Saturday, June 13, 2009


At this point we depart the broadcast channels, forever as they really no longer exist as of June 13, 2009.

Family cable starts here and continues for another sixty nine channels. When I restarted my cable viewing in 1996/1997 it was a wonderful world of independent movies, rare documentaries, and premium movies. All the stations were striving for excellence in their given genre.

That has drastically changed for the reality TV and pundit political worse.

Channel #23
MSNBC was never that watchable but at least it was respectful. It once showed stock prices and everything related to wall street until low ratings forced them to hire anchors with opinions.

Watching last night's Rachel Maddow Show was frightening as I thought the lady had gone crazy on air. She does the whole FOX repetitive talk, a technique to reinforce a point that may or may not be valid by saying it repeatedly making it seem valid, and then showed clips out of context.

I enjoy their criminal and prison profiles like Lockup. The general consensus for prison is that the place is not at all enjoyable.


  1. Anonymous2:23 PM

    As soon as you mentioned MSNBC and 'crazy', I knew that you were speaking of the short haired gal. I don't watch often, but it seemed that when I would flip past and she was on...she was going nuts in one sense or another.

    Lockup can get downright scary at times.

  2. Agreed about Lockup those guys and gals are so calm when speaking of their horrific prison life it gives an extra dimension of fear.


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