Friday, June 19, 2009


The Travel Channel, Channel #29

As described this is a channel about travel. Great shows specially made for each individual trip. I like the ones about Cuba, China, and North Korea only because those communist countries rarely let documentary teams in without fear of imprisonment.

Some of the ones I've been obsessed with :
Treasure Hunters with Kirsten Gum: Another lady use to host the show but now Gum does it all. Digging through tons of dirt in the desert for a slightly shinier rock than all the other shiny rocks.
I think they haven't made a new episode in a year but still fun to watch.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: This guy eats the nastiest, greasiest, and least sanitary stuff on Earth. The thing is he loves it all. Of the dozen episodes I watched this week he ate 40 meals and the only hated one thing. In Puerto Rico he ate a Custard Apple (Cachiman, Corazon, Jamaican Apple, Snat Apple, Tjé-Bef) and was disgusted granted on the same episode he ate...
• Bacalaito - salt cod fritter
• Octopus cone - paper cone containing fresh octopus salad
• Mofongo - mashed fried green plantains (African)
• Pionono - sweet plantain stuffed with seasoned ground beef (deep fried)
• Mavi - a drink made from the Columbrina tree and sugar
• Alcapurria - fried tube shaped snack made of a mixture of plantains, yautia, and stuffed with meat
• Pasteles - a tamale-like loaf made with plantain and root vegetable paste, stuffed and wrapped in banana leaves
• Tostones - twice fried smashed plantains
• Chicharron -fried pig skin
• Garlic ice cream
• Rice and Beans with Chicken ice cream
• Avocado ice cream
• Corn ice cream
• Sesame Seed ice cream
• Gandinga - a stew of pig liver, kidneys and heart
• Morcilla - sausage made with blood and rice and the popular culantro herb, similar to cilantro
• Sancocho soup - stew made with pork, pumpkin, plantain, etc
• Guinea Fowl stew

On another trip to Nicaragua he ate a rare maggot/worm filled cheese, and of course loved it.

The other great part of this channel is they are constantly showing four US Mint and coin making show, agian I think none have been updated in years but still a great time.


  1. I don't watch the Travel Channel much. However, they have been airing some specials about cruises that are great to record and show our friends who have never been on one. It is easier than trying to explain what the trip is like.

  2. I often think about cruise travel but it seems like an older person thing. I guess I'll have to start watching these specials.


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