Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh Yeah I Forgot Him

While I've been slow to blog lately it doesn't help when I have no idea what shows are on.

George Lopez came back but Lost didn't and King of Queens was back for a while and now it's gone. Prison Break is back so is 24 and Heroes while quietly Battlestar Galactica restarted while the Stargates are not on.

Oh yeah Monk came back again with Psych but The Dead Zone, The 4400, and Rescue Me are no where to be seen. Rome is also back with Extras but Sopranos won't be out until much later.

I'm confused and fed up. While I can now TiVo everything I still like a regular schedule, I'm a TV fan not a recording fan.

George Lopez: George's Mom Faces Hard Tambien
So Masiela Lusha aka Carmen Lopez is off to college and out of the show which is sad on many levels. While the rest of the family is slowly falling apart.

Not much to say but it is a fairly good comedy.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Devices Means More TV

I got my new TiVo it is an 80-hour dual-tuner TiVo. It cost $90.00 give or take a few bucks in shipping. I had some issues setting it up but now it is working great.

It records channels 2-22 on basic cable and records all the other channels through the box. I have to be careful because the basic cable channels are fuzzy and are not good for archiving.

TiVo Flame Replacement Remote
Because I ordered the TiVo through a recommendation I got 5,000 rewards points and then ordered a flame colored remote.

It turns out it is just a regular remote with a flame sticker you place over the buttons.
Yeah cheap! I should of got the TiVo slippers. Now I have 3 TiVo remotes and cold feet.

Dell E1505 Laptop/Notebook
I needed a computer for college so after much research I got a desktop replacement with as much as I could afford to cram in.

It has Windows Media Center, a TV tuner, an extra mouse and a remote.
I already hooked up an antenna and the cable to it and it records nicely but the channel changing is a problem.

I did get $380 off of the final price using online coupons from Cheap Stingy Bargains.
the final price was over $1,000 but I need to run the real MS Office 2003, Open Office, AutoCAD, and a few other engineering programs.

Two weeks until the semester starts and I have to fix all these things to record my shows and run my software all while trying to get an early start on the tougher classes. Last semester I had to drop a class and I'll be damned if I have to do it again.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pilots Under Attack

Saw some pilots this week. I always say the first episode is the worst the only exception being Lost. Take that into consideration when reading the following.

Dirt: Pilot
The world of tabloid reporting and their celeb victims is given a dark and crazy theme. Lucy Spiller is the cold hearted tabloid bitch who goes around telling other crazed reporters how to get stories. She also makes side deals that cause pain and death to celebrities.

No character on this show is likable even though they have bad dreams all night long. They're almost human. This is unrealistic because the real paparazzi don't have bad dreams and could care less about honoring deals.

This is the show that Laura Allen chose over The 4400 ruining that show.

All in all I don't like the show even with the cussing and sexual content which seems forced.

Knights of Prosperity: Pilot
A group of loser plan to rob Mick Jagger in order to fulfill their boring dreams. While the main cast is dull the one bright spot is Mick Jagger. He plays a happier version of himself and goes around torturing his house boy.

Knights of Prosperity is the gangs name.

I laughed but not hard.

In Case of Emergency: Pilot
Again a group of loser who knew each other in high school meet up. Harry is the main guy who helps everyone else. A lot of money was spent on this pilot that had car chases, hospital scenes, and cakes galore.

The best part of the show is the interaction between Kelly(Kelly Hu) and Harry(Jonathan Silverman).

Again I laughed but not enough for a show with this budget. It is well made for a sitcom.

I will render my final judgement by the second episode but I may not make it through all of Dirt.

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