Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Official Lost Update

From: Lost Island Insider

Greetings from the Writers' Room of Lost!

It was almost a year ago that over ten thousand future fans of Lost joined us on the shores of Waikiki Beach, O'ahu, for the Premiere of our two-hour pilot as part of the city's popular Sunset on the Beach series of screenings.

Today, we are proud to announce that Lost will once again return to Sunset on the Beach. On September 14th, at 6:30 PM, those of you lucky enough to live or travel to O'ahu will be able to watch the season premiere of Lost — entitled "Man of Science, Man of Faith" — projected against the glorious background of one of the world's most beautiful beaches!

Now, we know what you are thinking... "this is all very exciting, but what about those of us who neither live in nor will be traveling to O'ahu on that day?"

To show that, here at Lost, we are sensitive to your needs as well, we have decided to whet your appetite with the following exclusive teaser: a dialogue sample, taken completely at random, from Executive Producer and series co-creator Damon Lindelof's original script for the Lost season premiere...'s not quite a picnic on the lovely shores of Hawai'i, but we hope this tides you over until our Network Premiere on September 21st!

You're lighter. I can belay you down
and bring you back up just as easy.
Shaft may be narrower down there, too.

You left out the part where you just
wanna see if I'm gonna be eaten by

And that's all we can show you for now!

Thanks for getting Lost with us!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Prison Break: Series Premiere

Prison Break: Pilot
We meet Michael Scofield at a tattoo parlor with an unseen masterpiece on his body. Next he’s at a bank trying to make an illegal withdrawal. He pleads no contest at the subsequent trial and gets sentenced to five years at Fox River State Penn. He’s in prison to help him and his brother escape.
His brother, Lincoln Burrows, is on death row because he allegedly killed the vice-president’s brother. There is a conspiracy afoot.
On his records we see he has Type I diabetes. We find out soon enough he really doesn't have it and needs an insulin blocker from the outside. He's just using the diabetes to gain access to the doctor's office for the escape.
In prison D.B. Cooper is rumored to be there and that will be Scofield’s money man. Scofield is a structural engineer and was double-secret-sub-contracted to overhaul the prison. His nephew is upset and gets caught with 2lbs of marijuana.
Robin Tunney plays a lawyer ex who goes back and forth with her faith in Burrows. A bishop who would not help the Secret Service gets shot in the head.
The big finale shows Scoflied’s tattoo a huge full upper body tattoo that depicts a demon fighting an angel. He reveals to his brother that the tattoo contains a hidden blueprint of the prison.

Prison Break: Allen
3 days in prison and Scofield is not anyone’s best friend. Scofield needs to get a screw loose and gets threatened. There is also a black vs. white riot about to happen.
Scofield’s cellmate is a Spanish guy who is insecure with his relationship with his new fiancĂ©e.
During the riot Scofield gets the screw back from an enemy and is mistakenly accused of killing another inmate. We see him use the screw to open up the toilet.
A group of mafia guys need a person in witness protection dead and Scofield knows where he is, but won’t tell unless the mafia guy helps him. The mafia guy then takes and threatens to cut off Scoflied’s toes, he still refuses to talk and we hear the chopping of the bolt cutters as we fade to black.

The show is interesting not extraordinary like 24 or Oz. I’ll keep on watching for now.

Rome: part I

Rome: Stolen Eagle
HBO’s new one-hour per episode mini-series.
The year is 52 B.C. Gaius Julius Caesar wins the conquering of Gaul and news that his daughter died in child birth of his friends baby. His army's gold standard is stolen, Caesar's cousin Mark Antony enlists two soldiers, Centurion Lucius Vorenus and Legionnaire Titus Pullo, to recover it.
Caesar's old friend Pompey Magnus worries that Caesar's popularity among the masses will bring his downfall. Caesar's niece, Atia, pimps out her daughter, Octavia. Atia also has a lucky 11-year-old son, Octavian.
The stolen eagle starts a war between Pompey and Caesar.

The battles are violent, the sex is graphic, so is the graffiti and they crucify a lot. There was also a blood bath, literally. They had divorce and had other modern things.

All in all not that bad.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sci-Fi Sunday

The 4400: Mommy’s Bosses
They should’ve stopped at one season. Peter Coyote planned since ten weeks after the 4400 returned to our time. He found that all of the returnees had the ability to become telekinetics and more, so he drugged them to suppress their powers.
Isabelle played with her mommy’s head.
Tom and Diane saved the remaining 4400 with the crazy scientist’s help. The first saved was Shawn and it caused a domino effect of cures. 23 people died while the poisoning occurred.
Kyle is about to go to prison because the good agents turned in the bad ones. He goes to a cured Shawn and confesses the murder, Shawn then cures him of the device controlling him.
BUT I wonder the ball of light that came out of Kyle was that the bad thing or the real Kyle?
Diane was having dinner and kissing geeky-guy when Maia came in and said the war has just started.
Crazy scientist guy was injecting himself with something green and glowing.
Isabelle disappeared and showed up at Shawn’s place naked and all grown up.
As I said before Jordan Collier is alive and on the beach at the lake where they all first came back on a year ago.
Richard went to grab a cup of coffee and it moved to his hand on its own.

Remember Angel they outgrew Angel’s baby; it is what they do on soaps and Sci-Fi. Also like soaps Collier was never going to die, they never kill off main characters on bad soaps and bad Sci-Fi.

The Dead Zone: Saved
Johnny Smith had a chance to stop Armageddon but didn’t and made everything worse.
At least it’s over for this season; I will not be surprised if it doesn’t come back.

TV Guide Aug. 28-Sep. 3

Lost Exclusive on the cover with pictures of Yunjim Kim, Dominic Monaghan, Evangeline Lilly and Jorge Garcia. There is only a sneak preview DVD on the cover-stand version, us subscription folks get screwed. I will not pay $2.99 for a 2-second preview; someone will download it on the web. When they do inform me or I’ll inform you. Inside is a 7-page episode guide of the DVD along with a tiny spoiler.
The pilot cost a record $12 million dollars to make. Episode 4 “Walkabout” which reveals Locke paraplegia is nominated for an Outstanding Writing Emmy for a Drama. Brown sugar is used in all the heroin scenes. Sawyer and Kate are the first survivors to kiss and Sawyer is reading the book Watership Down. Episode 11 has Boone talking about “the red shirts” from Star Trek. Vincent the dog is played by a female Madison. Two scenes were cut from the Series finale involving Claire, Sayid and the plane’s pilot are on the DVD.
The free mini-CD allegedly contains deleted scenes, behind the scenes, a season 2 trailer, a Drive Shaft song and photos from the set.
I did not read the spoilers and don’t plan too, I hate spoilers.

