Monday, December 12, 2011

Stephen King's Bag of Bones

Another Stephen King TV failure.

I missed most of it because I kept falling asleep but from what I can gather it was a ghost/curse story. It is a shame because the reason for the curse is such a powerful part but it is lost with the slow moving pace.

Pierce Brosnan does the best he can with this but without any scares there is little to work with. I guess the scenes of drowning children is meant to be shocking but if you ever been around annoying kids you have little sympathy.

This is a basically a copy of the much better Ghost Story (1981). The Bag of Bones book may have been better but I've yet to read it.

Also around Christmas come on this is a summertime mini-series.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Disorderly Emergency

There was recently a first run national Emergency Alert on the television and it left a lot of room for improvement. This is a legally mandated warning system enacted by President Bush  in 2006. Of course it was done in case of a national emergency.

While 99% of the test went on normally some stations did not press the play button on time, others did not turn it off on time, and others accidentally hit their iTunes playlist instead. The 30 second time limit also was not strictly adhered.

My problem was that this national test was not standard. Each station did it their way which was awkward and did not inspire confidence.

CBS did  a great job lasting exactly 30 seconds and bold with a simple crawl.
NBC was bland there was nothing bold or hinting at an emergency.

Fox decide advertising was more important then the actual emergency and took up one-third of the screen with their logo. Also they went way over he 30 seconds limit.

CBS set the standard and I suggest all other stations put their egos aside and just copy the CBS template.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday CBS

Est. October 20, 1951

Add to that they have 20 of the 30 shows on TV and CBS is riding high. I attribute the recent success to scripted shows versus every other networks reality crap.

Currently I watch:
How I Met Your Mother - Needs an ending soon.
2 Broke Girls - Funny, a bit unrealistic.
Two and a Half Men - Bring back Charlie Sheen.

Big Bang Theory - Funny but needs more science and less drama.
Rules of Engagement - Very funny, extremely underrated.

The Talk - Can only watch it once a week because Sharon and Sheryl are like nails on a chalkboard while chewing on aluminum foil.
Sunday Football - Any game is good but NY games are the best.


Sunday, October 02, 2011

Terra No Way

Terra Nova: Genesis Part 1 & 2

Huge mistake completely took me out of the show.

People are being sent to an alternate timeline's past ( I can accept this). The young nerd of the show explains that they can kill as many butterflies they want without fearing for the future because it is not their time stream.


If time/universe travel is one-way then how does anyone know it is working.
For example if I sent my kid to France and he never came back or wrote a letter why would I send another kid? Even if I sent a police officer to France to investigate knowing I will never find out if the cop found my kid because it's not possible to contact me why would I send more.

The old world is 70% ocean 10% unlivable so there is no way to pinpoint if they landed safely. No evil company or optimistic government would keep sending groups to the unknown without proof of life.

Overall the effects look amateurish, the set looks like a toy set, the plot is Lost with a Stargate, and the acting is underwhelming.

Friday, September 23, 2011

All My Children: Series Finale

They did it on purpose.

The ending of All My Children ended on a cliffhanger. Erica got dumped, JR is about to shoot someone, and David does not reveal which dead person he brought back to life.

Disappointing, yes but this was done in the hope that enough outrage and support from fans is generated to start on a new network or a web series. Unfortunately by air time all the deals fell through as few cast members agreed to continue.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday 2011 Premieres

How I Met Your Mother: The Best Man, The Naked Truth
Basically if you saw the first three episodes in 2005 then you have not missed anything.

Two and a Half Men: Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt
Charlie was murdered by Rose and it's all a laugh. This was a sad episode. Not because of the death but because of the lack of good jokes and a rabid audience.

2 Broke Girls: Pilot
Williamsburg, Brooklyn my backside. This is another New York City show written by someone who has never even seen Brooklyn on a map.

