Monday, June 22, 2009

Parents in Crooked Houses

Jon & Kate Plus 8: Houses & Big Changes

The story of an angry wife, her beat down husband, and their 8 adorable kids reached a new low when they announced their split and a filing for a legal separation/divorce.

That is not the shocking part for fans of the reality show. Personally I expect that any good parent would immediately stop filming. It does not matter if they breached their contract because if you have paparazzi stalking and a family torn apart you should abandon this filming and focus on your family. Trust me there are plenty of "family-first" groups that will defend you if TLC wanted to sue.

So they shocked me by continuing to be under the spotlights.

Well at least the kids got some cool play houses. (About $12,000 worth)
A haunted house, an animal hospital, a garden shop, and a pirates lair.

Here are some sketch-models...

These are nice houses and the site is getting overloaded. Kind of wish I had one when I was little. The are built well and despite the depressing episode they should sell very fast.

Update: TLC, possibly fearing a backlash, will show one new clip show then go on a hiatus until August 3. This is a smart move to try and diffuse a tense situation but it is an empty gesture as the family is still being filmed.


  1. This is another show I can't stand, but Amber loves...

  2. The new season has just started here in the UK, so I shall put it in just to annoy James ;o)

    Kate was always yelling and Jon, so i guess he finally had enough!

  3. James - The kids are adorable but every time they cut to the parents it was just awkward.

    Amber - It looked to me that Kate didn't want the separation but Jon just broke down.


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