Friday, September 30, 2005

Once on Sci-fi, Always on Sci-fI

Smallville: Arrival
Grand season premiere and weak CGI (again computer effects look bad). Clark and Chloe are off to the newly created Fortress of Solitude while 2/3 of the evil Kryptonians cause havoc in search of Kal-el.
The Kents once again get knocked around like volleyballs and Clark saves the day.
The banishment of the bad guys into the phantom zone was right out of The Superman Movies with the same spinning black diamond also the chamber where Superman’s power can be removed was similar to today’s storyline.
One of the coolest parts was Leonard Roberts (Forrest Gates) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as bad guy #2 and James Marsters (Spike) of Angel as Brainiac.
Yesterday Amy Acker of Angel was on Supernatural.
There should be three bad guys but I think the main bad Kryptonian is in the movie Superman Returns and they don’t do crossovers.
Coming soon Dean Cain is in talks to do an appearance and they already filmed the scenes with Aquaman (some Ambercrombie & Fitch model)
Back to the episode Clark loses all his powers again and Chloe is at Lex’s mercy again.

Alias: Prophet Five
After the great season finale last year where a truck hit Vaughn and Sydney. We see it was just a plot by a rogue agent to find out that Vaughn really is and some other implausible storyline. Back to the interesting part...Vaughn is dead three times over. We then catch up to a now pregnant Sydney four months later trying to find out the truth about her dead man.
By the way the funniest part of this episode was watching them trying to cover up Garners huge belly. They try everything, the big purse, the wrap, the towel, an all black outfit and they even used a freight train to cover up the belly.
I usually only watch the first and last episode of Alias, but it is so much like Lost that it is funny.

Night Stalker: Pilot
Another no show monster show, I miss Darren McGavin.

ER: Nobody’s Baby
Danny Glover is playing nice and low key as one of the doc’s estranged father.

I missed Joey and Everybody Hates Chris, I’ll catch up on repeats I did catch a bit of the live Will & Grace it was kinda sucky…cough…Baldwin…cough.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Summer Was Short

Lost: Adrift
A surprisingly boring episode, we just relive last week's episode from a slightly different angle. We do learn that the guy in the shelter is Desmond.

Veronica Mars: Normal is the Watchword
Great episode, we find out how Veronica spent her summer.
First we see the guy at the door is Logan. He gets in trouble but gets out of it. Veronica gets Logan but keeps Duncan. The colored people 09ers are getting targeted but Veronica is there to help. Race relations are on edge as the haves are ruining the have-nots summer.
And yes you could see the whole bus thing from a mile away but it was still cool when they show the smoke and everybody is staring over the cliff as Veronica loses another friend.
So this years mystery why did the bus crash and who knew ahead of time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wonder Women

If I don’t discuss a show I watch it’s because it wasn’t good enough to post about.

Bones and House will return on November 1 because of MLB playoff.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit : Design
Part one of two episode crossover. It started with an alleged rape victim wanting to commit suicide and take her unborn baby with her. Her story unravels and Detective Olivia Benson is getting pissed. We learn that this victim is really a date raper of men. She uses an electrical probe to siphon sperm from each guy including Mark Mcgrath.
Her accomplice is her evil mom played by Lynda Carter. Daugther fakes her death then when caught she trades her baby for her freedom, but the story is not over it concludes tomorrow in Law & Order.

Commander in Chief: Pilot
Better than I thought Madam President is no wuss and has a great military knowledge.

Mrs. Garrett's Breast

King of Queens: Vocal Discord
Typical episode but a pleasant surprise to see 79 year old actress Charlotte Rae as a senior-community actress willing to go topless for a play.

Prison Break: Riots, Drills and the Devil
Great episode I want more. Scofield needs some time to drill so he sets up a lockdown that turns into a prison riot. His brother gets caught with a rookie guard, the brother is knocked out but the guard is going to be used as a stress reliever for horny prisoners.
The governors daughter is the prison doctor and she's trappped in the med bay looking like a steak in front of a pack of hungry dogs.
If that wasn't enough Scofields escape hole was discovered by the rookie guard and the pervert-prisoner.
Damn this was a great episode.

Surface:Episode 2
Speaking of good episodes this show is above and beyond Threshold or Invasion. We see the monster 15 times this episode from the sickly baby to a dead one to a huge beast that eats a small boat from beneath, yes from beneath it devours. A great closing shot even with the sub-par special effects. I'll say this again COMPUTERIZED MONSTER ARE NOT GOOD, USE PUPPETS PLEASE.

Las Vegas: Fake the Money and Run
Still funny and clever.

Charmed, I missed half of yesterdays episode: That made me mad.
The Jets lost: That made me madder.
The Giants lost: That made me maddest.

