Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Discovery Channel, Channel #27

My favorite types of documentaries are about animals and nature and once this channel use to be filled with them. Then came the reality wave and all good documentaries were replaced with non-scripted people-based pseudo-documentaries.

Still I watch various shows:
Deadliest Catch - Experience the deadly job of fishing for Alaska crab.
After the Catch - A sum up of the above.
Planet Earth - Prepare to experience the planet as never before.
MythBusters - Separate truth from urban legend, barely.
Dirty Jobs - Mike Rowe meets people who do jobs you never would.
Any animal or nature special.c

I don't watch shark week because they exploit the shark although I hear this year will focus on the rampant destruction of the species.


  1. Watch "Mythbusters" and "Deadliest Catch" here too. I think the latter is probably the only "reality show" that I don't think is scripted in some part. All the others I'm sure have some "direction" added to them to make them "better". :-(

  2. Watching After the Catch you hear how the boat crews really hate the cameras. It's a relatively small boat and having the DSC crew on board makes everyone edgy.


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