 GRAFFITI! Really! 
This is not the the 1980s there has not been any graffiti on L or G lines for years. Plus they treat the neighbor like a war zone when in reality thanks to hipsters it is the wussiest 'hood in all of NYC.

Kat Dennings is great as a Brooklyn waitress who takes in an upper-class girl who lost everything. Garret Morris brings down the show as the one-liner guy. Everyone in the show is incredibly smart yet oddly poor.

Castle: Rise
Det. Beckett is not dead and 2 months/15 minutes later she is back.

Monday, September 12, 2011

True Blood: Season Finale

True Blood: And When I Die 

The season of the witch is over and apparently the ghosts were just waiting to fill the gaps. This was the bloodiest, most violent episode ever and that is saying a lot for a vampire show. No shocking revelations just a bunch of dead minor characters that been dragging the show down. Hopefully they stay gone but with ghosts floating around I doubt it.

I would add the best thing about this season was Jessica, check out the shows blog for more about her.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Henceforth

Still as painful to watch 10 years later. Never has a decade seem so short. Along with the tears the sense of anger is still there and one should not forget what 19 radical Muslim terrorists did for hateful reasons.

The horror and heroism will never be forgotten.
Rebuild and never forget.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Rescue Me: Series Finale

After waiting almost 2 years for this great tribute to New York City and 9/11 heroes we instead get a typical sitcom ending.

Don't get me wrong it was still funny and well done but nothing that couldn't be shown a year ago. Tommy is living his life and still has his ghosts to keep him company. The last episode was more of a tribute to the show itself.

The theme that firefighters were as mortal as everyone was evident when Tommy is speaking to the new recruits and we see the old timers all battered and bruised standing in the back.

Image Credit: FX

Good job Mr. Leary. I expect the same quality from your next project...hopefully soon.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

iO Digital Channel Guide

iO Digital Channel Guide, Channel 100

A scrolling channel guide for those who subscribe to more than just the basic package.  On occasion they show special programming, conflicted hockey games, or other sport events.*

TiVo has its own guide and it is faster and more interactive. These old type of guides were once very useful but in this internet age it seems a bit slow.

Anonymous said... 
This channel guide on channel 100 does NOT show special programming, conflicted hockey games, or other sport events. This guide is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, The channel guide on channel 99 or 80 is the channel that on occasion shows special programming, conflicted hockey games, or other sport events. C-SPAN 2 on channel 79 or 66 shows special programming as well.

I would add that my version of Cablevision does not have channels 79 or 99.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


SPEED, Channel 99

Dedicated to racing and everything including themed game shows and reality shows about cars and trucks. I should be more into this channel since I actually built and raced a car once but honestly I can never watch it.

There is definitely a car-racing culture that is very easy to join but unless you are passionate about cars it is also easy to leave behind.

Again I maybe watched 10 minutes of this channel all year so I probably will just speed on by. Oh love those puns.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


HGTV, Channel 98

Yup starting this up again. Last left off on the Food Network about 2 years ago then my TVs broke and then most shows became awful but let me finish off the channel list.

On with HGTV a channel that shows houses and occasional garden shows. From the little I saw they focus on buying, selling, or redecorating homes. From what I heard it started as channel that built homes and gardens but then it changed from documentary-style to "reality"-style.

House Hunters International
"A woman decides to make a life in Paris"
A show where Americans go to foreign countries and find a place to live. In this episode some woman with no real career goes to Paris and gets a NYC size apartment for $1,400 a month. It had no real shower but a great view. The other two apartments were two expensive or too small. Apparently since she had savings style was more important than affordability.

Never really watched this channel and I doubt I will again.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

BBC America


Probably the last cable system in all of America to get it but Cablevision finally brought BBC America, channel 101, to me. Perfect timing too since it is the episode premiere of Doctor Who. To prepare us they have been having a season six marathon of Doctor Who.

I have now fully caught up with all the episodes and although I  do not care for the new doctor the stories are great.