Chad Pennington is out for the season: I'm not sure that is a bad thing, nope it's bad really bad. Brooks Bollinger, starting quarterback?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

More Dang Shows

Love Inc: Pilot
This was the show Shannon Doherty was fired from before it began. Holly Robinson Peete plays the boss of a Love Inc. a dating service. The show is nice better than I thought but only if nothing else is on.

Ghost Whisperer: Pilot
I can’t accurately judge this show because the commercial gave away the entire episode, but one thing I found bad was at the end when she sees a family of dead people it looks interesting but when they previewed next weeks episode it was a different storyline. I guess they don’t follow up from week to week. This non-follow-up is a sign of bad writing.

Desperate Housewives: Next
It’s a comedy for women, no biggie.

Grey’s Anatomy: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
They continue from last season with all the sex and inter-office pregnancies and disease swapping. They even were doing some procedures from House. This is a drama with some comedy put in.

Sci-Fi Whatever Today Is

I'm so behind because of college and other stuff but here are some short reviews of what I've seen.

Stargate Atlantis: Aurora/ The Lost Boys
Blah, blah, blah sucky.

Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus
Best damn season finale in a long time. When the two guys run to stop the raping of Sharon II you wanted that old bastard do die, and he did.

Firefly: Ariel
Good episode you really get to know who Jayne(Adam Baldwin) really is.

Tuesday September 27 the Sci-Fi channel willl have a Firefly Marathon . The first ten episodes.

Friday, September 23, 2005

TV Guide: Sept. 25 - Oct. 1

On the cover we have CSI Returns with four of the actors, I don’t watch the show so no big whoop. The accompanying article is 5-pages long.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • Grey’s Anatomy is back Sunday.
  • 4 pages of behind the scenes pictures of this falls shows.
  • Hurricane Katrina coverage and the bad FX movie Oil Storm.
  • Noah Wyle will be back on ER for an episode and Nov. 21 Medium will be in 3-D.
  • Lost casting news which I did not read.
  • Amanda Tapping of Stargate was pregnant last season and does a crossover episode with Atlantis next season.
  • A small tribute to Bob Denver.
  • How Joss Whedon to Firefly to the big screen. It was an under $50 million shoot, so any gross above that would call for a sequel.
  • Hilary Duff turns 18 Barbara Walters turns 74, you can see Duffs future in Walters.
  • The TV Guide people are preparing you for their change in format telling you to look for local listings on TV Guide Channel, or

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday Shows

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody hates Pilots
Funny and well acted.

Joey: Joey and the Big Break
Not funny and badly acted.

Twins: Pilot
Funny, Sarah Gilbert is playing straight in every way but she does throw jabs at her family. Nice to see Mark Linn-Baker on TV.

Reunion: 1987
I saw most of this episode and while it was good I was not into the show after last week's Presidential Address.

ER: Canon City
Sarah Gilbert is back and I'm not sure if she's straight in this one, not that it matters she'll be out in few episodes, I mean fired.
This episode features the conclusion to Nurse Samantha Taggart's missing son and her journey, everything is fine at the end.
Also we meet a bunch of newbies.

Love Inc.:
Give me a minute I'll post something about after I finish drinking rewinding.

More X-Files To Watch

I just got in the mail today The X-Files Mythology Vol. 2 - Black Oil for details on price check here at Amazon, my copy was free.

Now when will I watch it?

Between the ten shows I watch everyday, these two blogs(Coined For Money is the other), my college classes( by the way Circuits and Systems Analysis 101 is not hard and would be easier if people stopped begging for my notes and lab reports) and my occasional personal life it may be months before I see them.

In the box you get 4 DVDs with 15 episodes from season 3, 4 and 5. Some episode have commentary, there's a mini-documentary and a little paper timeline of the "Black Oil".
Plus a $5.00 rebate for each of the Mythology volumes you buy, there are 4 in all.

Lost & Such

Lost: Man of Science, Man of Faith
Good episode the catch up in the one before they had Peter Coyote talking about the plot of last season and they kept bringing up the back of the plane.
We find out in the new episode that a cool apartment is in the hatch and an old acquaintance of Jack, who told Jack to "Lift it up".
Walt appeared for a bit and looks older and taller.
Did anyone see a slight mistake on the show. The hatch had QUARANTINE in black letters during the show and the same hatch had QUARANTINE in red letters during next weeks preview.
For those of you playing the Lost numbers game they appeared on the injection bottle CR 4-81516-23 42

Invasion: Pilot
Wow this show is badly acted crap. Surface and Threshold is better.

Standing Still is still funny.
Yes, Dear should be canceled.( Also short hair on cute women makes them not so cute.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tuesdays Shows

Bones was O.K.

Gilmore Girls was better and Alexis Bleidel finally spoke her native spanish, she's Mexican.

Supernatural was fine, but the dead girls tombstone said Jan. 24 1984-Nov. 02 2005, hmmm.... she died in the future.

