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Windfall Makes Lotto No Fun

Windfall: There and Gone Again
Some bitch tries to claim that the Kimberly is not the twentieth winner.This party pooper planner is so jealous that she never wins that she decides to hold everyones money hostage until she gets a fair share. Eventually they all agree to give her a million each in order to avoid lawyers fees.

Meanwhile Zoe went missing with all of her new boyfriends money so now Sean and her sister must track her down, oh yeah the sister is hot she is played by Peyton List of As The World Turns fame.

Cameron took the crack baby home and his wife fell in love.

Kathy Griffin: My Life on The D-List

I'm so bored I started watching this, despite my no reality show rule.
Griffin goes to Iraq to preform for the troops and watching her and Michael McDonald trying not be scared is funny. Also seeing how awful the troops have it in the infirmary is heartbreaking.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Wow Sundays Are Boring

It has been a few weeks since I've been home late Sunday nights. Now I have to start going to sleep early, before 3:00AM, and so I'm home with my TV.
But there is no Sopranos or Grey's Anatomy instead it is horror time...
Not these shows aren't scary but they are horrible.

The 4400:Being Tom Baldwin
Some mutants 4400ers are using his power to imitate the agent and mess up their investigations into the Nova group. The transformer gets caught and everything is fine. The sub-plot is about Isabelle learning how to use her body.
They keep showing Lily in flashbacks and instead of helping the show it makes it worse because you remember how much better the show use to be.

The Dead Zone: Forbidden Fruit
I fell asleep through this one. Johnny Smith is back in the season premiere trying to save the earth but for a psychic he sure doesn't have a clue. They hint that the bad guys have a "match" for Smith and they must because they set him up and helped further the career of Stillson. Poor Miranda Ellis, Laura Harris, after nearly dying once she is back and dies fully. I think we don't actually see her corpse just a news report.
I do applaud Harris for actually coming back to die.

Treasure Hunters: Hunters Begin Their Quest
A rip-off of The Amazing Race but only in America. Yes I hate reality shows but everything else sucked, plus the first season of a reality show is the only one that is "real". Ten teams race around the U.S. and must decipher clues to get a hint at some ultimate treasure.
The funniest family is the Brown family who are black, ok a dark shade of brown. The fattest of which nearly ended his life when he couldn't swim away from the boat and was about to be mowed down by the propellers. The safety guys were angrily shoving him forward. He had to be escorted to the shore but he struggled throughout the whole show.
The "geniuses" also struggled because they out thunk these simple clues. They forget this show is on TV and the networks always dumb it down for a mass audience.

I played along at home with there interactive quiz and I didn't win the $10,000 it's on tonight wish me luck I don't want to work all summer. And yes that is the only reason I'm watching to play the at home prize game.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Dirty King Of Queens?

Look it is a hot wife with a sloppy lazy husband show, where she doesn't ever laugh at him when he makes a million jokes.

Lucky Louie: Pilot

Louis C.K. is comic and he tells his story in this sitcom style show. The show has a very Broadway feel it. Louie has a wife a kid and trying to be friends with a new black neighbor. The neighbor doesn't like him but agrees to let their kids hang out together.

The other storyline has Louie and his wife not sleeping with each other. He's masterbating in a closet. He doesn't want to get his wife pregnant because they can't afford it but she disagrees until they go to pay the bills and she realizes they're poor.

Overall the show is trying to hard to shock and I see no chemistry between the hot wife, Pamela Segall Adlon, and Louie. Like I always say, this is the pilot and it usually is the worst episode so I'll wait until the next episode to really judge it.

What did you think of Lucky Louie?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Windfall: Episode 2

Windfall: The Getaway

Everyone is starting to spend the winnings. Beth and Nina go on a shopping trip to Paris, ala The Sopranos, but the green screen of Paris was so obviously fake. Beth kisses some random Frenchy.

Damien wants to throw a big party but needs his Russian brides' signature but he rewards her with a new wardrobe. Frankie gets drunk and grows closer to Damien. Damien wakes up to an empty closet and a credit problem with his wife because she doesn't want to bother her husband she is sending used things to her family in Russia.

Kimberly's son is getting into fights in school because he's dumb so his mom thinks of a solution, throw money at the problem. Kimberly is confiding with the new cook because her mom is gone somewhere. Kimberly gets bad news when a party planner that has dirt on all the other winners claims to be the 20th winner and freezes the poor womans assests.

Sean gets a lawyer and puts the money in his new girlfriends name and pays off an ex-con buddy. He is settling down nicely then Zoe goes missing.

I'm guessing the series will focus on these nine winners and forget the other eleven.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Deadliest Catch: Season Finale

Deadliest Catch: Cashing In

I started watching this after hearing some good things about it and it was featured in The Sopranos.

You got several boats and their crew going fishing and we watch them struggle and strain all season. This finale shows all the boats picking up their last catch of crabs and getting paid. Luckily no one died during their stormy season on th Bering Straits but one guy did injury his foot and had to leave. While the only non-white guy was fired for not being a"team player".

The guys earned from $12,000 each on the least productive boat to $45,000 each for the boat that fished both cod and crab.

It is a great show even though I'm morally opposed to all types of fishing.

They had a marathon this weekend and it was easy to catch up on all the missed episodes. Which FX should look into because I want to start watching The Shield, Rescue Me and other shows but the are horrible when it comes to repeats.

