Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Channel #19 on the box
WRNN (Regional News Network) is 80-90% paid programming or infomercials. At one point the gave The Tribe in the early mornings which I got hooked on because it was a plague killing most of humanity type show. The problems was it's a kids show. Then it's an Australian kids show. Then It was heavily edited for American audiences. Still death plagues are always interesting to watch but this channel stopped airing it.

Don't get me wrong the show was embarrassing to watch but if modified this is a show that can be brought to American TV. Were I ever to remake a kids show it would be this not Land of the Lost.

Back to the channel that is all I ever saw on it and since it has lots of signal troubles I haven't seen anything else there.

Started in 1984.
One of a handful of independent station left in the New York area.

Kids Show - Some not normally seen on TV kids shows.

Way to many infomercials they have news but it's lost among the 5-minute-ab-crunch-and- popcorn-makers.

All infomericals, paid programming, lease time access to shopping channels, and so on. The commercials are some regional and mostly ad to promote infomercials.

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