Law & Order: SVU :Demons
Meloni's character gets even creepier then last year, also Robert Patrick was great.

House was the best.
In "Autopsy" a 9 year-old dying girl gives everyone a little hope. Just like the Mad TV sketch the find something wrong with her that they fixed but something else is wrong so they must kill her to save.
The fact that the Australian guy kisses the little girl was enough to hold my scattered mind.
Also they gave the girl some tickets to the American Museum of Natural History which I also have was kinda cool.

My Name Is Earl: Pilot
A loser must change his life to get good things in life. Not bad Jaime Pressly was better then expected she stole the show and I like Earl's laid back attitude.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Le Cinéma: A History of Violence

IMG_0322I hate when people tell the entire plot of a movie, so I won't.

I saw this movie at a preview on Monday and I have to say it is very violent, strong sex scenes and Maria Bello was naked.
In other words it was great, while it started slow it picked up the pace as this modern day western shows off more of Viggo Mortensen's talent.

A History of Violence will be out for a national audience this Friday. Their website has great downloads of wallpapers, screensavers and a small excerpt from a graphic novel, .

Too Many Monday Shows

IMG_0322Rome: Stealing From Saturn
Good episode. We see more about Caesar, his life, his health and his compassion. We also see Atia’s selfish taken to the next level as she meets Mark Antony.

Surface: Pilot
All over the world some undersea creatures are biting and laying eggs everywhere. Soldiers disappear, a scientist gets confused and a kid gets a pet. Also a diver dies and his partner searches for the truth and this will bring all the non-military characters together.
I’ll hold judgment until I can see this episode on non-fuzzy TV, I watched it with the antenna feed not cable.

Arrested Development: The Cabin Show
The cousin kissing cliff-hanger gets more complicated as a new cousin is introduce.
Funniest of all the shows, just watch it. Check out

Kitchen Confidential: Exile on Main Street
Funny all-star cast, it’s not over the top and was kind of sad at the very end. Frank Langella was there, cool.

Prison Break: English Fitz or Percy
Freakin’ great episode, Scofield is about to be transferred to another prison but that doesn’t stop him from testing the escape plan.
The whole plan is coming together and apparently nothing will bring down his spirit. When you see him on roof you know that his plan will work, he is so calm and unshakable.

King of Queens: Pole Lox
Doug gets Carrie into pole dancing and she is bad. At the end Doug gets on the pole and he’s great.
Not a bad episode.

How I Met Your Mother: Pilot
The show is set in the year 2030 with Bob Saget as the father telling his two kids how he met their mother. We see him meet a woman and fall in love but the cute twist is that she is the aunt of his kids.

Two and a Half Men: Weekend in Bangkok with Two Olympic Gymnasts
Just funny slapstick, vulgar and dead pan humor. I like it.

Out of Practice: Pilot
A bad, bad, bad Wonderfalls remake. We have two doctor parents, an over-egoed brother and a lesbian sister. Plus the odd-ball kid who just got dumped. There was a genital mutilation joke and some off-colored remarks as they try to shock.

Monday Night Football: New York at New Orleans at New York
The game was as weird as it was sad, and I don’t mean Katrina sad. The Saints always are bad but they just never had a chance. The constant asking for help and the phone stars was sad, once again pathetic sad not crying sad.
I watched all of these shows one after the other it’s great.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Emmy Losers and Winners

Coulda, woulda, shoulda!IMG_0322

Comedy Series
Arrested Development FOX.....Shoulda
Desperate Housewives ABC
Everybody Loves Raymond CBS.....Winner
Scrubs NBC
Will & Grace NBC

Drama Series
Deadwood HBO
Lost ABC .....Winner..&..Shoulda
Six Feet Under HBO.....Coulda
24 FOX
The West Wing NBC

Lead Actor, Drama Series
Hank Azaria - Huff Showtime
James Spader - Boston Legal ABC ....Winner
Hugh Laurie - House FOX......Coulda
Kiefer Sutherland - 24 FOX....Shoulda
Ian McShane - Deadwood HBO

Lead Actress, Drama Series
Jennifer Garner - Alias ABC
Patricia Arquette - Medium NBC .....Winner
Mariska Hargitay - Law and Order Special Victim's Unit NBC
Glenn Close - The Shield FX
Frances Conroy - Six Feet Under HBO.....Shoulda

Lead Actor, Comedy Series
Jason Bateman - Arrested Development FOX.....Shoulda
Zach Braff - Scrubs NBC.....Coulda
Eric McCormack - Will & Grace ABC
Ray Romano - Everybody Loves RaymondCBS
Tony Shalhoub - Monk USA ......Winner

Lead Actress, Comedy Series
Marcia Cross - Desperate Housewives ABC
Teri Hatcher - Desperate Housewives ABC
Patricia Heaton - Everybody Loves Raymond CBS
Felicity Huffman - Desperate Housewives ABC....Winner
Jane Kaczmarek - Malcolm In The Middle FOX......Coulda, woulda, shoulda!