I have alos watch some Kitchen Confidential and hope to see more great British shows soon.

Oh also there is a hurricane acoming.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Not Getting the Whole Picture

Not having an HDTV you miss a few things. Things like sharp images, every wrinkle, and side jokes.

For the most parts networks have been good to consider us old fashion TVs user when filming but it looks like they are starting to update.

Check it out my favorite news channel is now fully HD and I cannot see the full time or temperature.

Is it 28 or 98?
Am I going have to look out the window? The horror.

Still I have no plans to upgrade so I suggest the networks adjust to me.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat Is On

Rescue Me
After a year on hold, although it seems longer, Rescue Me came back advancing the story-timeline a bit. Everything is still messed up in Gavin's life but at least there are no secrets.

The women in Gavin's life are draining the life out of him. While the firehouse rallies around Lou.

The show is still great despite the long wait. They plan to air the series finale on the week of September 11. Unless I am over thinking it I see lots of foreshadowing in these final episodes. I doubt the final episode will have everyone go off quietly.

Of course on TV the number one news story is the heat. 104 in New York City with a nighttime temperature of 90 degrees. I have heard a couple of people say that this is nothing since we have cooling technology and that our grandparents lived through worse without ACs.

Well those people are wrong. People should Google...Weegee, "Crowd at Coney Island, Temperature 89 degrees . . . They came early, and stayed late," July 22, 1940

They will find this picture...

There is also a great Smithsonian article that explains how New York City and most other places around America would slow down to the point it virtually shutdown. The early 1940s were so hot at high 80s and low 90s that people slept outside and did not show up for work for days.

People in the near past were not stronger and less whining. The just died quickly and nobody sued. So all this heat coverage is justified. 110 is not normal for any human and the fact we are not dying by the thousand shows how we have evolved and adapted over the last half century.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Summer Premieres! Time Warps Begin!

Weeds: Season 7
Starts off 3 year after the events of the last episode. Nancy Botwin is free woman with no threats or danger to face so as usual she creates her own. Traveling around NYC with an arsenal was hilarious. Her family comes back from their so-so European lives to reconnect and she is less than joyous.

The Big C: Season 2
The truth is out and everyone is taking it well while Cathy is look to fight the Cancer with everything she can. Her best friend Rebecca is trying to steal the spotlight with her unborn baby.

True Blood: Season 4
One day in fairyland meant one year in real time. Everyone thinking Sookie was dead moved on. She may be back the are bigger problems as a witch coven becomes very powerful.

Futurama: Season 6
Getting worse each episode. The show was about normal life with the occasional odd futuristic thing now it is everything is odd and people take it as normal. This show has lost it's mojo.

Royal Pains: Season 3?
After spending 2+ years in the same summer they final sped through fall, winter, and spring to start off the next summer. Dr. Hank never left the Hamptons and is now reuniting with everyone else. Only Dr. Hank seems to have his life together the rest are letting insecurities ruin their relationships.

Burn Notice: Season 6
Michael Weston is back as a spy and will never know why he got burned. We finally see some great scenes with his mom that explores his childhood and reason to become a spy.

Men of a Certain Age: Season 2
Still depressing as ever but they have been teasing us with a few rays of hope. Everyone on this show is always on the brink of financial and personal ruin/success.

Hot in Cleveland: Season 2
Still not funny, Bertinelli is underused.

Image source:

I can only say due to the non-regular schedules TV shows have these days that these time bending plot devices will continue. Granted older shows like The Waltons also suffered with timeline issues.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Falling Skies

Falling Skies:  Live and Learn, The Armory

It is the Walking Dead with aliens although typical Spielberg spin is in place where children are the main focus.

Basically we see the aftermath of a recent alien invasion where the world has fallen, especially big cities. Roaming bands of humans are reduced to about 300 each. Larger groups are being killed by the aliens and their kids are turned into slaves. Currently the people and audience are ignorant about the aliens motives but I see they are slowly starting to address the issue.