Good things to read inside.

  • A 4-page fall photo preview.
  • That Brat Camp update I blogged a few posts ago.
  • Maggie Grace of Lost has 3 pages to choose her Emmy outfit; she’s 21 and 5’9”.
  • Matt Roush reviews Prison Break and likes it.
  • A 6-page Peter Jennings tribute.
  • The new Vegas set.
  • Prison Break starts Monday and looks good.
  • Rome starts Sunday and looks bad even though the spent $100 million on it.
  • TV Land celebrates Labor day by becoming TV Landon with a 72-hour tribute to Michael Landon.
Here’s a summary of the book: Watership Down
The story is about a group of rabbits, who decide they must leave their warren when Fiver, a young buck rabbit among them, has a strange feeling that something bad is coming. His older brother Hazel leads a small group of rabbits out of the warren, in search of a new home. But when they do find a new place, they discover that they have no female rabbits, and they must find a way to bring some to their new warren.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Sci-Fi Friday

Stargate SG-1: Ex Deus Machina
On Earth a dead Jaffa turns up. Back on Jaffa world Teal’C is having problems rallying support. Dr. Jackson is investigating a disappearance. Carter is not single; hmmm could she be with Jack. Ba’al is alive and on Earth, Gerak violates our air space and captures and kills him, but there are many clones of him so we’ll see him again and again and again.

Stargate Atlantis: Instinct
Off on another strange planet the locals do their best American Werewolf in London impression. They have a Wraith on the loose and Team-Atlantis is hunting it. They track it to a cave and a man claims that the Wraith is his daughter. She was a child crash survivor but her adopted-father thinks it’s another Wraith killing town’s folk.
The Wraith are evolved alien-mosquitoes and a rural doctor has made a juice to make her not feed. The Atlantis people think they can make a serum to turn Wraiths into humans.
The serum was a dud and girl-Wraith has been feeding on people, she took the retro-virus to cure herself and instead turned more savage.
The girl-Wraith had to be killed but like any good werewolf story Sheppard was bitten and will transform.

Battlestar Galactica: Home
Adama is looking for the tomb of Athena. Sharon II has memories of Sharon I. When Adama has his reunion it is nice and sweet until he sees Sharon II and nearly kills her.
Baltar thinks he might be crazy and while reviewing his x-rays I believe he gives the other doctor the middle finger.
Sharon does the right thing and doesn’t kill Adama. At the tomb of Athena we see all 12 horoscopes even though there really are 13. But they have 13 colonies and Earth is the starting point. Everyone is back on track, working together and acting right.
Baltar overhears that Sharon II is pregnant and confirms he’s not crazy or has a chip in his head, so what is going on with him and his shadow.
In two weeks Lucy Lawless appears as a nosy reporter.

Firefly: Safe
Cow rustling is the theme and River is getting in the way. The preacher gets shot. Doc and River are kidnapped and River is found to be a witch. Everyone’s happy at the end.

Next week the will have a Stargate SG-1 viewers choice marathon so no new episodes. I guess they know college started and are giving us a break.

Double Wonderfalls

“Pink Flamingos” when it originally ran on Fox I must of seen this episode half a dozen times. It was the only one I saw. In hindsight this is also the turning point of the show. The first three episodes were straight forward and the animals did not interact, in this one and future episodes they changed there sayings and talked in fuller sentences. I prefer the first three episodes; these seemed forced but still funny.
Jaye starts off her day by running over her father while a pink flamingo tells her to “get off your ass”. At the hospital her dad is having the time of life. When Jaye does return to work her old high school rival is waiting and needs help. With some animal encouragement she agrees to help high-school girl plan a reunion. Black-friend is so upset she plans some revenge. High-school girl’s life is so miserable that black-friend decides not to take revenge but the animals tell Jaye to destroy her. Jaye does and give the High-school drama queen enough courage to start her life over.
They also start showing flash-forwards of other characters.
Jaye’s father finds a blood clot in his leg and Jaye is his hero.

Second episode “Crime Dog” Jaye is in prison for kidnapping and we go back in time to see what lead to this. In short Jaye tries to help her maid after getting her deported to Canada, French-Canada. Jaye learns her maids’ life has been a lie but loves her anyway. The whole family rallies to help the maid and Jaye. Her brother finds her talking to a cow creamer and tries to help. The crime dog is a poster in the police station that also talks to Jaye.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Patrick Swayze Is Alive

Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi were at the Borders Book Store on 10 Columbus Circle
New York, NY, yesterday Aug. 24, 2005.
Actor Patrick Swayze and director Lisa Niemi, his wife, discussed and signed the DVD, One Last Dance. In their only retail appearance to meet with fans, we got up close and personal with the famed entertainers and heard what it was like to bring a labor of love to DVD, One Last Dance.
At the signing Swayze was 30 minutes late but was real nice and apologetic about it. He Signed anything available including Dirty Dancing and Roadhouse DVDs. He gave a little background on the struggle he and his wife had making this film and getting it released. He was also anxious to see the upcoming 20th anniversary DVD for North and South. He also acknowledged his birthday that just pasted this August 18, he's 53.

Patrick Swayzes mother was choreographer Patsy Swayze. His education included the Harkness Ballet School, the Joffrey Ballet School, and San Jacinto College. He first performed as a dancer in Disney on Parade. He and his met when she was 15 and a student of his mother's. They been married since June 12, 1975. He also

The DVD info...
One Last Dance (2003)

When a New York dance company's brilliant artistic director dies, three former stars of the company are brought back in hopes of saving the company by resurrecting a dance piece that was created for them years ago, but never performed - the very dance that ended all their careers in a heartbreaking way. Given one last chance to discover a dream they lost, the three dancers battle against time and damaged relationships, finding they must first face themselves before they can face the dance.

Inside this doubled signed DVD was th DVD, of course and a one page insert showing the movies chapters and a few pics, and a insert for a for you to buy a subscription to Dance Spirit magazine for $10.00 a year.split3

I've yet to see the movie so no review for you.

iPod-CD Shop-Hacking Sort of?

I saw this on the news and it basically says come to this store and burn our CDs then bring them back as many times as you can. Without getting a dirty look from the person behind the register. I don't know if this is new but it sure is interesting. You only get 70% back.

Is it worth it?
Here's the link to his different store location in New Jersey.

TechStyles: Buy, Burn and Return.
Local Music Store Has New Policy For The Digital World.

