Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sheen Should Be Shunned

My rant about Charlie Sheen a few days ago has been confirmed by his wife, Denise Richards. When I wrote Stupid Guy I was just speaking about his ridiculous comments about 9/11 but now he has stupid ideas about everything.
At The Smoking Gun they claim to have a restraining order filed by his wife.
Here's some points I found interesting...

  1. He believes that stopping breast-feeding causes brain damage.
  2. He thinks that vaccines are poisonous.
  3. He used a chiropractor to give bad medical device about his daughter.(Yes in Two and a Half Men his brother is a chiropractor, Hey Charlie that show is fiction!)
  4. Obsessed about vaccine poisons, 9/11 conspiracies and hid gun under tables for protection while kids played in the house.
  5. Carried Nicole Simpson's dead body pictures.
  6. He watched barely legal gay porn. (Which would be fine if he were gay.)
  7. He was addicted to TV but not in a good way, he used it as a gambling tool.
  8. He emailed his erect penis to 30 women.
  9. He repeatedly shoved his wife around.
While I usually ignore gossip this one is a great example of how people who believe in conspiracies actually live their lives.

Since Mister Sheen loves to troll the net if you are reading this I hope you face the truth of this world and retract all your conspiracies, as for the hookers , porn, gambling and drugs...well everyone needs a hobby.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mercy For The Writers

Smallville: Mercy
Some psycho is after Lionel Luther and as usual on of the Kents gets snatched up. Typical episode with Clark saving the day. The one twist is that Linoel saw Clark using his powers even though he already new about Clarks unearthly origins.
One thing that caught my critical eye was when the elevator came hurdling down Clark stepped under it and stopped it. Now if they would've died when it hit bottom wouldn't they still die just 6 feet higher when the elevator smashed into Clark's hands?

Supernatural: Dead Man's Blood
What is the complete opposite of Charmed? This show.
Today the guys used the power of three to partially defeat some vampires and get a real strong gun.

Yes kids NBC canceled Celebrity Cooking Showdown and replaced it with Will & Grace and My Name Is Earl repeats. I saw parts of the last episode and thought it was another fake reality crapfest.

On another side note I caught the end of The O.C. and while I hate that show it was nice to see Amber Barretto, a former child actress. She is Hispanic and it was kinda sad to see her play a lowly babysitter with a hint of an accent, she should have her own show.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What About Realism

What About Brian: Episodes 1 & 2
From the creators of Lost comes a show that is completely unbelievable. This show centers around Brian a poor young lad who gets used by women for one night stands.
His friend Dave has a wife who wants to cheat and gives him permission but he is so in love that he can't even bring himself to seriously flirt with anyone else. Dave's wife Deena, played by the great Amanda Detmer, is an almost-slut-whore who wants to break-up her marriage.

Angelo is the Italian brother-in-law of Brian who helps his through a miscarriage and humiliating exams just to make her happy and she still regrets her situation.

Then there is Adam who is engaged with the almost perfect Marjorie, played by the great Sarah Lancaster. He's a devoted husband to be and comprises to make her happy and she repays him by making out and falling for Brian.

I'm not sure what island these men came from but they sure have greater patience with women than I.

Overall a good show.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Veronica on Sopranos

The Sopranos: Live Free or Die
Vito gets outed and now he's marked for death except Tony hasn't given the order.

Some other side story deals with Carmela's failure in her business venture even in the light of other mob wives successes.

What I found most interesting was when Vito was with his "girlfriend" he was watching TV. On the TV was an obvious computer image of Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel. I tried to confirm this by watching the end credits but instead they credited Veronica Mars.

Interesting that they chose originally to have the gay guy watch Veronica Mars and then decided to change it to a more masculine show.

Thanks to Anonymous and BobbyBuz...
... for pointing out that the babysitter was watching Veronica Mars in Vito's house. I was completely focused on the angle of the babysitter that I didn't even notice the TV.

So disregard my short rant and who is that babysitter she is not in IMDB but a Google search of her acting background under the name Amanda Magnavita only says she is a day player.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stupid Guy, Stupid Guy

I just saw the Jimmy Kimmel Live interview with Charlie Sheen.

I'll start by saying that Two and a Half Men is one of the funniest shows on TV. Also I never cared about Sheen one way or another until...

Tonight he addressed some comments he made on some radio show about how he believes that a US conspiracy was behind the 9/11 attacks and that WTC 7 was brought down by other then terrorist means. He is completely wrong and is pushing the idiot revolution that is sweeping the country. He is inline with the anti-evolution, anti-psychiatry and promoters of 'fake' attacks on religion, like O'Reilly and Cruise.

As an engineer and a movie fan and a person who lived in the worst parts of New York I can tell you that 9/11 did happen as the 9/11 Commission stated. Why?

  • Buildings are built to implode and are very fragile even with small damage.
  • Movies show elaborate plots with several twist to pull off crimes, THEY'RE JUST MOVIES THAT STUFF DOESN'T WORK IN REAL LIFE. All conspiracies fail.
  • Drugs were sold on a corner of my old South Bronx neighborhood it it took 3 unarmed potheads nine months before the cops arrested them because they would signal each other two minutes before cops drove by. (19 Muslim hijackers needed less to accomplish what they did because they only needed to do it once.)
Stupidity is no excuse for Sheen's dumb comments but it's an explanation. Spreading dumb internet conspiracy theories is cute if you're 12 or a psycho but he diminishes everyone who died by putting attention away from the Muslims.
Sheen remember the Spain bombing or Oklahoma City you don't need government experts, especially knowing that they can't even find Osama.

Now I'm torn I still like Two and a Half Men but supporting Sheen is wrong.

Don't bother linking any pro-conspiracy sites in the comments because although I can easily dispute all their claims you still won't believe, it would be like trying to convince you to change religions because you're bible is not as shiny as mine.

I hate to come back just for a rant but these days TV has been pissing me off with all the religious controls and half-brained celebs with their unscientific judgements on life.

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