As with all these shows the surviving humans are as dangerous as the aliens. Having some kids as soldiers while others continue to play and go to school is unrealistic. Either have one or the other because in times of crisis organized school would not work, especially if kids are being abducted.

Noah Wyle as a professor turn soldier is fine but the rest of the characters are just not believable.

I do not expect this show to last unless something extraordinary happens.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Media Hype

Watching Rep. Anthony Weiner resign from his job was difficult to watch. Not because of him but because of the hecklers who often pose as reporters. Often seen at news conferences since the early days of reporting these parasites have no view points accept to yell. They are anti everything are too much of a collective coward to stand for anything.

Weiner's scandal was a lot of nothing, posting pictures of himself while may be naughty is not criminal or evil in any way. His problem is that he knew the reporters and news stations are hype machines who prefer to scandalize everything. He chose the wrong path and lied, his best strategy should have been like former Governor Patterson and just admit to everything and say "it's my life".

Hopefully this ends the coverage as the reporters successfully knocked down another person for the sake of ratings. Remember it was the tabloid reporters that killed a princess and the still stalk others hoping to be the "LAST" interview.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Waltons Jumped the Shark

The Waltons was plagued with a host of continuity issues. Season one was near perfect but then after that it went off. Certain thing like having Earl Hamner Jr. say that they would never see a traveler again and then a season later the traveler is back but as a different actor. Their timeline was also something of a space-time continuum mess.

And for different actors they win a prize. About 15 characters were played by different actors and I'm only on season seven.

Jumping the Shark
Now the quality of the episodes were going down hill with the stroke of Ellen Corby that lasted 2 seasons or 3+ years in Waltons time. Then the exit of Richard Thomas the main actor. Finally the unexpected death of Will Geer who's characters Grandpa Walton was said to live to a great old age.

The Changeling:
Elizabeth is turning thirteen and gets haunted by a poltergeist. They try to explain it that when young kids go through a "change" ghosts get attached to their energy until their inner conflict is resolved.

The episode had flying furniture and everyone taking this serious. It was hard to watch especially knowing the actors were probably disgusted at the whole thing. Granted Earl Hamner J. did a few Twilight Zone episodes but if they wanted explore the supernatural they could have done it better.

The Warrior: Had an Indian burial ground under the Walton's barn. The entire episode was sketchy and the Pa Walton's reaction was uncharacteristic to say the least. Still it was nothing compared to The Changeling.

The Waltons: The Complete First Season

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First @ 4:00PM

This is the local ABC news that has replaced Oprah. In NYC Oprah was on at 4:00PM for years. Instead of replacing it with some talk or reality show they added another hour of news.

First @ 4:00PM is nothing special and just gives straight news without the awful gimmicks that other channels have embraced. It is great to have another news source that has not gone wild.

Top Story
The image above is of NYC's top story which is that two officers were acquitted of sexual assault and burglary after they brought a drunk woman home and one of them assaulted her. Granted he said he just cuddled with her while she lay in her own vomit but that's not creepy. Of course these bad cops are good enough to leave no evidence but then again it is never that simple.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oprah Finally Over

Oprah caused more harm than good in her reign as queen of daytime. With her blame yourself for everything bad that happens and blame God for everything good. This is same garbage that most religious people say when they blame the devil for everything bad and themselves for all that went good.

The bad interviews, the pseudoscience, and the tons of books that promote magic over common sense (The Secret, etc.) are finally going to stop.

The future will hit Oprah hard since everything else Oprah touches turns to rust. The show was had a life of it's own and like a car wreck would always get onlookers.

All of  this does not take away from the fact that she did help many directly and indirectly. Also she made something out of her life but not because it was destined but it is that she is a hard worker who sacrificed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Smallville: Series Finale

Smallville: Finale Part 1 & Finale Part 2

Darkseid's defeat is just a distraction although he is supposed to be a god-like villain. Lex Luthor is brought back in a cool way then quickly loses his memory. Poor Tess, my favorite character, gets killed. We finally see Clark become Superman.

