Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finales, Cancellations, and Hiatuses

The funniest show on TV Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 has no been officially canceled but has been pulled from the air. I throw any support I can to this show as I have chosen it over New Girl.

Ben & Kate is finally canceled.

Fridays has become less science ficitiony with the end of Fringe. The show ended with everything in the known universes well but the paradox created made no sense.

Haven finally showed the seasons last 2 episodes postponed due to the Sandy Hook shooting. Having dead kids in school was a critical scene in the show so it is obvious why it was postponed. The show ended  in turmoil with the fate of everyone unknown. Overall very compelling and let us hope it comes back in fall as promised.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Is Everyone Watching That?

Looking over other people's list of top show and wondering what are they thinking. I will use Entertainment Weekly's Best of 2012 list as an example but most of the critics list have the same shows. This issue and some great list but most I disagree with but I get their rationale.

#1 Homeland
Agreed. A slowly developing drama with no gimmicks. Well written and well acted.

#2 Breaking Bad
Agreed. Another well thought out show that is slowly developing to a real life conclusion.

#3 Louie
Disagree. While I enjoyed the two previous versions of Louie's shows this one is uneven and not funny. Uncomfortable is his style but it also should be funny, the balance is not right.

#4 Girls
Disagree. Again more uncomfortable than funny. These women have been compared to Sex and the City and yes they are equally reprehensible with how the live there lives.

#5 Mad Men
Agreed. Although I do not watch it seems great and epic.

#6 The Colbert Report
Agreed. I stopped watching it because I sleep early and my TiVo is often too full. That said from what few clips I have seen the show is still topical and funny.

#7 Parks and Recreation
Agreed. When there is nothing left to watch I often watch this show because it is funny and you can always jump into it without feeling lost or out of the loop.

#8 Justified
Disagree. I know nothing about the show and as a TV junkie that is not a good sign.

#9 The Good Wife
Disagree. I tried watching it but it just feels like a typical serial drama. Nothing is special about it.

#10 Nashville
Disagree. Watched bits and pieces and while very true to life the whole country theme is not compelling.

#11 Parenthood
Agreed. A well acted drama that tends to get a bit whiny. These people have it all but ten to get hung up on the little annoyances of life, just like real people.

#12 Luck
Disagree. Gambling shows are never fun to watch and with all the dead horses around this one it just failed at every level.

#13 Fringe
Agreed. One of the few sci-fi shows left on TV and it does what great shows often do, that is leaves you asking questions and thinking about what you just saw.

#14 Sons of Anarchy
Disagree. Violence for the sake of storylines just never appealed to me. Maybe there is more to the sow but I just do not see it.

#15 Archer
Disagree. Adult themed cartoons are usually not funny or clever and this one is no different.

#16 The Walking Dead
Agreed. Should be higher on the list as the entire show is top notch. Great acting, great writing, great, scenery, and very compelling.

#17 Southland
Disagree. Another show I know little to nothing about and seeing how I watch too much TV that is not a good sign.

#18 Hunted
Disagree. See my previous opinion.

#19 NY Med
Agreed. Reality show that takes place in a hospital. It is compelling and filmed more like a documentary than a altered-overly-produced "reality" show.

#20 Bent
Disagree. Seriously never heard of this show until I read this list.

Sure not seeing the show should invalidate my opinion but half of a TV shows purpose is to bring new fans in. If you cannot even have a TV obsessed person like me to watch then the show is not worth it.

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