Brett Larson

(CBS) NEW YORK If you want a song now you point, click and download it. You'll get your song, but are you missing out on something? Independent music store owner Gary Scottie says yes.

“Back in the old days, at the hay day of the Beatles you would get a Beatles album, beautiful package, inside you have glossy pictures of the Beatles, foldout posters.”

“I feel like we are losing music as an art form that is collectible. I can see people are putting files on their computer and listening to it in portable format. But we are losing a collectible format that can be past down to generation to generation. I'm concerned.”

So his solution? A more liberal return policy: the idea is simple, you find a CD you like, you buy it (even if you think you like it). Take the CD home, maybe load it up on your iPod. If you want, you can take the CD back for store credit to maybe buy another CD and keep your music collection growing.

“If you want to bring it back we will give you 70% back in store credit. We can put it on a gift card so you can use it anytime you would like or you can use it now.”

His store already sells iPod accessories since many of his customers already have iPod's and although his return policy is a unique concept, customers are definitely interested.

“A lot of people are using it. People understand the policy; they don't really believe that we will give them their money back. So once they get used to it they get comfortable.”

But Gary also has a hidden motive in his liberal return policy, getting people exposed to the art form of music, something he doesn't think you can do downloading one song at a time.

“Downloading a song for $.99 is great if its a one hit wonder kind of thing but explore artist. This is an art form. We would like people to explore new music, hold their CD's and find new songs.” Gary told us.

And as for the future of music, it's not going anywhere any time soon, but what about the compact disc? Gary feels something new may come along to replace the CD, though it likely has a few good years left.

Thank you Brett Larson for the fine report now find this in NYC, for a one-to-one return.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Brat Camp: Finale

Day 42, 2 days before Christmas Jada is still complaining. The first adventure today is walking a rope line between trees. Everybody does fine until Lauren gets up and with Jada as her support. She falls but not to the ground.
Jada thinks the walk is some sort of metaphor but she’s not sure, she just doesn’t care.
Derek chickens out again so they give him the old fall back into my arms which he does.
Christmas morning the kids wake up to stockings even the Shawn who’s Jewish is forced to celebrate.
The day is horrible and getting worse so the kids go hiking. They are told to hike alone to a ridge. When they go at the end they see their parents and loved ones, surprise it’s graduation day for them all. WAIT! Not so fast Jada. Jada is told she is not ready to leave, she is also told that everyone else has graduated. The staff, who keeps calling her Robin, does not believe she has grown tell her so. She is at first in disbelief and then breakdowns.
She confirms that she needs to stop her behavior and goes to the ridge. She sees her parents and then stops running and waits for her parents to meet her as she cries all the way.
While talking to their parents the brats all convince their parents they will act right and beg never to come back. Frank had a nice speech; it seemed a bit forced though.
Back home, have they really changed?
Shawn was a drug user but he has stopped and he got a job. His parents are happy.
Isaiah has half a red head and his parents were happy but a written update said “6 months after Sagewalk, Isaiah was arrested for allegedly spray-painting racial slurs on a neighbor’s house. A trial is pending. If, convicted, Isaiah could face a maximum of 2 years in jail and a $15,000 fine.”
Derek stopped cussing, his parents still believe in ADHD.
Heather is better and likes boarding school
Frank is not as angry.
Nick is nice to his twin and has a tutor.
Lauren looks hot, and she is better.
Damn a commercial break.
Jada went to boarding school after but since your not allowed cell phones or email she left now she is in public school. She has smoked pot for “social reasons” her parents caught her although Jada lied and said they haven’t. Her parents said it was a failure. The update was basically like the TV Guide update that I wrote in the last post about directly below, one thing extra the boat incident injured another teen girl the most.
Lexie also went to boarding school, bad parents, she’s back on horses.

2 out of 9 went worse not bad.

Brat Camp: Troubles Update

Jada Chabot the liar compulsive liar and wannabe star had more troubles after leaving Brat Camp. Chabot who is 16 had a boating accident on August 3 near her home in Boston. Jada was doing her best Speedracer imitation when she slammed her speedboat into a family on an inflatable raft injuring two of them.
She faces criminal charges but no drugs or alcohol was found in her system. The Boston Herald has donned her “superjerk”. Her father Doug Chabot has said that all her friends are pulling away from her. Doug also revealed to TV Guide that he thinks now it was a mistake to put his daughter in the ABC show. He just put her in because “Jada….loves to sing, act and dance and this was a chance to be in front of the cameras”, great parenting skills.

This comes on the heals of Isaiah Alarcon’s, 17, little racist arrest. More details of what happened are now out, he was arrested and charged with spray-painting racial slurs at the home of a black schoolteacher in Winton, California. The angry punk was held for two days in a juvenile prison and may be charged as an adult.

ABC has declined to comment on these failures but in tonight’s episode they will have updates, now I wonder will the sugar coat it or show the truth. Remember because of the death of Peter Jennings the show has been delayed for a week so they should have plenty of time for accurate updates.

Don’t worry Jada I’ll be your friend.

Monday, August 22, 2005

From the Six Feet Under Site


Ruth O'Connor Fisher

Ruth Fisher was born in Pasadena in 1946 and died at Good Samaritan Hospital of Glendale on Wednesday. She graduated from Pasadena High School in 1963 and stayed home to raise three children before opening the Four Paws Pet Retreat in Topanga Canyon twenty years ago.

She is survived by her loving companion George Sibley, her sister Sarah O'Connor, her son David Fisher of Los Angeles and her daughter Claire Fisher of New York City. Ruth will also be missed by her four cherished grandchildren - Maya Fisher, Willa Chenowith, and Anthony and Durrell Charles-Fisher.

Viewing will be held on Saturday, March 15th at 2 p.m. at Fisher & Sons Funeral Home at 2302 W. 25th Street in Los Angeles. Private burial to follow.

Keith Dwayne Charles

Keith Charles, founder of Charles Security Company, was born in 1968 in San Diego. He died suddenly at work on Tuesday morning.

Keith attended West Point Military Academy, graduating with a degree in Criminology in 1989. He served the city of Los Angeles as a member of the LAPD for nine years before joining the security industry. He leaves behind his devoted husband David Fisher and loving sons Durrell and Anthony Charles-Fisher, his grandson Matthew, his sister Karla Charles and his niece Taylor Benoit of Carlsbad. Keith is pre-deceased by his parents Roderick and Lucille Charles of San Diego. Memorial service will be held on Sunday, February 18th at 2 p.m. at Fisher & Sons Funeral Home at 2302 W. 25th Street in Los Angeles.