What I found odd is that Chloe is reading the Smallville comic 7 years in the future to her arrow friendly son. Does that mean the world knows? It pushed the show out of reality more than any other storyline.

It was kind of disappointing because they used too many iconic images even the show tried so hard to stand out from other Superman adaptations.


The show was about Lex as much as Clark and more of that relationship would have elevated the finale. At least this show which was thought to last 5 season made to 10 and it is over. Once less thing to record.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stargate Universe: Series Finale

stargate universe logoImage via WikipediaStargate Universe: Gauntlet

Shows either end or the writers want an opportunity to make a movie a DVD in the future so the give a cop-out of an ending.  (Sopranos)

Stargate Universe had no real ending. Instead everyone gets frozen on their way to an unknown galaxy while one character gets left on in the cold, not literally. The one guy is smart enough to survive but has 2 weeks until the air runs out. From what I understand the power went out after 2 weeks and we see him staring out the window with a smirk.

Did he fail? Did he succeed and is taking a victory lap? Did he find another option?
Did I waste my time watching this show?

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Oprah Nekkid

Chaz Bono at the 2010 GLAAD Media Awards, Apri...Image via WikipediaWell not Oprah but Chaz/Chasity Bono.

This woman had  breast removal surgery as she transition into changing genders. During this Oprah showed Chaz's new chest but since she is still genetically a woman this is still a woman's chest. No matter how many labels we place on it Chaz is still a woman and showing her topless should still be against the law unless the show was meant as a medical/educational show, then it is allowed.

It is kind of sad that no one tries to speak about what really is going on. People do not change genders and spend years abusing drugs without some kind of childhood incident. Psst call Dr. Drew.

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Friday, May 06, 2011

Special Effects

I was never confused when I saw Superman fly on TV.
It was obvious that cars do not explode when in light crashes.
I knew the Dukes of Hazard and Kinght Rider went threw dozens of cars because all that jumping kills the transmission.
I know that once a camera is turned on, the subject being filmed changes in response and is no longer reality.
I know it is possible to erase and change anything that is recorded.

I accept official statements because I am sane and conspiracies are nuts.

Apparently the world has forgotten these common sense statements and begs for more proof and then dismiss the proof given.

Hopefully we reached a peak of skepticism and go back to the days that if someone is smarter than you than they know better. Your conspiratorial opinion is not needed and further more is not valid. Not every point needs a counterpoint.

Proof not needed.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bones Spin-off

Bones: Finder
Instead of a normal episode they shoved in a spin-off for a future Fox show maybe called The Locator. Some quirky guy is real good at finding stuff and with his wacky crew they find stuff. Apparently brain damage from some recent war made him a super finder and he fears psychiatric help will make him lose it.

It was so obvious that this was just a promotional episode. Add to that it was dull and poorly written and you have a recipe for quick cancellation.

Main character of potential new series.

Great TV Quote of the Day

 "Children act up the most right before they go to sleep...And then you turn your head for one second and they are out cold. And when I see the Tea Party, people marching and 'the President ain't from America' and 'I can't live in this country' and 'I'm marching with a gun'...Oh they're acting up they're about to go to sleep." --Chris Rock refering to the end of racism and it's last gasp. 
Said that many times myself.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe: Common Descent

The least good of all the Stargate series is ending the show in a gooder way. Grammar aside the show started slow with a lost in space vibe but without alien encounters or fun sci-fi goodness. Instead they were just very introspective.

Now that the show is coming to an end they are meeting aliens, fighting robots, and time-traveling.

This episode has the crew meeting their descendants on a planet and then getting trapped with them while others search for the the rest of the great-great-great-great-grand kids. Apparently some previous accident split their ship into two and while using the Stargate the crew went 2,000 years back in time.

