Sunday, May 26, 2013

Channel 157: The Blaze

Where do bigots and the narrow minded have the backward ideas confirmed? At The Blaze a new channel by Glenn Beck.

Everything about the channel including the commercials are targeted those who fear those and who want a Christian theocracy. The Blaze is in direct response to Muslim extremist. The Christian extremist have matched one evil with their own brand of evil that comes in the form of far-right values.

Just like Islamic extremist and their TV this channel confirms fears and tries to urge violence without ever saying it directly. They are like the kid next to a bullying yelling to fight and hit him and escalting things only to runaway when the troubles start.

While you have the right to say what you want that does not mean you are correct. Even bad people can be heard but should be ignored. If I can erase this channel I would but blocking is also good. Lies have no place in the media.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh brother!

Soap operas were always filled with drama but that is on screen for General Hospital it has also been behind the scenes. When One Life to Live was canceled some characters went to General Hospital.

Then came the lawsuit.

Apparently One Life to Live (OLTL) and All My Children found a home online at Hulu. This meant the characters were still in rotation on their original shows. So on General Hospital all the characters from OLTL were literally recalled. Yet the actors are still under contract. What to do?

Make them brothers! Of course some have become long lost family members while the girl has just been recast as a new girl that no has noticed looks just like the old girl. Oh and she was sleeping tih one brother and is doing the other brother.

The world of soaps is collapsing but the crossovers are getting ridiculous, this time I do not blame the writers since they had no other options.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

So much for our Happy Endings...

While most of those canceled were justified the saddest was Happy Endings (ABC). The constantly changing time slot doomed any chance this show had for gaining a mainstream audience.

Another great comedy is gone but I have no doubt we will be seeing this cast around fr years. There is still a small chance TBS will pick it like they did with the awsome show Cougar Town.

Also the Kiefer Sutherland show Touch was also canceled. While a bit silly with the whole numbers hold secret magic plot it was still a good project to see Sutherland at his best.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Jodi Guilty...of What?

Again another alleged high profile trial interrupting regularly scheduled TV. Just like the others they are West Coast based and not much talk over in the East especially NYC. Apparently the woman, Jodi Arias, on trial is camera friendly so they made a national case out of this non-story. The only people who should have cared was the victim's family.

As with car chases, celebrity troubles, and hot chick murder trials the west coast has been exporting nothing but time wasters. Since cameras are allowed in courts they change the course of the trial from evidentiary to overly dramatic. NYC has generally barred cameras so we have never been fascinated with the trial just the verdict.

I did not even know about this until a month ago when Dr. Drew kept mentioning it on Loveline. He said people out there were on the edge of their seats about Jodi Arias mostly because there were sexy photos involved. Of course I and most East Coaster could care less since we having constant threats of bombings, Hurricane Sandy, and the Sandy Hook massacre. Things like a domestic murder was low on the list of things to pay attention to at the moment. I watch news every day and it was mentioned maybe a few times over the last couple months and always as the 10th or later story.

So she was found guilty and that changes my life how? The large soda ban will affect me more than any west coast trial.

Wanted: America's Most Wanted

Looking at the news coverage of the three kidnapped women that included Amanda Berry. Thinking about all the years the women were missing and even the fact that no officials cared that Michelle Knight was missing is sad.

There is a glut of TV channels and reality shows with "celebrity" judges yet none of these guys lend a voice to find the millions missing in America and throughout the world.What we need is an all-star version of America's Most Wanted.

Whoops it was canceled on March 28, 2013 yet there are 4 Kardashian shows on. If the power of people can find two bombers in the middle of Boston then imagine what a TV show with an online component can do. Having famous people pleading for information on the missing would help. People forget the power of TV and it still can do better things than the internet. Since it was fools on the web that kept finding false leads in the Boston bombing case.

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