Good for William Shatner and Jon Stewart. Also House is one of the best shows on TV, even though it's predictable.

I watch this show with the sound off and only pay attention during the In Memoriam and the point when they announce the winner. The rest is still crap.

TV Guide: Sep. 18-24

IMG_0322On the cover Returning Favorites and an accompanying 52-page article of all the returning crap, nothing that interesting although the pictures are nice.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • Who will win, who should win; Insider opinions.

  • Roush hopes season 2 of Lost doesn’t suck.

  • Soap stars who are now real actors, Jensen Ackles, Molly Stanton, Shemar Moore and Jennifer Finnigan.

Threshold: Pilot

IMG_0322 Threshold: Trees Made of Glass
A crystallized ball from space takes over a ship with Ethan, Lost, on board and starts transforming them into triple-helixed beings.
It’s an all star cast with Charles Dutton, Carla Gugino and Brent Spiner.
The obligatory Klingon joke was made, no Scully and Mulder references.
The show tries to be scary but comes off as typical Sci-Fi format. The aliens come and are trying to convert earthlings into aliens.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sci-Fi Friday

Stargate SG-1: Prototype
They find Anubis’ test tube son. He’s bad and trying to evolve. They stop him and learn a little about the ancients.

Stargate SG-1: The Fourth Horseman
The lackluster season finale has the Ori moving in on the Jaffa. Louis Gosset Jr. as Gerak gets converted by the Ori.
Sam old ascended stalker comes back as a child to help. Meanwhile the U.S. is getting infected with an Ori plague.
The season ends without ever showing Ben Browders full potential.

Battlestar Galatica: Flight of the Phoenix
Best of the rest. Everyone is on edge and the must pull together during a computer-infection. The Cylons are coming and the only hope is Sharon II.
She helps and cripples the Cylon fleet making them easy targets.
Meanwhile the crew bonds over a new ship being made by hand.
Firefly: Out of Gas
Finally I hear the story of the crew. We find out that the year is 2517 A.D. and Earth is all “used up” and the humans go out and terraform every planet they find. The Alliance controlled all the best planets and decided to take over the galaxy.
This episode also had the crew reliving their first experiences on the ship.
Kaylee literally comes aboard with a bang even though I swear in previous episodes she said she’s an innocent pure girl with no experiences with men.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Head Cases: Pilot

IMG_0322Head Cases:
Chris O’Donnell as Jason is a lawyer who is having a nervous breakdown and losing everything that matters to him. Adam Goldberg as Shultz is just crazy and a lawyer. They both spend two months in a “special clinic” and are forced to work together. They compliment each other well and win their first case.
It’s not as bad as I first thought if they can reel in Goldberg the show could be a funny drama.

Tuesday Quick Reviews

Bones: Pilot
The half Chinese half Irish girl on the show is brash and outgoing, she flashes in the first scene of the show. There is history between the David Boreanaz as Booth and Emily Deschanel as Brennan, she is pop-culture clueless and he has a heart of gold.
There was an obligatory Scully & Mulder reference, also Brennan was orphaned at 15 with no clue of what happened to her parents.
Good chemistry but the show is missing something….Buffy, although Brennan is tough.

Supernatural: Pilot
Two brothers and a father lose their mother to a mysterious force. They hunt for a living but we don’t see any of the training and monster categories they explored through out the years.
Skip to present day and dad is missing, big brother is back and little bro is in college and in love. They go to find daddy and find a ghost instead, which they bust. When little bro comes back home his love is stuck on the ceiling dying like his mother did.
Obviously it’s the little bro that this thing is after because when he was a baby the thing was at his crib. The show ran 4-7 minutes long and taught us about good pentagrams and white women.
There was an obligatory Scully & Mulder reference.

Gilmore Girls: New and Improved Lorelai
Lorelai is getting married to Luke and still not talking to her daughter. Rory has to do 300 hours of community service after her arrest last season.
This show has the best pop-culture reference, no Scully & Mulder but one great Christopher Atkins and one funny Benson.
By the way I usually don’t judge people by looks but Alexis Bledel has the best ass on current TV since Jenna Von Oy. Lauren Graham and Liza Weil are also hot.

Yes, I know what your thinking, “try to justify watching this show by calling the chick hot”, yeah well it’s still true.

House: Acceptance
The best of all of the Tuesdays show had LL Cool J was a death row inmate who is dying. House is trying to save him and we see all the graphic details.
Dr. Cameron was being a big wuss when trying to tell her patient some real bad news, we find out that she married her husband because he was dying and she didn’t want to leave him alone.

Parallel Universe?

