Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lost: Live Together ,Die Alone

65 days after September 22 2004 the Lost family has gotten rid of the button, ending that miserable storyline.

The only other good thing is we finally see the world outside of island and yes it's still going on.

Monday, May 22, 2006


The big Rambaldi secret in Alias was immortality!

This seems to be slightly disappointing ending to Alias meaning Lost may have an even crappier ending.

Once again the endgame was immortality, Sloane is now immortal but trapped in a cave but no one else who is alive knows. No one alive knows that a secret immortality formula exists and apparently no one cares. Sydney's parents are dead and five years later her genius daughter and infant son are living happy with Vaughn.

In 24 Jack won the president lost and the Chinese now have Jack and probably will brainwash him and send him on a mission in next January's season premiere. So will America have to fight super-agent Jack Bauer.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How To Be Selfish by Oprah

Yes it seems I'm only blogging when I need to rant but here I go.

Oprah had a show today with the former Mrs. Armstrong and others bitching about marriage.

Oprah said was that you must listen for God to tell you that you should not get married.

What really was going on was women who lied about everything when dating a man now are getting scared that they can't continue their lies when married.

Kristin Armstrong, who still uses her ex-husbands last name, rather have a single life then grow-up and take care of her family. She gave a list of important things none of which were kids or family.

Being a selfish brat is fine but don't blame marriage or a man on your greed. As for "God Whispers" Oprah should get a statistics book and see reality.

That leads to last nights What About Brian: Sex, Lies and Videotape.
Deena quits her affair but Dave starts his own. Deanna used the same excuses that Oprah tried to legitimize. She said that she lost herself when she got married to Dave and wanted to experience the newness of being with someone else. Selfish, selfish, selfish.

Brian on the other hand is at the end of Marjorie's selfish quest to have a rich good husband and fun boyfriend.

David Blaine: Drowned Alive
He fakes being sick after all these stunts. It's more dramatic then just walking off.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigrants Gather....

...and get deported!

I hope that all these immigrants rallies around America are being monitored, photographed and soon deported. Today all these felons and their allies gathered and did not work.

It was great the subways were empty on my route and the streets were clear and safe.

I like legal immigration but these new breeds of mostly Mexican, South American and Caribbean don't come to America to be part of us. These felons come over and try to make this country like theirs. They left their crappy country and bring their problems and want us to turn into their crap-filled country.

Hey I don't go to your country and bring to you common sense and clean running water, so don't come hear and bring your ignorance and gang violence.

May 1 is not an American holiday, besides the fact that it began in Chicago in 1886, so stop celebrating it.

Another fact is that Americans will do all the jobs left when we finally deport the felons.

By the way Happy 75th Birthday Empire State Building.

Now please can I get off my rant and return to my regularly scheduled programs.

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