Monday, June 12, 2006

¡Yo Soy Boricua, Pa'Que Tu Lo Sepas!

Rosie Perez directs and stars in this IFC documentary about her family and Puerto Rico. This duo-documentary goes back and forth between her life and retracing her roots and the history of Puerto Rico.
Bushwick, Brooklyn born Rosie Perez gets into every aspect of her life from being abandon by her mother, growing up with an aunt and finding out her great-grandmother had an affair with a man and he would deny his illegitimate children.

Jimmy Smits who is also Brooklyn born and half Puerto Rican and half Surinamese does the narration on the history of Puerto Rico.
I knew everything they said in this documentary and nothing was left out or added with what I know of the history of Puerto Rico although they did play down certain bad events.

I don't assume people know anything about Puerto Rico so here is a quick lesson.

  1. All Puerto Ricans are U.S citizens.
  2. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the U.S.
  3. Puerto Ricans send more troops to Iraq and every war then any state in the U.S.
  4. Puerto Ricans do pay taxes just not some federal taxes.
Forced sterilization and testing the birth control pill on one third of the women in Puerto Rico showed how they were treated to benefit the white American women. Also the racism of America would put Puerto Ricans in categories like white-blue eyed Puerto Ricans in black troops, and dark skinned men in all white troops.

Some parts Rosie under played was the terrorist aspects of Puerto Rican Independents groups. While they did show that they stormed the Congress and shot 5 congressmen they didn't mention the time they took over the Statue of Liberty, twice.

Overall the documentary was okay. I see with interviews of her family members that both Puerto Ricans and Americans are ignorant about the long history of Puerto Rico. People didn't realize that at until 1969 NYC did not collect poor communities until a Puerto Rican group called the Young Lords forced the issue. Most Young Lords later became politicians and reporters. Also Rosie made a good point on why Puerto Ricans are so loud, simply because that is how to survive. I don't see it like another country waving flags during a parade instead another state. Idaho, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Maine they are all part of the U.S. and the people born their always speak proudly of their birthplace.

On a side note I think Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. should both become states. Add two stars to the flag and at least half of the Puerto Ricans believe the same only a small percentage wants to become an independent country.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The 4400 Minus 1

The 4400: The New World

Laura Allen left the show and how the hell do they explain it, easy she aged to 75 while her daughter Isabelle is a hot twenty year old. Lily Moore Tyler is dying of old age and only her daughters suicide will cure her but the young one decides to live so Lily died.

A group called Nova is planning something for 10/19 and the NTAC must stop it. Of course the call Shawn to betray his group and they still can't stop Nova. On October 19 everyone wakes to find a huge wheat field in Namibia. The Nova group showed off their power by creating life out of a desert.

All in all the two-hour third season premiere was dull and weak due to the absent Allen.

Why did Laura Allen leave? I think it was to do a comedy called Dirt with Courtney Cox-Arquette for FX in Early 2007 that has been picked up for 13 episodes. Either way she did the same in All My Children during the middle of a big storyline.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Windfall: Pilot

An assorted cast of 19 friends put a dollar in a lotto pool and hit it big, to the tune of $386 million. The first problem is the 20th winner, played by Malinda Williams, who is a pizza girl and only put a dollar but did not sign the lotto sheet, her storyline will be explored next week.

Luke Perry plays a man with a cheating wife and his wife's boyfriend is also married, not to mention it was his birthday that won the lotto(12 9 19 7 1).

The hour long show is simple and very predictable. A seventeen year old winner who is a slacker gets married to a Russian bride to keep his money from his parents. It was so obvious that the Russian girl is going to be a problem and in the closing scene she returns in tears.

I hold no hope for the show surviving the summer season.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Quiet Time

It is the time right before I start working for the summer. It is also the days before the summer TV season start. I've been cleaning my home and resting.

In the upcoming weeks The 4400 and The Dead Zone will start and all the other Sci-Fi shows. I also have been trying new stuff on my 2 blogs. Now I'm going to finish The Dark Tower VII which I started last year, oh that reminds me Nightmare and Dreamscapes the mini-series will be on TNT starting July 12.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Sopranos

The Sopranos: Kaisha

-------------------(Not Kaisha)------->

Months are flying by and Christopher is doing Tony's real estate agent(Julianna Margulies) and also lots of drugs. He makes up a black girlfriend called Kaisha but eventually he tells Tony the truth.
Meanwhile Tony is trying to make peace with Vito's death and make peace with an ailing rival.

Best part is AJ going to work construction and picking up a Dominican woman who is ten years older and has a three year old son, to the dismay of Carmela. The actress who plays Blanca Selgado is none other than Dania Ramirez a Dominican actress who plays Callisto in X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Under some construction

Blogging For A Year

Actually a year and week but it has been fun. I have this TV blog which I hope to change a lot over the next few days and my coin blog which I enjoy even more over here at

I have finished another semester in college and I'm just waiting for the last grades to be entered.

I went out the other day and saw Mario Cantone talking on the street I waited for him to breakout in a Bette Davis or other dead actress but he was just being normal.

As for the season that just past...
Best Finale: Malcolm In The Middle 2nd would be That 70's Show
Worst Finale: Alias
Best Show This Season: Grey's Anatomy
Worst Show This Season: Supernatural

Now I'm off to find some nice blogs to steal their styles.

Mo' Money Links

Mo" Money

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