Saturday, May 12, 2012

And Good Riddance

So TV continues to be less than thrilling but they are making room by canceling a bunch stuff. I will give my opinion on each and why they tossed. I do this in hope that someone listens and adjusts how they write.

"Are You There, Chelsea?" (NBC)
--The horrible and evil Chelsea Handler is played by sweetie Laura Prepon. No surprise a person with no redeeming qualities cannot get an audience. Hopefully Prepon will not get tarnished by this and will continue to work.

"Ringer" (The CW)
--I watched the pilot and it was one of the worst acting and special effects for a network I ever seen. I could no get into the storyline since everything else was so bad it was distracting.

"Alcatraz" (Fox)
--Lost the prison years. Everything was good except the lack of answers. The time traveling criminals were never shocked that they were in the future. Add to that they became super-villains. Stop making simple show complicated and then refuse to give answers. Giving wrong clues does not make the show clever it makes the show unwatchable.

"Harry's Law" (NBC)
--This was a good law show with great acting and good story lines. The problem was that everyone had too much attitude but I can see if this show had another season they would have mellowed out a bit.

"Pan Am" (ABC)
--2010s attitudes in the 1960s. Nothing realistic or nostalgic about this time and the people on this show.

"Awake" (NBC)
--Great acting and almost unique premise (BBC's Life on Mars and Canada's The Odyssey did it bettter). Trying to avoid the sci-fi label they made this show more of a medical drama. Hints of something bigger going on kept popping up but again with no resolution.

"Breaking In" (Fox)
--Never saw it was Megan Mullally being her same character on some other show.

"Bent" (NBC)
--??? what was this? I guess I'll never find out.

I liked this show although thinking that all the women went to school together was completely ridiculous. I hope to Leslie Bibb in some other comedy soon. 

"The Secret Circle" (The CW)
--Teen witches that take life too serious. Typical teen melodrama no big loss.

"A Gifted Man" (CBS)
--A doctor sees his dead wife. She in turn tries to make him a better person. Like Ghost Whisperer expect just one ghost and less bouncy.

"Missing" (ABC)
--CIA agent tracking down her son that was kidnapped. Sounds great except Ashley Judd's head was so enormus that it became distracting and impossible to watch. Sorry but having a person fit the role is part of a TV show.

"The Finder" (Fox)
--Bones awful spin-off about a guy who finds anything if he tries. The premise was silly but the execution was worse. The cast was cool but that was not enough to get over the weak premise.

"Best Friends Forever" (NBC)
--Kind of sort of heard about this but not really.

"I Hate My Teenage Daughter" (Fox)
--Ads for this show were so annoying I think they stopped after two weeks. Never saw it but it looked low class and not funny.

"The Firm" (NBC)
--John Grisham was rolling in his grave when this unnecessary continuation of his great book and movie was announced. Leave the man alone he's dead.

"The River" (ABC)
--A ghost story and magic mixes with reality TV except scripted. In other words to many genres mixed together and no clear escape. The fact that everyone on the boat was not absolutely shocked by the supernatural made things unrealistic beyond the norm. 

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