O.K. so I'm home early and what do I see this post election day, 4 mayors of NYC being Erica Kane.

A fictional character opened NASDAQ and got an exclusive with Rudy Giuliani on her fictional talk show on All My Children.

New Beginnings, the fake talk show also is also touring Grand Central Terminal.

I'll keep watching cause it's just so bizarre.

Lost E-Mail Update


Dear Frequent Flyer —

Greetings from the Writers' Room of Lost!

Well, folks, our September 21st premiere is almost upon us, and both the writers' room in Burbank and the production in O'ahu are working at a fever pitch to keep you in televisual goodness for the coming season.

Additionally, the good folk over at Entertainment Weekly magazine will be running a special advertising section on their September 16 edition (which will be available in newsstands on Monday, September 12). Inside will be an exclusive series of specially designed Lost trading cards.

Created with the help of the show's writers (that's us), the cards feature character information - both from the island and before the crash - as well as information about Flight 815, the mysterious hatch... and a few special surprises (but no, they won't tell you what's actually INSIDE the hatch — you're gonna have to tune in for that!).

There are 27 cards in total, and each issue will feature a set of nine for your trading enjoyment! Now, we know what you are thinking — "surely you aren't just sending us this email to sell us trading cards — right?" Right.

So here is a little more information about some of our upcoming episodes. Many of you frequent flyers already know the titles and writers of our first three episodes... and now, here are four and five!

Episode four will be titled "Everybody Hates Hugo," written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and directed by Alan Taylor. Episode five will be titled "...and Found," written by Executive Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof — and if you've been watching, you probably know which characters will be featured in flashbacks therein — the clues are in the titles!

We hope you will join us on September 21st — until then, thanks for getting Lost with us!

I'm on the fence whether or not to buy this magazine, I get TV Guide, Giant, New York, FHM, Maxim, eWeek, Natural History, Smithsonian and half a dozen more. This may be one too many mags for me.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Prison Break: Cute Poison

Haywire doesn’t sleep and our hero has to get rid of him. Scofield racks his brain, literally, to get Haywire out and bring Spanish guy back.
The show is getting much more interesting as we see the “mysterious-cooking-woman” and the Secret Service just got Scofield transferred out of his brother’s prison.
Next weeks episode looks great.
Oh yeah the Cute Poison tattoo on his arm was a reminder on how to make a two part metal corroding acid made using Copper Sulfate and Phosphorus Acid or something like that, Cu Po.IMG_0322

Sunday Shows Are Short

IMG_0322The Simpsons: Bonfire of the Manatees
Starts with the new funny opening chalkboard and couch joke and then falls flat until the end with Burns, Smithers and the manatee.

The War at Home: Pilot
The laugh track made this show worse then it already was. They try so hard to be controversial that is stops being interesting. This show is crap as I predicted.

Family Guy: Peter’s Got Woods
James Woods starred in this funny episode. Way too many cultural references.

American Dad: Bullocks to Stan
Sick, I liked it.

The Flight That Fought Back
Very good re-enactment movie inter-spliced with actual recordings and family interviews luckily we didn’t see none of the whining from the widows from New York(Long Island).

Rome: An Owl in a Thornbush
Titus Pullo is turning out to be the star of this show he finds a woman and tons of gold in this short episode.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

On September 11, 2001


Death and destruction came from the sky on what was a beautiful cloudless day as four hijacked jetliners were used as missiles. Over 3,000 people were killed when nineteen Islamic terrorists struck the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

The World Trade Center towers were mortally wounded when two airliners struck. Horrified onlookers watched as people began leaping to their deaths as the fire and smoke raged in the towers. An hour later the tragedy worsened as both towers collapsed.

The fourth flight that was hijacked was taken down in a field in Pennsylvania after passengers revolted.

The first signs of trouble happened when some of the hijackers were flagged by a routine security check at boarding time. Some of these terrorist also carried box cutters although this was not against the airlines regulations.

The four flights were headed to California and carried fully loaded fuel tanks for the cross country journey.

As the flights were being hijacked air traffic controllers received messages from the cockpits. “We have some planes” said one terrorist over the radio. These devilishly clever hijackers also turned off the transponders, this way they would be harder to track.

Flight attendants bravely called their airlines main offices to alert them of the situation. Passengers called home desperate to speak with loved ones, some of the passengers told of bomb threats and stabbings aboard the airliners.

“Don’t worry dad, it will be quick” said a son to his father as the Pennsylvania flight went down.

President George W. Bush was in Florida at the time and did not initially return to the White House.

Fighter jets scrambled as orders to shoot down the airlines came from President Bush.

Mace was used during the terrorist takeover causing people to choke and vomit. During these agonizing moments President Bush remained seated in a Florida classroom.

