Sunday, June 21, 2009


The Disney Channel, Channel #31

I never liked kids shows, even when I was a proper age to watch them. I mean shows targeted for kids with adults. Mister Rogers Neighborhood is one that always freaked me out.

Disney does a lot of annoying kids for kids show like Hannah Montana and others where kids interact in unreal situations and solve them using kid-logic. I prefer a kid's show like Degrassi where kids face real situations with adult themes. If a kids show warns of adult content it probably is worth a look.

I try to ignore the Disney machine that takes the kids of horrible stage moms and exploits their children until they are either internationally famous or used up drug addicts or occasionally both.

Disney also does a lot of cartoons, mostly based on hit movies. Most again are unwatchable because they are not layered or complex.

When I first got cable again I heard they were experimenting with a custom package and if you eliminate some channels it would be cheaper. I tried to get rid of Disney Channel but they said that this was not one of the channels that could be cut off. Were they every to bring back custom packages I still have this channel on the hit list.


  1. This seems to be something that we have in common. I never liked watching cartoons or kids' shows much when I was that age. I do like the teen shows like Degrassi, though.

  2. I'm not totally against cartoons but the like live-action shows I prefer a little more adult themes and humor.


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