Thursday, February 28, 2013

Save Our Shows: 2013 Edition

Some of these show are on the drink of cancellation. While some most have been granted an extra season it still would be nice if more people can see them and appreciate great television.

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Happy Endings: ABC Fridays 8PM & 8:30PM
Possibly the best comedy on TV right now. Unfortunately the constant time changes will lose the small audience it has. Originally up against New Girl on Tuesday it was switched to Sundays and now Fridays.  Damon Wayans Jr. had two pilots this and New Girl he choose to stay with this one. A brilliant choice for the comedy but New Girl is more popular. It is the reason I stopped watching New Girl since they were on at the same time I chose the funnier show which is Happy Endings. It is a show about friends and relationships but the comedy is multi-layered and you should watch it more than once to get every joke.

Parenthood: NBC Tuesday 10PM (EST unless otherwise noted)
They will be back as the critics and fans continue to support the show. The show centers around a close knit family that has minor problems but good writing makes every small ting a huge drama. Trust me it is worth watching even if a bit slow.

The Following: FOX Monday 9PM
Probably coming back. Former FBI agent must track a serial killers loyal followers. The show is made well and has great suspense. The problem it is on Mondays against my sitcoms and sci-fi shows. As the newest of all my shows it gets pushed to back of the TiVo list.

Community: NBC Thursday 8PM
Canceled. Due to its unfortunate time slot against Big Bang Theory it never has a chance. Still any adult college student would have related to this show on a deep level. Theshow could go crazy at times but it was always funny and brilliant. Zombies, crossovers with another networks show, and tons of smart refernces made this an A-list show.

Raising Hope: FOX Tuesday 8PM (moving to Fridays)
They are playing the moving game with this show meaning it might get axed soon. I have raved about this show before and I will continue to do so. It is a great comedy in line with Married with Children the difference is this family tends to be sweeter, less of cruel streak. Hope is the daughter of a serial killer and a not-smart guy she is raised by him and the entire Chance family. The ways the family gets into and out of trouble each week is to much and both well written and acted. Inside jokes are plenty with My Name is Earl and other little things from guest actors and regulars.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

NBC the 5th Network

At least for the February sweeps NBC is in 5th place behind CBS, ABC, Fox, and Univision. Sweeps is a period of time that the networks showcases their best episodes in order to promote the advertisers.

Let's see how many shows I watch on NBC.
That's it. Worst part is these two shows were not on during sweeps or conflicted with other better shows on my preferred networks. 

Let me break down my primetime viewing habits by day.

Monday III




Thursday IIII




TOTAL 3.5 HRS 5 HRS 3.5 HRS 2 HRS 3 HRS 1 HR 0.5 HRS 1 HR 4 HRS 3.5 HRS

As for Univision I never watch it unless I am channel surfing looking for nothing.

This is not all if I expand it past primetime I would add several more hours to ABC for the news and various shows. Add a few more hours for FOX and CBS because of football and baseball seasons. Other regular channel like TNT, CineMax, FX, and a few other only makes NBC seem less relevant.

My suggestion is to stop all the reality crap like Trump's show and all the singing competitions. Refocus on sitcoms like Community and stop halting shows mid-season.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Raising Hope / My Name Is Earl

Making The Band
Throughout the season the inside jokes have been going crazy. Today's episode was a merger of the entire My Name is Earl cast into the Raising Hope universe. There have been a few crossovers but this one took it to extremes by adding the list and Mr. Turtle. Fans of both shows will be pleasantly surprised.

The Old Girl
Hillary Duff guest stars as the Chances revealed yet another way they ruined there son's life.

This is one of the best shows on TV.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Walking Dead Goof

In the last episode of The Walking Dead titled Home there was a goof or error. I usually dismiss these but this one was way to obvious.

During the scene where Merle and Daryl ar fighting Daryl has his shirt ripped off from the back exposing a tattoo and scars.

The tattoo is on the right side and his shirt is torn around the armpits.

Next second the tattoo is on the left side and is shirt is still torn around the armpits.

Finally as he leaves the tattoo is still on the left side but his shirt is now fine and not torn at all.
Again I usually do not complain about minor errors but this was a crucial scene that changes Daryl relationship with his brother. It completely took me out of the scene. Sure the old fashion TV also takes me out of the storyline but that is my problem. Getting the continuity correct is the shows problem and trying to reverse the image could have helped. or digitally erase his shirt for the quick walk away.

Overall great episode and the season is good although Rick going crazy is getting old.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Superbowl Blogging Live

Jennifer Hudson and the Newton children's choir were just okay. Alicia Keys singing the national anthem was fine but adding the extra line was unnecessary but common nothing special.

I do not care for either team so maybe I will focus on the ads.

The Lone Ranger trailer was shown and it looks so boring that I thought I was watching every other Tim Burton movie.

--Baltimore scores first.

Red M&M singing I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meatloaf was cute.

The model Bar Refaeli making out with the background guy Jessie Heiman was disturbing. For GoDaddy this again was a controversial ad since the kissing was said to be a bit to graphic for CBS and Israel. Full 7 min ad here if you can stomach it, look all make out sessions are nasty unless you are doing it.

--49ers score 3. So 7-3 Baltimore.

Free Pepsi Next.

Black label beer also looks good but they used the theme song for 2 Broke Girls.

Oz The Great and Powerful looks cool.

--Fumble, there seems to be a bit of anger on that field. ad with a couple asking for drama then handed a wolf pup in front of the wolf mama is great.

Taco Bell ad with the old timers was good too.

--21-6 Baltimore

Beyonce was off-center with her light show.

Poor camerman are having mini-strokes each time she bends over, yes she is wearing flesh colored tights. Isn't the Superbowl a family event why is she in lingerie? Destiny Child reunion is underwhelming.

2 Broke Girls mini video was cute.

Stadium went black, someone forgot to pay their light bill. 

Telex and printers are the main reason for the long delays. These pieces of tech are considered crucial for game play and 34 minutes passed before they were running.

Speed Stick ad was funny, waiting in the laundromat is horrible.

Budweiser ad was overly sentimental, ode to War Horse.

--28-20 Baltimore and another fumble in the 49ers favor.

Time Warner Cable / Walking Dead commercial was also funny.

--31-23, kicking has taken control.
--31-29 Baltimore only because the 49ers cannot get extra points by throwing.
So God made a farmer. By Ram has to be the best ad so far.

Kia's "Where do babies come from?" ad was cute and well done.

Tide's Montana stain ad was funny when the wife, a Raven's fan washes the sacred stain away.

--34-31 Baltimore wins and Flacco with is live potty mouth is MVP.

Elementary was the after show of choice and what a disappointment. I fell asleep.
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