Federal Aviation Administration officials were unprepared for this type of unprecedented attack. “This is a new type of war” said a commander at North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Before September 11

Signs of Trouble
The calm before the storm of September 11th was not as quiet as it seemed. A flood of reports came into various government agencies warning officials of threats coming over the horizon.

Soon all of the World Trade Center Towers will be laying in burning heap, as well as a side of the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

The first attack on the World Trade Center years earlier and the subsequent arrest of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahmem led to an increasing number of reports that Muslim extremists planned to attack American interests.

The threats targeted areas that were close, Canada and the United States, as well as places as far as Yemen, Italy and Israel.

By May 29, 2001 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was brought in to prevent these overseas attacks. No formal meetings were planned to deal with the domestic threat.

Two days before the 4th of July, a massive operation involving 20 countries was launched to disrupt any attacks planned for the holiday. Counterterrorism Security Group (CSG) headed by Richard Clarke alleges that several U.S. embassy bombings were prevented.

On July 5th, the CSG and the CIA told Clarke that al Qaeda members spoke of “spectacular” attack that would be far different than any one expected or has seen before.

Throughout the rest of the summer more information kept coming in, some tracing back to Usama Bin Ladin, and other threats lead back to the Sheikh being held in New York.

Specific mentions of using aircrafts in hijackings were passed on to the Federal Aviation Administration but little was done to follow the threat.

At the time a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) witness stated that all that could be done was a simple surveillance of some of the hijackers. This contradicts the FBI’s role, along with Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), in the capture of Zacarias Moussaoui who took 747 flying lessons and was a witness in the USS Cole bombing case.

Mistakes that were made by al Qaeda were noted by each individual agency yet “no one looked at the big picture”, said a CIA supervisor. It was inter-agency cooperation that caught Moussaoui.

Still, when it came down to sharing information, unless ordered by top level officials, the agencies did not even volunteer it when the saw the opportunity to help on-going inquiries.
The Flight That Fought Back----Discovery Channel 9:00pm ET

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sci-Fi Friday

Stargate SG-1: Babylon
Finally a mission where there’s fire fight. Mitchell is taken prisoner and must fight for an honor/revenge death or something. He trains for two weeks and becomes friends with the victim’s brother and they cheat to survive. Everything is fine at the end.

IMG_0322Stargate Atlantis: Conversion
Yet another member of the Atlantis team is transforming into a super-being. Funny how they never turn into a weak little nothing. Two red shirts die and no one seems sad about it, nice military brotherhood. I think there is some chemistry with Caldwell and Weir.

Battlestar Galactica: Final Cut
Lucy Lawless debuts as a reporter trying to release some tabloid stuff about the “massacre of coffee” but she warms to the crew of Galactica and does a nice fluffy propaganda piece.
She’s a robot, a frecking Cylon spy. Never trust reporters.

Firefly: Jaynestown
Cranky Jayne goes back to his old stealing grounds and finds out he’s an undeserved hero. We see the honor in him for a few moments.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Reunion: 1986(Pilot)

IMG_0322It starts in present day Bedford, NY. Matthew St.Patrick is Detective Marjorino and they are at a funeral of one of the six friends. Carla is being interrogated and we go to the flashback of 1986.
How do we know it's 1986 well all the damn music. I love 80's music but the constant top ten hits in the show loudly reminds us that this is the 80's.
Will the poor guy knocks up his best-friend's girl and then feels guilty and takes the blame for a DUI death. He goes happily to prison for a year while everyone else moves on.
Maybe it's because college today sapped my energy but I fell asleep three times during this show.
I did stay awake for all of the NFL Kickoff party and Ozzy still rocks.
Back to Reunion next week is 1987 and still looks dull.

TV Guide: Sep 11-17

IMG_0322It’s the fall preview issue and the first thing on display inside is that on October 17 TV Guide is going full-size and full color. They will still have a program listing just shorter and “easier-to-use”. So last weeks issue is not collectable.
On the cover we 8 stars and Fall Preview in between them. Starting October 3 you bid on clothing worn by Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Boreanaz or Benjamin Bratt at for charity.
Their pick for best new comedy: Everybody Hates Chris, I agree.
Their pick for best new drama: Invasion, I disagree.
Edgiest show: Boondocks a cartoon about black kids on Cartoon Network.
New shows for after fall:
The Book of Daniel, Aidan Quinn as a minister who talks to JESUS on NBC. Ha I knew Jesus wouldn’t do a Fox show.
Sons & Daughters, Dee Wallace in a family-comedy show on ABC.
Love Monkey, Tom Cavanagh, Jason Priestly and Larenz Tate as friends in the music biz on this CBS dramedey.
Their reviews for a week new shows:
The War at Home---falls flat---Sundays
Kitchen Confidential---it’s in good taste---Mondays
Surface---a bad seaQuest DSV type, it will drown
How I Met Your Mother---fresh and funny
Just Legal---not bad
Prison Break---no 24 but still watchable
Out of Practice---needs major improvement.
Close to Home---it’s perfect---Tuesdays
Bones---it’s also perfect
My Name Is Earl---a feel-good comedy
Sex, Love & Secrets---bad stay away
Supernatural---scary but a bit nerdy.
Invasion---it’s great and like Lost time is slower for them---Wednesdays
The Apprentice:Martha Stewart---they’re dying to see it
Freddie---not Puerto Rican enough so not funny?....
Criminal Minds---it’s bad, avoid
Head Cases---bad, real bad
Related---they look pretty.
Everybody Hates Chris---perfect---Thursdays
Night Stalker---cold and dull
Reunion---it’s nice….
Love, Inc---bad
Ghost Whisperer---seen it in many forms.
Twins---low brow comedy---Fridays...
Killer Instinct---creepy but dull, let’s wait
Three Wishes---a tearjerker
Threshold---very good
Hot Properties---crap
Inconceivable---also crap.

