Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Everything was announced in French and English. History of London was on display ad they used a huge set that looked like something from Oliver Twist. The mock work done by the dancer seemed a bit silly. The whole thing looked like an episode of doctor who.

The Olympic rings being forged were cool to see as they seem to be floating in air.

Craig Daniels as James Bond picks up the Queen. They copter over all the icon places in the UK. The Queen and "Bond" seemingly jump out of the helicopter but of course this was all fake as the Queen gingerly walks into the Royal viewing area.

For some reason the UK national anthem was preformed by kids in their pajamas. The only integraed deaf and hearing choir in the UK, what the eff? Are they still that backwards!

Playing the Excorist theme song (Tubular Bells) during the tribute to healcare workers was creepy. Lighted blanket seems counterproductive.

JK Rowling tribute to reading and Peter Pan was also creepy. Child cathcers and Voldemort fights Mulitple Mary Poppins and loses.

Mr. Bean (Rowan) is doing some keyboarding although he is utterly board while doing the Chariots of fire theme. The bit was cute.

A way too long music/media tribute was boring since the original British pop culture references are not as popular as they think they are. Now the American version are defitnately international hits.

Some rapper?

Valerie by Amy Winehouse and Muse were the only highlights. Sir Tim the invetor of WWW was given his honors. Al Gore must be spinning in his grave.

Olympic torch relay was nice with Ab Fab's famed duo was great. A tribute to victims of something was nice.

The long march of the 204 nations began.

One of the Americans actually yelled baba booey.

The Olympic cauldron forming from many flutes of fire.

Flame on.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When is the Olympics on?

This Friday is the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and I have seen little coverage on the TV. Sure there was a shooting, epic heat, and some type of presidential elections so priorities have shifted.

The Olympics is being held  in London and broadcast on NBC locally. There is the problem that plagued other Olympics. There is a 5 hour difference so 12pm in London is 7am in NYC. Logic dictates that NBC should show all the major games live but they have never been good at doing what is logical. Historically they have delayed games to fit their schedule and that has proven to be a ratings disaster thanks to the internet.

I generally watch whatever random game is on and of course the opening and closing ceremonies. Since there seems to be no hype around the games I can really care less. NBC has nothing interesting on this summer so most people have not been watching the network at all. There are no breakout stars like Jordan or Jenner so that add to the dullness.

I once again call for the Olympics to be held in NYC. Mayor Bloomberg, when he is lucid, tried honorably to bring them here. London as been having issues but none of them are crippling. NYC  has had several sports championships, huge celebrity events, and grand holiday spectaculars with normal issues. People who thrive on fear of course will objective but again this is America and we should host this event with some safety and style.

Now to wait for Friday and hopefully not forget to watch the 2012 Olympics.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hard Times: Lost on Long Island

HBO Hard Times: Lost on Long Island

The chronicle of older Americans who grew up in near ideal conditions suddenly get knocked down when their jobs are gone.

The documentary is very moving and sad.  The jobless know that their age is a big factor in not getting hired. As interns replace paid workers the job field is narrowing. Of course once the work stops other problems get worse. They are losing their homes, health, and relationships. Gather together to meet they offer support but little else. Unlike most news show talking about unemployment their is little anger among the subjects.

The one person who got a job at the end of this doc is training Indian employees to takeover the work once done by Americans. But there is no need to get mad because software is slowly replacing the Indian workers too.

It's The New Economy Stupid

The 8% percent constant unemployment rate has become the norm. While idiots believe this is because of policy or politics the truth is that technology and efficiency is the main cause. Software is replacing tax preparers, office managers, secretaries, and dozens of other white collar jobs. New robotics and advanced vehicles are replacing blue collar workers. A combination of both can replace train conductors, packagers, and cashiers.

As an engineering nearly 100% of my fellow graduates got jobs while the social and arts graduates are struggling. Granted the things that are being made by us engineers seem to contribute to the problem. Here is a photo emailed to me by a fellow engineer trying to bring this to the metro area.

This machine can replace a dozen workers and do the job in a fraction of the time. Recently NYC added a pothole repair machine that replaces 5-6 workers while never complaining, never getting sick or hurt, and best never suing for millions.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Weeds Gets Messier

Weeds: Messy

The cast is back and as inappropriate and bad as ever. Nancy got a bullet to the head and everyone is in less than a panic. Turns out that Nancy's past came back for revenge whether she was guilty or not.

Again this show is still funny and outrageous. Hopefully with the revelation that the Florida face-eater was only high on marijuana they will add this to the show in some way. This season looks to be great I am happy.

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