Thursday, June 18, 2009


The Learning Channel, Channel #28

Like the other science channels this one has been co-opted by reality crap.

Looking at an old TV guide from 1996 compared to now:

7:00 PM Hometime Jon & Kate Plus 8
7:30 PM Hometime Jon & Kate Plus 8
8:00 PM Seatek Jon & Kate Plus 8
8:30 PM Ultrascience Jon & Kate Plus 8
9:00 PM Wild West 18 Kids & Counting
9:30 PM -- 18 Kids & Counting
10:00 PM Iceman's World The Little Couple
10:30 PM -- The Little Couple

The science and learning went on all week back in the days but now it is just about reality shows of unstable families that will never end well.

Granted I do contribute to the problem by watching ,
Jon & Kate Plus 8 - Angry wife, twins, and adorable sextuplet makes for funny times.
What Not to Wear - Tragic dressers get a free trip to NYC to shop.
Little People, Big World - Twins, dwarfism, and a fantasy farm.

They also have dozens of medical shows, most are just modern day freak shows. The problem with modern day medical shows like Mystery Diagnosis is the lack of medical ethics. You have a patient with a rare condition spending an hour complaining how all their doctors failed them until they found "good one".
One thing I learned from watching years of ER, House, and other medical dramas is that medicine is an educated guess. When you have an infection they don't wait until the exact genotype of bacteria is tested, nope the just give antibiotics. Doctors don't use special doses on tailored for each patient, they don't use special surgical equipment only for you.
With the hundred of thousands of possible ailments humans can have no one doctor can do it all. These medical shows try to show the power of the patient but ends up showing the their ignorance and whiny attitudes.

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