If your still around I’ll post more in the after you click “Read more…” because I’m running out of room.

Now on cable what to look out for I'll skip the crap.
Mick Garris, director of The Stand had the scarriest people in Hollywood over for dinner and the came up with Masters of Horror a scarfest for October.
The Showbiz Show with David Spade look funny.
Daisy does America a TBS show insearch of crazy Americans.
The Adam Carolla Project om TLC has him fixing a house.
Movies & such:
The Poseidon Adventure a remake of the classic on NBC.
Category 7: The End of the World a sequel to Caegory 6 on CBS.
10.5: Apocalypse a sequel to 10.5 on NBC.
The Unauthorized Story of Diff'rent Strokes on NBC, I just realized that the title of the show is racist.
Knots Landing Reunion in November, CBS.
A Cemetery Special, PBS.

Erica Kane gets a talk show and NYC & advertisers are going crazy for a piece, small problem...IT'S FAKE. Susan Lucci laughs about the fact that her character's talk show is garning acclaim.
Her fake-show line-up has Whoopi, Regis, Clay Aiken, Rudy Giuliani and tours of Harlem, Gracie Masion, the current mayor Bloomberg, NASDAQ and pitching with the Yankees.

Don't forget Football:
Jets at Kansas City
Arizona at Giants

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The best of the WB's new show Supernatural is already out online. Here's a link..

I won't watch it online because the quality is not great and the connection freezes. I'll wait for the TV version good attempt though.

Bob Denver Died.

IMG_0322LOS ANGELES, CA--Bob Denver, famous for playing Gilligan on the 1960s sitcom "Gilligan's Island" , has died. He was 70.

He was my first favorite TV character.

Friday at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital in North Carolina he died of complications from treatment he was receiving for cancer. He is survived by his wife, Dreama, and children Patrick, Megan, Emily and Colin who were by his side.

He was also known by older TV fans as Maynard G. Krebs, the bearded beatnik friend of
Dwayne Hickman's Dobie in the "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis," which aired on CBS from 1959 to 1963.

Denver went on to star in other TV series, "The Good Guys" and "Dusty's Trail," as well as tons of cameos on TV and film.

He was also an eBay addict when checking his own name. He will also be on TV forever.

Monday, September 05, 2005

TV Guide: Sep. 4-10

Sorry a bit late but with college it’s bound to happen.
Tom Brady is on the cover titled NFL 2005 PREVIEW. 18 pages cover the upcoming NFL season. They have a Tom Brady interview, he’s very close to his family. The entire ABC and ESPN Monday and Sunday night football schedule, a list of the NFL’s “Most Watchable”, female fans, a small interview with Holly Robinson Peete and some cool football related stuff to buy.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • Summer shows are ending, I’ve never seen The Closer.
  • Those letters to TV Guide are especially whiny and wrong.
  • Carrie Fisher joins Smallville.
  • Kristen Johnston joins ER.
  • The Amazing Race full family edition.
  • Matt Roush likes Rome. A new After School Special is coming.
  • Jeri Ryan joins The O.C.
  • The making of the new Night Stalker.
  • The history of Emmy troubles and the truth behind the Super Emmy,1974.
  • Survivor host Jeff Probst “I hope the…people aren’t ugly” when describing what he wants from the show.
  • Soap stars are now making their own movies.
  • Thursday, Oakland at New England in the season opener of real football on ABC.
Also this may be the last small TV Guide it is growing to standard magazine(8" × 10½") so it maybe a collectors edition. I’ll check to see if the next issue is bigger. Their are also changes to their store is offline and coming back new.

Prison Break: Cell Test

IMG_0322When we last left Scofield his toes were in jeopardy, now Scofield has two less toes and the mafia guy is closer to getting his kids killed. Too make Scofield reveal the mob informant the mafia guy took out one of Scofield's enemy.
Meanwhile Scofield lost his sane cellmate and got an insane one.

