Sunday, June 14, 2009


Channel #24,
Is CNBC a clone of MSNBC or vice versa? I think CNBC is older and does more stock talk. Lots of speculating goes on with Jim Cramer and others. Maria Bartiromo does the closing bell talk and translates for the common person. Still half the schedule is paid programming, some are financial but most are for ab-crunchers or instant face lifts.

Suze Orman addressing a Senate Committee.Image via Wikipedia

All that aside the station should be called Suze Orman's NBC because she is what all the other shows are scheduled around. The Suze Orman Show is a call in show where people get advice with their financial situations. Most of it is very specific and during better financial times it was mostly about moving your fortunes around to increase your wealth. Lately it is all about how not to eat cat food when you retire.
Her best segment is "Can You Afford It?" where with little judgment you tell her what you want to buy and she looks at your income and savings and yells a response.

When nothing else is on and I'm home on the weekend this is a great show to watch.

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