David James Fisher

Born January 20, 1969. Died at the age of 75 in Echo Park. He was proud owner and operator of Fisher & Sons Funeral Home of Los Angeles for over forty years. After retiring in 2034, he went on to perform in dozens of local theater productions, including Weill and Brecht's "Threepenny Opera," Rossini's "The Barber of Seville," and as Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." David leaves behind his partner Raoul Martinez, his beloved sons Durrell and Anthony Charles-Fisher, his sister Claire Fisher and his three precious grandchildren Matthew, Keith, and Katie. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Southern California Opera Association

Hector Federico Diaz

Died at the age of 75 while vacationing with his wife in Puerto Rico. Federico graduated from Cyprus College in 1997 with a degree in Mortuary Science. He worked as a restorative artist for several years before becoming part owner of Fisher & Diaz Funeral Home on 25th Street. In 2005, Federico opened the Diaz Family Mortuary on DeLongpre Avenue in Hollywood, where he served the community for 35 years before retiring.

Pre-deceased by his parents Mauricio and Lilia Diaz of Los Angeles. He was married to his beloved wife Vanessa for 54 years and leaves behind his cherished sons Julio and Augusto and his three grandchildren: Emily, Celestina and Vincent.

Memorial service will be held at Diaz Family Mortuary on Saturday, February 16th at 11:00 a.m. Funeral mass will be held at 9:30 a.m. the following day at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Atwater Village.

Brenda Chenowith

Brenda Chenowith was born July 19, 1969 and died at the age of 82 at home. She earned her Masters Degree in Social Work at California State University of Los Angeles and a PhD in Theories of Human Behavior at University of Southern California.

Brenda wrote several books about the role of the gifted child in family development. She is considered to be one of the most distinguished scholars in that field of study, adding several courses to the Social Work curriculum at USC. She developed research methodologies to conclusively prove the link between deviant human behavior and fetal alcohol exposure. As a child, Brenda was the subject of the book "Charlotte Light and Dark" by Gareth Feinberg, PhD.

Brenda will be dearly missed by her beloved children Maya Fisher, Willa Chenowith, and Forrest Nathanson, her loving husband Daniel Nathanson, and her brother William Chenowith of Malibu. Private services will be held Wednesday March 9th at Deep Creek Nature Preserve. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to a charity of your choice.

Claire Simone Fisher
1983 - 2085

Born March 13, 1983. Died February 11, 2085 in Manhattan. Claire grew up in Los Angeles and studied art at LAC-Arts College. She worked as an advertising and fashion photographer and photojournalist for nearly fifty years, creating several memorable covers for Washington Post magazine, W, and The Face. Claire often exhibited her work in New York and London art galleries and in a time when nearly everyone else in her field had turned to digital scanning and computer-driven imaging, she continued to use a silver-based photographic process. Claire began teaching photography as a faculty member at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in 2018, earning tenure in 2028. She's pre-deceased by her beloved husband Ted Fairwell.

Every word above came from
the official website. Alan Ball and the creators of the site are geniuses.

In the obits Brenda is buried in a park just like Nate.
Once I finish my college stuff I'll compare the episode to the obits to see what else pops out.

Update#3: Continued from yesterday Claire had a crow on her t-shirt when she said goodbye.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Six Feet Under: Everyone's Waiting

2 updates on hidden messages/scenes below.

Best series finale in years!
It starts with Brenda giving birth to a preemie with Ruth holding her hand. We then see

2005 –
Claire is not answering her phone until Ted makes a joke and she decides to call back. David is moving out because he still is having problems sleeping and dealing with his new family. The boys are worried.
Claire feels better after doing Ted and we see his naked backside, unfortunately the series is over and Claire never got naked.
Rico and Vanessa are making plans for their share of the business.
Ruth is so depressed she watching Just Shoot Me, twice, and doesn’t know why.
While visiting Maya Billy creeped out Ted.
Dead Nate is feeding into Brenda’s baby fears.
Then a turning point in the show, David confronts his demon which is Nate. Claire and Ruth patch things up as Claire goes to NYC. Nate Sr., Nate Jr. and Brenda also meet and settle things over their love for baby Willa.
Claire loses her New Image photo job but Nate encourages her to go to NYC anyway.
By the time Claire leaves it is December and Rico and Brenda were bought out by Keith and David. Kathy Baker’s character said the house looks great and such a gay kitchen. They transformed the ugly house into a home.
The day of Claire chose to leave we see a video of Nate singing. After an emotional goodbye Claire takes her new car to NYC driving through deserts. We see a montage of their lives in the future.
Ruth gets a dog-sitting business. David is teaching one of his sons the family business. Willa celebrates her first birthday with Brenda. David and Keith get married in the wedding we see Brenda holding some guys hand with her two daughters and pregnant again.
The deaths follow.
Ruth dies in a hospital with her family and George by her side.
Keith gets shot to death by two criminals while unloading an armored car.
Ted and Claire get married in her wedding David is alone and his two foster boys one has a son and a pregnant non-black wife and the other is holding another an Asian mans hand lovingly, Benda is there with her husband and Rico still looks young.
David dies at a family picnic next to an old man.
Rico dies on a cruise ship while walking away from his wife.
Brenda dies while talking to Billy.
Claire dies at home with a nurse surrounded by photos and blind.

They through in a lot of extras in those flash forwards. The only question they left hanging was that Maggie was at the doctors and we never find out why.
Great episode the ending was perfect. Watch it in slow motion for the little extras tell me if you spot more.

Update: I'm asking if anyone else saw that David's two kids grew up and one is gay and the other has a biracial kid. Rico was young until he died and Brenda got remarried to a man that I've seen before, but I can't recall from where. I was hoping someone could clarify this for me.

The name of the song was "Breathe Me" I think this is it on

Update2: Mark Rabinowitz said...
Actually, Eric a., the armored car company was Charles Security. Keith's last name is Charles. I am guessing it was his company and wasn't ready to retire!

I just rewound and noticed that I knew
Keith wouldn't be reduced to a wage-slave job thanks Mark.
That is the kind of hidden stuff I meant.

Anonymous said...
If I remember correctly, Maggie worked for a pharmaceutical company before she ever came into the Fisher's lives.

This could be why Maggie was in the clinic. True but I like to think it's an abortion clinic.

Here is a quote from Alan Ball in the Aug 22, 2005 New York magazine.
"I hope the audience finds the ending as gratifying as it ws for us to create it." He also used birds to help usher death.

