Tuesday, September 18, 2012

John Ingle R.I.P.

John Ingle passed away 2 days ago from cancer. He had melanoma and wore a hat in his later career to cover a scar and bandages on the top of his head. Married for 58 years his wife died earlier this year and is no surprise that he passed away so shortly after the love of his life.

Made famous on General Hospital Ingle worked on nearly every top show during the 1980s and 1990s. Original a acting teacher he only started film and TV work after retiring in the 1980s. He often played a priest/father and I remember him on the Drew Carey show very well.

84 is a full life but he seemed so full of life and a great actor. Ingle also did lots of voice over work including the Land Before Time movies and TV show. He will be missed and I look forward to the dedication on General Hospital.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Partial Monday Season Premiere 2012

Bones: The Future In The Past
I have to admit I have not all of last season because it is against CBS shows. Apparently last season some genius killer setup Bones and so she ran with the baby. Of course they solve the murder and prove Bones is innocent but it did take three months.

Warehouse 13: Second Chances
The overall storyline of bringing back the bad timeline continues. The show is getting funnier but for secret service agents they are hardly professionals.

Revolution: Pilot
Electricity suddenly stops working and one family knew it was about to happen. 15 years later the world has plunged into chaos with everyone turning into gangs of thugs and pilgrims barely surviving. 

As an engineer I know this is utterly ridiculous. Old New York City, Old Chicago and currently half of the world lives without electricity. Wait not only do they live without an modern appliances but they thrive. Add to that that every scientist and engineer would just make things that didn't need electricity. Wind and water could still turn things and make grain. Clocks work with gears and so can many other things. Light, sound, and wave technology would thrive in the absence of electricity and little in modern life would change.

Famine, plagues, and other disaster would be easily handled and this future could never happen. Katrina was a large event and after a few days of partial lawlessness everything calmed down, 95% of the people did not act like idiots. After 9/11 and the east coast blackout in NYC no one rioted went crazy or anything close to that. I guess people are less like animals than the media portrays.

So back to show. The family that knows too much is being hunted by the new Monroe government and people need to be rescued and answers must be found. Nothing original and the end shows someone using a Dharma like computer. Expect little answer and a quick cancellation if this logic continues to fail.

Weeds Series Finale

Weeds: It's Time, Part 1 & Part 2

Well after years of action packed misadventures and they end the show with an extremely slow look into their future lives.

The storyline picks up about ten years in the future and everyone is living mostly ideal lives. What ever problems they have are trivial just like normal folks. The days of high crimes are long gone.

In this utopia pot is legal and sold at grocery stores. Of course this is ridiculous seeing how they are banning sodas so a smoke producing material which always be cancer causing won't ever be that free to get.

Kind of disappointing but still the years of fun makes up for it. At the end the are all back together and reasy to be a normal family, maybe.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stop the Extremist and Remember Why

As always on September 11 it is time to talk about and remember the events on that tragic and evil day back in 2001. It has been 11 years and 8 times I posted something about it while most everyone else moved on.

At least 20 Muslims conspired to kill as many Americans as they could on 9-11-2001. They brought terror and destruction based on their extremist views. Yet we rebuilt and as a working engineer I can gladly say WE and mean it.

Religious conservative extremist have no room in a civilized society and whether they live half across the world or choose tea as their symbol they always bring death and despair. Respond to one form of Islamic religious evil with the Christian version is ridiculous. On 9/11 like everyday you should keep in mind the majority killed where Americans working in their office in the true heart of America which is now and always be NYC.

This year the remembrance begins at 4:30AM eastern time and will mostly just be the reading of the names. I will pause many times to remember. The new tower is nearly complete and hopefully many more to come.

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