The second-crew established a modern civilization but the unstable planet caused problem and they disappeared stranding scouting parties throughout the local Stargates.

Confused enough yet?
All I know, since I've been missing a few episodes, is that now everyone on the crew is good and they all love each other, but they're running out of patience.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Waltons

That's right kids.

Hallmark channel has been repeating most episodes of The Waltons in order for up to 3 hours a day. On Easter weekend they will have a 24-hour marathon.

This show is great and is better than Little House on the Prairie. I have not seen this show since I was a kid since it was not as a popular rerun as other shows of the time. The acting is great, the sets are really well done, and the themes/episode continue throughout the episodes.

For those who do not know The Waltons is a show about a large family living on their own land during The Great Depression. It is based on the book Spencer's Mountain but is only 10-25% based on real the life author Earl Hamner Jr. So loosely based on real life is most accurate.

Each episode is can be broken down easily:
Someone comes to stay with the Waltons, the visitor(s) have a problem and by being around the Waltons they come to realize how family should work and they resolve the problem.

The show is not heavy handed with the judgement and while church plays a huge role the father is not religious because of his war experience but is more spiritual. The first season is near perfect for a drama with moments of comedy. After that subtle changes start appearing that still haunts shows to this day. Typical stuff like focusing on kids instead of older people, using more sets than outside filming, and complaints about money yet always seeming to have more the next episode ( cough...cough...Desperate Housewives...cough).

John Boy plays the role of observer more than the star, at least in the first 3 seasons. It is kind of odd watching this old show knowing that eventually Richard Thomas leaves and gets replaced and by the end the show gets silly but for now it is good. Take a second and TiVo an episode or two.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sam Axe Appreciation Day (Burn Notice)

All to promote the special prequel 2-hour episode Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe the back story of Sam Axe, played by Bruce Campbell at 9pm ET on USA.

Burn Notice is a great show about an ex-spy trying to get his job back while doing the right thing in Miami. The location and music is good enough to watch on it's own.

This marathon is a good chance to catch up with all the major plot lines. With all the explosions and outside scenes some may wonder what type of budget must this show have. Hawaiian shirts alone must set them back a couple of thousand.

Typically burned spy Michael Weston looks to get his job back and also helps people on cases that need  more than just your average detective. His mom, old frenemy, and on/off again girlfriend all help him. At the end he always wins and gets a step closer to his old life.

Sure it is normal drama format but it is well acted and produced. I hope it ends well because it is one of bright spots on basic cable.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Old House Hour

A combination of This Old House and Ask This Old House.

On PBS for decades this might be considered reality but it better listed as home improvement. Last week they finished a Los Angelos project and now they are repeating a Renovation of a 1940s House.

I was always drawn to this show because it simple there are no gimmicks and you get to see something from beginning to the end. Shows like Extreme Home Makeover, Trading Spaces, or Flip This House are a joke compared to this original. Teaching history and home improvemnet from the basics to complex is what the show is about but seeing a beautiful finished home is also great.

Airing every Saturday in NYC channel 13 it became a ritual in my home. Granted I would still take a brownstone or penthouse any day but country living looks good on TV.

I have no doubt this show would be one of many that will soon disappear especially since some fools are attacking PBS. For now it is still must see TV.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Paul Reiser Show: Pilot

I do not enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm because it is a quasi-reality-fiction-scripted nonsense. Plus it is not funny.

Now imagine someone decided to copy it except on network TV, without bad language, and decide to make it even less funny. Got the picture well that is The Paul Reiser Show.

Image source:

Paul is asked to host a game show and is reluctant but does it anyway and is so awkward that everyone loves it.
He has a group of odd friends who are overly supportive and equally unfunny.
Special guest Larry David made the cherry on unfunny pie perfect.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

All My Children Cancelled

All My Children  along with One Life to Live have been cancelled by ABC.

