Thursday, May 26, 2011

First @ 4:00PM

This is the local ABC news that has replaced Oprah. In NYC Oprah was on at 4:00PM for years. Instead of replacing it with some talk or reality show they added another hour of news.

First @ 4:00PM is nothing special and just gives straight news without the awful gimmicks that other channels have embraced. It is great to have another news source that has not gone wild.

Top Story
The image above is of NYC's top story which is that two officers were acquitted of sexual assault and burglary after they brought a drunk woman home and one of them assaulted her. Granted he said he just cuddled with her while she lay in her own vomit but that's not creepy. Of course these bad cops are good enough to leave no evidence but then again it is never that simple.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oprah Finally Over

Oprah caused more harm than good in her reign as queen of daytime. With her blame yourself for everything bad that happens and blame God for everything good. This is same garbage that most religious people say when they blame the devil for everything bad and themselves for all that went good.

The bad interviews, the pseudoscience, and the tons of books that promote magic over common sense (The Secret, etc.) are finally going to stop.

The future will hit Oprah hard since everything else Oprah touches turns to rust. The show was had a life of it's own and like a car wreck would always get onlookers.

All of  this does not take away from the fact that she did help many directly and indirectly. Also she made something out of her life but not because it was destined but it is that she is a hard worker who sacrificed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Smallville: Series Finale

Smallville: Finale Part 1 & Finale Part 2

Darkseid's defeat is just a distraction although he is supposed to be a god-like villain. Lex Luthor is brought back in a cool way then quickly loses his memory. Poor Tess, my favorite character, gets killed. We finally see Clark become Superman.

What I found odd is that Chloe is reading the Smallville comic 7 years in the future to her arrow friendly son. Does that mean the world knows? It pushed the show out of reality more than any other storyline.

It was kind of disappointing because they used too many iconic images even the show tried so hard to stand out from other Superman adaptations.


The show was about Lex as much as Clark and more of that relationship would have elevated the finale. At least this show which was thought to last 5 season made to 10 and it is over. Once less thing to record.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stargate Universe: Series Finale

stargate universe logoImage via WikipediaStargate Universe: Gauntlet

Shows either end or the writers want an opportunity to make a movie a DVD in the future so the give a cop-out of an ending.  (Sopranos)

Stargate Universe had no real ending. Instead everyone gets frozen on their way to an unknown galaxy while one character gets left on in the cold, not literally. The one guy is smart enough to survive but has 2 weeks until the air runs out. From what I understand the power went out after 2 weeks and we see him staring out the window with a smirk.

Did he fail? Did he succeed and is taking a victory lap? Did he find another option?
Did I waste my time watching this show?

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Oprah Nekkid

Chaz Bono at the 2010 GLAAD Media Awards, Apri...Image via WikipediaWell not Oprah but Chaz/Chasity Bono.

This woman had  breast removal surgery as she transition into changing genders. During this Oprah showed Chaz's new chest but since she is still genetically a woman this is still a woman's chest. No matter how many labels we place on it Chaz is still a woman and showing her topless should still be against the law unless the show was meant as a medical/educational show, then it is allowed.

It is kind of sad that no one tries to speak about what really is going on. People do not change genders and spend years abusing drugs without some kind of childhood incident. Psst call Dr. Drew.

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Friday, May 06, 2011

Special Effects

I was never confused when I saw Superman fly on TV.
It was obvious that cars do not explode when in light crashes.
I knew the Dukes of Hazard and Kinght Rider went threw dozens of cars because all that jumping kills the transmission.
I know that once a camera is turned on, the subject being filmed changes in response and is no longer reality.
I know it is possible to erase and change anything that is recorded.

I accept official statements because I am sane and conspiracies are nuts.

Apparently the world has forgotten these common sense statements and begs for more proof and then dismiss the proof given.

Hopefully we reached a peak of skepticism and go back to the days that if someone is smarter than you than they know better. Your conspiratorial opinion is not needed and further more is not valid. Not every point needs a counterpoint.

Proof not needed.

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