Overall the show moves a bit slow and the Robin Tunney scene are so far pointless.

Wonderfalls and Firefly

IMG_0322These are two repeats I've been watching because I didn't watch them when they first on. Know I like them. I like Wonderfalls so much that someone I knew went to a souvenir shop and saw this one defective ceramic lion and gave it to me. It's defect is on the same side as the Jaye's wax lion.
I've been waiting for it to tell me to do stuff but nothing, oh that was just the other voices in my head.
Wonderfalls: Barrel Bear
Louise Fletcher and Rue McClanahan are the first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and live.One of which actually made the jump and the other lied about it and became famous.
Jaye's mission is to "give it back to her" and she succeeds in straightening out these two bitty's lives in order, but McClanahan dies and Fletcher takes over her life.
We also see bartender guy moving forward with his sad life.

Firefly: Our Mrs. Reynolds
Mal gets paid with a woman and then gets betrayed by the same chick. All the guys liked her but the women hated her. The widow Reynolds hijacks the shuttle and sabotages the Serenity. Everything is right at the end.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Rome: Episode II

Rome: How Titus Pullo brought down the Republic.

The senate votes to make Caesar an enemy of the state and Mark Antony could not prevent it. Titus Pullo had a fight with some locals and one of them comes for revenge preventing Antony from vetoing the senate.

Lucius Vorenus returns home to find his girls grown up and a new baby. His 13 year old daughter wants to marry and claims the baby is hers. Towards the end we see that the baby is hungry and Niobi, Lucius's wife, breast-feeds the baby calling it her child.

A nice brain surgery scene was mixed in with more sex and violence, no graffiti.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

TiVo Fall Preview

For those of you who don’t have TiVo they sent a small fall preview for FOX, UPN and the WB. It shows previews of each show in commercial form. I’ll give my impressions of each show and whether or not I will watch any of them. THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG POST.

First on FOX:
Reunion: Six relatively unknown actors play six friends whose life unfolds into death for one of them over twenty years. We see one of the rich kids let his friend takes the blame and go to jail. The investigator is Matthew St. Patrick, of Six Feet Under.
Verdict: I may watch but it seems kinda wandering & pointless.

The War at Home: Anita Barone and Michael Rapaport play parents of a sexy girl, weird middle son and a young cool trouble making boy. They seem to be a New York family with the typical white stereotypes. The funny moments were when the middle boy is accused of being gay when he isn’t and when the sexy girl bring homes a black boyfriend like her mother did years ago.
Verdict: Typical sitcom and narratives from dad I’ll watch the first episode.

Bones: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel play FBI agnets who solve crimes, along with four others.
Verdict: I think this is the first failure, I’ll still watch the first episode.

Killer Instinct: Three detectives including Chi McBride solve San Francisco crimes.
Verdict: Crime show nothing special, may watch if nothing else is on.

Head Cases: A wacky legal show with Chris O’Donnell and Adam Goldberg, Goldberg is the wacky one.
Verdict: Seems funny I may watch if it doesn’t conflict with anything else.

Kitchen Confidential: A comedy in a restaurant with many familiar faces and from Darren Star, of Sex and the City fame.
Verdict: Looks funny and good I’ll watch it.

Next on the WB:
Supernatural: Two brothers witnessed something strange when they were kids and now they are adults and after their father goes missing after a “hunt” the brothers reunite to find him.
Verdict: The show looks great I can’t wait.

Twins: Melanie Griffith, Mark Linn-Baker, Sara Gilbert and Molly Stanton. An all-star cast that center around a plain twin versus a trampy twin. Baker and Gilbert are my favorites and Griffith and Stanton, of Passions, play perfect airheads.
Verdict: I also like it even if the sitcom is unoriginal.

Just Legal
: Another lawyer show with Don Johnson and some kid. A comedy with heart from Jerry Bruckheimer.
Verdict: I won't watch it unless nothing else is on.

Related: Four hot chicks and one guy are rich and good looking. Jennifer Esposito and Callum Blue, of Dead Like Me, are the married couple. Oh yeah they live in NYC.
Verdict: A new Sex and the City clone, the youngest one is the most interesting, it looks decent I'll watch it if I remember.

Finally on UPN:
Everybody Hates Chris: 1982 Chris Rock's life growing up in Brooklyn.
Verdict: It's the most anticipated show and hopefully it will last, I will watch it.

Sex, Love & Secrets
: Denise Richards in a drama about young horny people.
Verdict: Most likely the second failure, I won't watch it.

Veronica Mars
: TiVo recapped last season in about a minute and showed nothing of the next.
Verdict: Great show I will watch it.

Top Model: Reality crap.
Verdict: I won't watch it and I hope no one else will, please don't tell me if you do.

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