Soaps were a great form of entertainment, a place to speak out on social issues, and a stepping stone for young actors. Unfortunately the trend for the cheap will kill off all scripted TV until all that is left is reality-fiction like Jersey Shore, American Idol, and Oprah. (yes I'll rant about these later)

Soaps like most scripted shows gives you a story with a specific meaning. Unfortunately the narcissism of most people along with the increasing narrow minds makes audiences more fractured. The days when you just sit back and accept the premise of something as a work of fiction for fiction's sake is over.

Most audiences rather see "real" situations and the judge them and then contribute to it until they force some sort of reaction. The Oprah Syndrome for short. The problem is most people are cattle and not smart enough to make the right decision, just abbreviated from old books like the bible and such. Just look at any major event and then see how many people ignore logic, commonsense, and science instead going for simplistic and ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Back to the soaps.
All My Children is being replaced by The Chew a show about food and food trends.
One Life to Live is being replaced with The Revolution a show about fatties and how they will keep up their denial about exercise and blame food.

As the World Turns was replaced with The Talk, a better version of The View thanks to Leah Remini but on the edge of flooding the airwaves with misinformation thanks to Sara Gilbert. Did we need another talk show? Maybe but that won't save CBS.

So what have I've been watching as the TV death-spiral continues? I'll see if I can start sharing soon.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

TV Japan

TV Japan, Channel #265

In response to the earthquake and following tsunami and nuclear problems Cablevision has decided to allow TV Japan to broadcast free of charge, temporarily.

Usually this channel is one of many channel that are in the 200 channel range that must be special ordered in order to view. These 200-299 stations are generally foreign language stations. For $24.95 you get a small selection of non-English stations of your choice, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc.

Surprisingly in NYC these channels are popular even with the add cost.

TV Japan's  normal programing  has been stopped for the immediate future to run 24 news coverage of the disaster. Cablevision said they will let the channel broadcast for free until March 17.

Watching a bit of the coverage it is much like a U.S. disaster coverage with the exception of the eyewitness show. If this was an American disaster you would have reporters hunting for victims to exploit or grandstanding eyewitnesses telling the horrible papercut stories. There use of paper pictures to describe the nuclear plants were easy to follow then the stuff on regular channel. And that is in Japanese without subtitles.

No need to explain there is a large Japanese community in NYC, as well as a large every other ethnic group or country in NY. So a little applause to Cablevision for being nice.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Sheen is from Flop Sweats

He's a wife beater.
He's a drug addict.
He believes in conspiracies like those involving 9/11 and vaccines.

In other words he is either psychotic or evil. Doesn't matter he should be shunned and punished and should go into therapy.

From my previous rant on April 15, 2006...

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Oprah gets soapy

Just watching some commercials with Oprah annoucing her next show. She will have various <b>soap legends</b>.

Okay I don’t really care but I'm testing a new blogger <i>phone app</i>.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Blah

Never  understood why they have a championship game without a NY team.

Last year I was deep into Puppy Bowl VI. Luckily NYC had a parade in Chinatown so I did not watch any marathons.

As dull as the game was the halftime show was quite sad, the only person that should have been auto-tuned wasn't. Usher and Slash, a noun and verb or two verbs?

The ads were forgettable, the one with all old shows was kind of nice. There was another that had something blowing up but right now I can't remember it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Yawns

Well all the shows have returned from the Holiday break and they should have stayed gone.

My tolerance for predictable story lines has reached its limits. Add to that the horrible news and even worse pundits that love to start fights but then when one breaks out they blame others.

Oh well I have work, friends and a camera I can not seem to master so my TV habit may soon be kicked.

So what else am I watching repeats of Still Standing and Doctor Who.
New shows like Shameless are well acted but so unrealistic it throws you right out of the fantasy. The whole glorification of weed is getting ridiculous. The only nice moment the family has is when they get high together, that is truly shameless.


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