100th Post

I thought my 100th would be about the Six Feet Under Finale but I just saw the most ridiculous thing on the CBS New York nightly news. The Doppler 2 million, yes that 2,000,000. I've heard of the Doppler 2,000 and 4,000 but these guys just skipped all the thousands. Here's the link. There should be a video about it on the right close to the bottom.

What makes this Doppler so special well they claim it's live. No delay and it can zoom in within feet yet it encompasses most of the Northeast.

I just think it's funny.

TV Guide: Aug 21-27

House Fox’s best new show in a long time is on the cover, specifically Hugh Laurie & Sela Ward with the title House Exclusive! The accompanying article is 7-pages long. Sela Ward has been hired for the next thirteen episodes of season 2, yes I know she’s a show killer but let’s hold out hope. The producers vow not to turn the drama into a soap opera but they want more sex. LL Cool J appears in the first episode as a dying criminal.
Hugh Laurie is happy to be in a California studio after his last movie “Flight of the Phoenix” that was filmed in an African desert. He did dread an auditioning process called “putting yourself on tape”; it requires an actor to commit a few pages on tape with only hope that whoever watches it is in a good mood. A few months later he gets a call back and auditions for Bryan Singer, weeks after that he gets the job.
During the pilot Laurie brought his own unique cane and broke it two days later, he also walked into a glass door. Everyone loved the pilot and the show was picked up for thirteen more then a full season worth of episodes. Season 1 House DVD is out and Hugh Laurie also has a novel called The Gun Seller.
Good Things To Read Inside:

  • Friday will have a Monk flashback episode to his youth.
  • Series Finale of Six Feet Under.
  • Kelly Martin is back in another Hallmark Mystery Woman
  • On the set of a Sopranos wedding.
  • David Boreanaz had an attitude about Angel with the producers of Bones, is Amy Grant fat I can’t tell because the picture is small not that I care if she is, the set of Two and a Half Men is full of farts, ex-General Hospital star Sarah Brown joins the cast of Cold Case, Greg Grunberg of Alias is quitting.
  • Susan Sarandon plays pranks on people in front of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in NYC.
  • More 9/11 documentaries, good!
  • Top ten scene stealers.
  • Top twenty catchphrases, No. 1 is wrong another show made it famous before Seinfeld, No. 6 is just dumb.
  • The women of Battlestar Galactica, dammit Grace Park is married.
  • Soap spoilers All My Children will have Julia kidnapped by Dragon and Di, Dixie’s half-sister coming to the rescue. In General Hospital Lucas is gay.
Next weeks TV Guide comes with a season 2 Lost CD-Rom that will have previews.

Sci-Fi Friday

I got it! It’s Stargate Atlantis that drains the energy out of me faster than a hungry Wraith. So I fall asleep during Atlantis and wake up all disoriented for the other Sci-Fi Channel shows. Once again I’ll keep it short and pass over any details.

Stargate SG-1: Beachhead

The Ori sent a Prior to bring the word to some Jaffa, they refuse and so the Prior starts a force field to transform the planet. Soon the Jaffa are all dead and the bubble is growing. SG-1 brings Samantha Carter back to help she and a Goa’uld suggest a nuke. They use it against Vala’s wishes and the bubble takes over the entire planet.
The Goa’uld betrays them and a huge Stargate is about to be formed bringing an army to our galaxy but Vala takes a ship and uses it to prevent the gate from activating and disappears when the gate is destroyed. Dr. Jackson doesn’t die so they believe that Vala may be alive in the Ori galaxy.

Stragate Atlantis: Trinity
Oh so sleepy. From what I saw coward-McKay finds a big power source in a dead Ancient city and wants to use it. He tries twice the first time kills a red-shirt and the second blows the entire planet up. If your counting it’s the second planet explosion in the last hour.
Meanwhile Tyr Ronon finds not all his people died so he meets up with his old commander and kills him. There was some logic and thin excuse he gave but I guess they are trying to establish his character as unpredictable or honor bound, cough, Warf, cough…cough.

Battlestar Galactica: Home Part 1
Starbuck, Helo and Sharon II, who is now pregnant, are all back in the President’s fleet. Sharon II saved her fine ass by sharing her knowledge of the Tomb they are searching for on Kobol.Zarek and Meier are planning a hostile take over.
On the Galactica, Adama is still mad and making poor hiring decisions which has the position of CAG (Commander, Air Group) and the squadron in shambles. Adama gets some advice from the private and decides to reunite the fleet and heal the wounds.

Firefly: Shindig
There’s an Australian party and Kaylee gets to dress like a girl. River acts crazy in a new and creative way. The captain wins and no one dies. Short enough for my satisfaction.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Brat Camp: Graduation 1

It’s day 37 only 5 days before Christmas and the brats still need to confront their personal demons before moving on. The show does a little recap of each brat. We learn that Heathers mom overdosed on heroin and that’s why she’s adopted. The majority of these kids are adopted or missing a parent, bringing up my theory that the worse than abortion is adoption.
Lauren calls Isaiah and Frank fakes, which in Isaiah’s case we know is true.
The staff sets up two chairs, one for the brat and the other empty. Four campers will confront a person who did them wrong by talking to the empty chair.
Shawn goes first and he talks to his birth mom who gave him up for adoption when he was a baby. He’s mad because she doesn’t call him.
Lauren is next she speaks to her dead dad who died six years earlier.
Heather the most emotionally closed off talks to her mom in a drug overdosed coma.
Lexie talks last and of course confronts her molester she was in seventh grade and it happened on her couch when the crime happened.
The staff then tells each kid why they will stay or go home for Christmas. Heather and Lexie will both be graduating and then shipped off to boarding school. It’s bad enough that Lexie has weak parents but their going to take a victim and put her in a strange place with strange men miles from home and alone, good job mom & dad. Way to support your kids.
Day 40 is and it’s graduation for some. Nick is still unsure whether or not he’ll be going home. He has to do a book report before he leaves.
The parents of Heather and Lexie arrive and there is lots of crying. Lexie’s mom is greatful to have her daughter back safe under her roof and will soon throw her away. Nick does his report and gets to go home when his parents arrive.
One more episode and hopefully an update special but I’ve heard nothing about one.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wonderfalls: Wound-Up Penguin

The animal objects are singing 100 bottles of beer on the wall. Driving Jaye to drink at her favorite bar, which is what they wanted. She goes to the bar and meets bartender guy and learns more about his life when they find a woman living in the barrel in the middle of the bar. A wind-up penguin tells her to “Bring her back” and she convinces bartender guy to help.
While tracking the lady down they find out she is also being tracked by a man in black, kind of an Irish Johnny Cash. He appears in the gift shop and hands her a flyer with Katrina/mystery lady on it. Jaye jumps to the conclusion that he is a pimp and Katrina is a hooker. The two follow Katrina and the pimp to a motel.
They hear yelling and bartender guy is about to pound the pimp when he realizes the guy is a priest then they find out Katrina is a nun. Jaye then believes the priest “Agnesed of God her” but he didn’t.
The sister left because of cheese, “Bring her back to him” is heard by one of the animals. Sister sees the miracle of life in cheese until one day she had a big fat doubt. Jaye does all she can to bring Katrina back to the fold. She tells of the talking animals and it convinces Katrina that Jaye needs an exorcism.
Bartender guy gets some therapy from the priest. Jaye is about to get filleted by Katrina but the police come in and save the day. At the station crazy nun apologizes and Jaye accepts and they see the priest who just found out he is a father, no a real daddy. That’s what the penguin meant by “Bring her back to him”, they wanted the priest to meet his daughter. The nun has her faith restored and all is right.
This was a episode that brought bartender guy and Jaye closer together. What happened to black friend?

This was done with the new Word/Blogger publishing tool. Not bad.
I like the new Word tool but it seems to be slowing down my computer a bit, I'll check over the next couple of days.

As for Wonderfalls each episode gets better and it's a shame I didn't support it the first time.

Sci-Fi Sunday

Yeah I'm late I've got college this will happen more and more. So I'll just give the Cliffs Notes version.
Dead Zone: Babble On
Johnny Smith has a bad HDTV set. He see a man with no face, it's his father. Along with new TV Smith is also getting his house refloored and the dust is causing visions. He learns his dad was a psychic/psycho. his dad and then later Johnny saw a vision of a building exploding. The explosion was one of the coolest I've seen in a while. As usual Smith saves the day and the last scene shows a little Johnny telling his dad of a psychic dream he had, it leaves you wondering did his dad have vision or was he just trying to protect little Johnny.

The 4400: Lockdown
Starts July 28 5:38pm and Tom & Diane in a face-off. Then ten hours earlier the story begins with Maia getting a mystery illness and four returnees waiting for their forced check up. Tom gets a threatening email soon all male-hell is breaking loose. At the NTAC all the guys start going Palmeiro on everybody. They shoot the boss and a lockdown occurs. The new strike team lead by 24 alum Roger Cross goes the most psycho. The agents realize they're under attack and by an angry 4400 in the building. The attacker is doing it in memory of Jordan Collier. One of the geeks counters the effects only after some death and destruction, the young Asian female attacker vanishes in the chaos. Maia is still very sick and Isabelle and Shawn are showing symptoms. We learn that Isabelle can psychically communicate with her parents and does it for each of them at different times upsetting them when they are not talked to. Crazy Kyle beds another hottie.
Two more episodes before the season finale.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Six Feet Under: Static

It starts with a triple amputee killing himself with an injection and his sister.
We learn that six weeks has passed and David is on edge having nightmares. David is also having hand cramps and yelling for no reason. The whole episode is very tense every one is still very depressed.
Ruth and George are seemingly back together, not sure when that happened or what happen to his next wife.
Dead Nate was joking with Brenda about her doing Billy. He even pointed out how Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are really brother and sisters. Brenda goes on to have a horny-wrong dream about her brother, it was hot.
Rico and Vanessa are scouting other funeral homes and their roles in the business. They both step up when David abandons work.
I wasn't expecting anyone to die even while Claire got into a car accident. She did sell her famous green hearse for parts at $950.
Brenda fights with Ruth over Maya and this brings on an early labor. The last scene is Brenda squatting in front of the doctor cursing while giving birth.
Oh the Static had to do with some crap Nate was telling Claire about life.

The gave a 2 part special on Aug 15 called Six Feet Under 2001-2005 In Memoriam. It featured Alan Ball, the creator, talking with cast and regulars about the last 5 seasons. Ball did the pilot in memory of his sister who died the same way as Nathaniel Fisher Sr. He made the entire series so that people learn to deal with death. The only other cool thing was that Rico was written for Freddy Rodriguez.

One more episode and it will be 75 minutes long, at least TiVo fans beware you may need to pad if they do interviews after the show.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sci-Fi Friday

Is it me or are these shows getting more boring each week. Battlestar Galactica being the exception. So I'll keep it short.

Stargate SG-1:
Vala is still around and connected to Dr. Jackson. She poses as a god while traveling to her old home. Jackson makes her tell the truth and puts her on the execution path for a third time. The Ori make their power known and win over the village but Vala is spared.
We finally learn the relationship with Lexa Doig and Beau Bridges character, they're father and daughter.

Stargate Atlantis:
They visit a prison island with an advance culture on the main land. The advanced people tell them they saved themselves by offering criminals as food to the Wraith. Eventually the Atlantis crew rescue all the good hearted criminals and the Wraith go for a buffet in the advanced culture.
McKay did make a MacGyver joke.

Battlestar Galactica
Starbuck is wounded in battle and taken to a Caprica hospital. We learn she was abused as a child, by her ten broken fingers. The hospital is actually a Cylon birthing center with dozens of women being bred like cattle. Starbuck kills them all and fights some Cylons before being rescued. Sharon II returns with a ship and helps them. Starbuck got the arrow back and is heading home.
Back on Galactica the president is on the run and plays the religion card to head back to Cobol with one third of the fleet. Adama has a mini-breakdown.

The crew finds an empty ship they go on-board to take the booty and find one survivor and plenty of dead ones. Those Reavers are to blame, the survivor is so messed up he thinks he's a cannibal Reaver and starts killing people. The Alliance comes in and at first arrest everybody but then lets them go without the loot.
Another reason I never got into the show is that they never got any loot at least not in the few episodes I saw.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Arrgh, Soap In My Eye

I said I wouldn't talk soap operas unless something really ridiculous happened and it did twice.
First on CBS As The World Turns several months ago wrote in a hair coloring product into it's storyline. Now product placements on soaps is not new but this one stretched over four days and involved the veteran Margo character.
The creepy way she held the product and the way her strong character turned to mush because her roots were showing. The product was Nice 'n Easy Root Touch-up. It was quite disturbing.
While on General Hospital on ABC they have Dancing With a Star winner Kelly Monaco in a equally dumb plot. Her character has been kidnapped by a evil woman because she is a twin of her daughter, not genetically. She will be forced to learn the proper way and forced to dance.
YEAH, they're forcing her to dance because she can't and hopefully she will become an expert or her boyfriend dies. I see why Peterman hates her.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

TV Guide: Aug 14-20

They're back with a 4 collectors-edition cover, this one is of each of the Beatles, I got Paul. The cover has "It was 40 years ago this week... THE BEATLES at Shea Stadium A SPECIAL TRIBUTE", also the $2.49 price meaning for $10 plus tax you can get all the worthless special covers. Spread over 11 pages the article looks back at the Beatles Shea Stadium concert with pictures and interviews from people who attend the concert. I'm not a big fan of the Beatles so I just glossed over most of the article.

Good things to read inside:

  • Apollo & Starbuck Finally Kiss! with pictures as proof.
  • Will & Grace and The West Wing will be live for at least one episode next season.
  • Lauren Holly is back on TV in NCIS.
  • Talks of a London spin-off of Vegas.
  • Lost's Maggie Grace will not leave to film X-Men 3 and producers swaer that they wil not kill off a women anytime soon since there are so few on the show.
  • Hallmark, ABC & CBS all have Pope movies coming, shhh don't ruin the end.
  • Craig Ferguson loves Adult Swim and TiVoes shows on Egypt for a book he wrote.
  • FX new comedy Starved, I still don't get FX on Cablevision.
  • A Dick Cavett small question section.
  • More Brat Camp fun: Shawn, Lauren, Isaiah and Jada get interviewed. The first 3 give standard I've learned from this answer, Isaiah gave no indication of his racism and upcoming arrest. Jada, my gal, was embarrassed over the "Phantom Dooker" and said 4 more Dookers including Derek & Heather were filmed but never shown. She learned nothing but instead has been contacted by some gangsta recording company in L.A. for her singing.(This won't end well for her)
  • 2 year olds watching TV. Along with an 18-page Parents Guide.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No Brat Camp

ABC gave a tribute to Peter Jennings instead of the two Brat Camp episodes. The tribute was nice the parts about walking the path that Jesus Christ took and the 9-11 Twin Towers were the most emotional.
At least this gives ABC time to change Brat Camp to show the little racist criminal Isaiah in a different light.
I saw Entertainment Tonight because they had bloopers from the Lost Season 1 DVD, tomorrow they'll have audition tapes from the cast of Lost.
House on FOX yesterday was great.
I may just start my TV Guide review early.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Weeds and Anger

Monday and except for repeat of CBS's Monday line-up, which was funny, there are no regular shows to watch. Instead I started watching new shows.

Weeds: You Can't Miss The Bear

This new Showtime sitcom is about a housewife with a dead husband and two boys with bills piling up. In this episode we see all the stereotypes for America. Nancy Botwin played nicely & hotly by Mary-Lousie Parker is getting berated by her neighbors at the PTA meeting even though her husband just died. Later we see Nancy with black people make racist jokes and packing marijuana. She leaves claiming to be the biggest seller in her gated community.
She gets an underling who is gay and has a father,Kevin Nealon a pothead, he is warned not to sell to children but does anyway, hmmmm no honor among drug dealers surprising. Throw in some teenage sex, a Mexican housekeeper and a nerdy boy and that what I left out. The reference to missing a bear is about a show they watch that claims "don't miss a bear when shooting or he'll come after you".

Best line is when Nancy's best friend says "...I should of have had an abortion." in reference to her slutty 15 year old daughter.

Too Late With Adam Carolla
: First Episode
A Comedy Central talk show after The Daily Show. Adam Carolla is angry and doesn't hide it, calling this week of his show pissed off week. He rants about panda's and specifically panda sex. Also he rants about a car commercial and takes calls from other peeved people. He does an interview with The Crystal Method that goes nowhere and has an audience member open a package in under 30 seconds but his timing was off and she loses but he gives her $60 anyway. He's no Jimmy Kimmel.

Another thing I stumbled upon was Telemundo from Puerto Rico this is a station that shows only about 5 or 6 bad shows from Puerto Rico, I can't believe anyone watches these shows on purpose. The worst of which is Mira Que T.V.O a version of Candid Camera/Punk'd except they use racist and sexist jokes. I understand Spanish well and it's even more annoying when you know the language. I'm just bored and trolling all the channels so you be the judge. Watching bad TV is the spice of life because remember as bad as American TV can get foreign TV shows are always worse.

Sci-Fi Sunday

The Dead Zone: Vanguard
Johnny Smith returns to the Armageddon prevention storyline. He goes to a reunion of his former science students and finds his star student possible is somehow involved with the end of the world. His former student played by That 70's Show's Danny Masterson is a genius working to perfect a plastic skin for burn victims. There's also a scene with a 1938 buffalo nickel, I just bring up because I like coins, it had little affect to the storyline. Masterson also made a little "you got punked" referenced. Masterson with Smith's help finds out that the plastic he made is also good for blocking radiation. Smith sees the future and Greg Stillson(Sean Patrick Flanery) glowing over making a nuclear bomb using this plastic.
Masterson's boss is the doctor who died in Stargate SG-1 and the Old General helping Stillson is the old general from Stargate, I can only conclude the share a studio. The old general introduces his daughter played by Laura Harris(Daisy Adair of Dead Like Me) they hit it off.
Masterson believes Smith's future vision and decides to destroy his plastic recipe and ends up killing himself. His partner saved 99% of Masterson's data and sells it to Stillson. Why didn't Smith see that?

The 4400: Hidden
Kyle is gone and his father, Tom, is scared. tom is accusing everyone around him of harboring the his and is ignoring his job. He comes to the conclusion that Kyle was involved in Collier's shooting.
Maia warns Diana not to chase the man involved with Collier's shooting or someone will get hurt. NTAC(the agency) is getting closer to finding out who shot Collier. They track down the person down to a public locker.
Tom tracks down his son to the same locker and gets there first to find a gun and typical assassin gear. He confirms his suspicions and follows his lying wife to where she stashed Kyle. He goes to the safe house and bonds with his son over the fact the future people used him. He and his eight year wife decide to take Kyle out of the country.
At NTAC headquarters they find another shooter and the guy goes nuts in the garage so Tom tells his wifee to bring Kyle back.
Diana tells Maia she was wrong and everythings fine but Maia whispers to herself, "Not yet."

Six Feet Under : All Alone

They start with a scene of Ruth crying into her pillow on the edge of her bed and dreaming of Nate. The tears don't stop their as the family remembers Nate in their own selfish ways.
Maya is constantly asking "Where's daddy?", not eating & soiling herself and this is annoying Brenda. David goes to pick up Nate's body and finds his eyes were taken out along with most of his organs, this surprised Daivd not knowing that Brenda allowed the harvesting of his organs. Almost immediately David begins having seeing disturbing images of his attacker from last season.
Maggie shows up at Brenda's doorstep breaking potted-plants and bearing quiche. Brenda dismisses her and tries to contact Billy who's in Dubai, while her mother is being little comfort. Claire calls for her new conservative beau and they ride around listen to Kelly Clarkson and top 40 hits as he comfort hers.
Keith in charge of the kids goes to perv-Rogers house for an emergency and finds out that Roger has a BJ video of him and Keith.
Claire shows up at the funeral not properly dressed. Rico is first to speak and he's very emotional and good. David is next but his hallucinations get the better of him. George is next and does a great non-crazy job. The burial consisted of Nate wrapped in cloth dumped in a grave at a park. David is about to crack but his mom sits with him.
We see Claire's fond memory of her first experience with pot with Nate, she had been struggling all episode to find a non-fighting memory of Nate. They all help to shovel the dirt into the grave but Brenda gives up. Brenda has a talk with dead-Nate and then gives Maya to Ruth. Billy shows up as Brenda collapses into his arm. Kurt Cobain's song plays the show out and was also featured in Claire's fond memory.

One of the best episodes of the year. Well acted and very emotional. All the characters stabilized and pulled it together without any ridiculous plot twist.

2 more episodes left, also a special on Aug 15 called
Six Feet Under 2001-2005 In Memoriam.

Brat Camp Arrest

MERCED COUNTY,CALIFORNIA —17-year-old Isaiah Alarcon of Brat Camp, ABC's reality show, was arrested and accused of vandalism and hate crimes, along with another teen.

The target was a home in Merced. The owner says she woke up to find that someone had put racial slurs and a swastika on her home.

She called the sheriff's department.

Apparently all that fake-Indian love from the Sagewalk staff wasn't enough.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Peter Jennings Dead

Peter Jennings died at 67 of lung cancer. A great tribute to him on ABC occurred shortly before midnight.Born 1938.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Nearly four months to the day since he announced in a hoarse voice on his evening newscast that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, longtime ABC "World News Tonight" anchor Peter Jennings died Sunday, according to the ABC news network. He was 67.

He was not a big or loud man but his presence was felt.

One of the few good newsmen left while those Fox fools continue to drag on. Every channel did a small acknowledgment except for FOX.

His life

Wonderfalls: Episode 2

"Karma Chameleon" starts out after her Jaye's second mission, which we never find out what it was, we know just that it involved a woman with toilet paper on her shoe.
Jaye Tyler is at dinner with her entire family celebrating her mom's new book. She ids upset because the jacket contains a 5 word blurb,well 4 words and a digit, on her life. She sees a stuffed bass that tells her to get her words out. Still upset after leaving the diner she doesn't notice a young lady who bumped into her stole her wallet and was taking photos of Jaye.
The next day stalker-Bianca gives Jaye back her wallet and claims she is homeless and felt guilty about stealing the wallet. Stalker-Bianca is a stutterer and a plush-chameleon tells Jaye again to get her words out. Jaye believes it's her stuttering that she must fix gets her hire at the shop and start to mentor her. Stalker-Binky, short for Stalker-Bianca, does an excellent job but starts exhibiting traits of Jaye. The next day Jaye comes to work to find Stalker-Binky has straightened her hair and lost her stammering voice and replaced it with Jaye's mannerisms and looks.
They look so much alike that Jaye's father can't tell them apart. Everyone else likes Stalker-Binky but Jaye is suspicious and broke into her van to find the stalkers collection. When Binky finds Jaye she admits she is a reporter for Today's America and plans to write a piece about losers gen-y underachievers.
Jaye is flattered and opens her life to Binky for the 5,000 word article.
The next day Jaye is late for work and gets fired by mouth breather thanks to Binky. Saying that Jaye's life is perfect Binky decides to abandon the writing and takeover Jaye's life ala Single White Female. Jaye remembering the fake animals saying "get the words out" writes Binky's article, submits it and gets a front cover story. She convinces Binky to take credit and they both return to their lives. Jaye gets 5,000 words plus ten more on the book jacket in her mom's new printing.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Sci-Fi Friday

Days late but then again the shows are starting to bore me.
Stargate SG-1:"The Ties That Bind"
Vala is leaves SG-1 and Dr. Jackson sees her off then faints when she goes through the gate. This happened because the bracelets that connected them in the last two episodes are still linking them even though they were removed. Vala returns before she fainted or died and they must return with Teal'C to find the last known owner/expert of the bracelets.
The expert Arlos, that old Ferengi from Deep Space Nine, is also Vala's former lover. In exchange for bracelet knowledge he wants his living mom's necklace stolen by Vala.
Through a series of typically-comical-TV-cliched-pass-it-on moments they find the necklace and Arlos reveals he can do nothing because time will make the connection fade.

Stargate Atlantis: "Duet"
Dr. Coward McKay, the new solo star of this show, is stuck in a Wraith transporter with Lt. Laura Cadman, new red shirt. While getting extracted her mind is trapped in McKays body and worse yet he has a date. This episode of Three's Company has Jack and Chrissy accidentally handcuffed together as he goes out on a date....wait I'm reviewing Stargate Atlantis not a cliched 70's sitcom. I'm sorry I get them confused. Well everything is right at the end and McKay learns his lesson on the treatment of women.
The funniest moment is when Cadmen in Mckays body gives a big old man kiss to Dr. Beckett.

Battlestar Galactica
: "Resistance"
Under martial law Col. Tigh is being a used like a puppet by his wife. Forcing him to be irrational dealing with the other ships leading to death.
Madam President plans her escape and succeeds.
Baltor forces Sharon(assassin-version) to reveal that 8 more Cylons are on board.
On Caprica, Kara and Helo find more humans and plan to leave the planet.
Sharon(assassin-version) is killed Jack Ruby style by a former friend.
Adama wakes up and starts his damage control to the surprise of Nigh's witch of a wife.

Firefly: "Train Job"
The crew is hired to rob a train from a space mafia guy. They accept and rob the high speed train. They soon regret this because it is medicine for a dying town. They decide to return the medicine and fight and run and all the usual cowboy stuff. They do return the cargo safely. One disturbing note is when the captain was trying to settle up with the main bad guy. The bad guy said no deal and threats the good captain so the captain kicks him into the engine, shredding him into confetti and threatens the next baddy with the same.

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TV is educational. If you can't learn something everyday your box is broken.