Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Now with a Secret Compartment for Stashing... Stuff

I've been wondering what Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been up to and at 2:58pmET on CBS I found out. They have bedroom collection, in a30 second spot they promote their furniture and tell you the only way to get it is through bedroomsbedroomsbedrooms.com it's a New York/Tri State area referral site. The Mary-Kate and Ashley collection site has a downloadable brochure where the show you step-by-step how to customize their "stylish[collection] with an antique look and many feminine features". While designing childrens furniture is fine and dandy I was expecting with their unique life experiences they would be making gritty indie films at NYU.

Update: According to the brochure the the furniture is designed for girls between 4 and 18.

Update 2:
A TV Squad entry has just reported that Ashley will be solo on the Harper's Bazaar cover.

Monday, May 30, 2005

String Theory

I'm not one to nitpick TV shows I don't care to over analyze goofs. But during the season finale of Lost at the point the smog-monster was grabbing Locke, Jack looked back. As he did I noticed what seemed to buy a hikers guide line, a simple post with two strings one on top one near the bottom. It doesn't seem to be a natural plant. During such a pivotal and intense scene I was on the edge of my seat and fixed on every frame, like everyone else, looking for the monster. They're in the "dark territory" not the hiking trail unless it's in the script for next season invest a buck or two to erase the fence.

Hey look it's a post and strings. Posted by Hello

You can click on any of the photos to see a larger image and then tell me, What if anything do you see?

--Jack running into problems.
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--Yeah, I'm not seeing things. Posted by Hello

--Jack fenced in Posted by Hello

A van apart

News waits for nothing, except for a good parking space.

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News Van Evolution

While watching the season finale of ER on May 19 during the porch collapse I thought the special effects were amazing and the sound effects came through in Dolby Surround, except I didn't have Dolby speakers and the helicopter spotlight was coming from the window not my TV. Well apparently it was concerning the hospital near my house. Some woman walked into the ER claiming she had received an envelope filled with powder and know she's sick. The hospital closed the ER and OEM, FBI and Haz-Mat agents swarmed. Faster than you can anthrax the news van were circling. NY1, CBS, NBC, ABC, WB, UPN and FOX all showed up and crowded outside the ER delivering equal amounts of hysteria. But as the herd fed I saw this one lonely news van from Noticias 41 it was away from the main action and I managed to take a quick picture. Do you think because they spoke a different language that they couldn't share the primo ER spot? Is their a news van hierarchy?

Later updates proved that the women wasn't infected with anthrax and what she received in the mail was shredded paper. Let that be a lesson to everyone confetti can get too small.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Mario Cantone Loud and Proud

Laugh Whore was on Showtime starring Mario Cantone is a 90 minute tribute to Cantone's life and family. If yelling equals funny then this is the funniest thing on TV. In between the yells there were some musical numbers. His impressions are the best part of his act, and his family impressions are hilarious. I've heard him talking about his days on Steampipe Alley and was disappointed that he didn't spend more time ranting about it. If you can work the volume button on the remote like pro watch it any time this month on SHO.

I only read pages with pictures

Reading through the glossy section of this weeks TV Guide the print-edition I see that Keri Russell is alive and doing great, she is starring in a six-episode limited series called Into the West on TNT., it's from Steven Spielberg. Apparently there was also a sweepstakes that I missed. Oh well the show seems solid and it should be a good watch on June 10.

Other shows they listed for the summer are:

The Comeback HBO 6/5
Six Feet Under HBO 6/6
The Dead Zone USA 6/12
Rescue Me FX 6/21
Monk USA 7/8
Wanted TNT 7/31
Everything I may have left out is probably is not worth watching, exception only for Sci-Fi channel programming.

Other TV Guide goodness were a great article about all of the dismal superheroines characters on the screen and that only Justice League Unlimited wrote strong fictional-female leads. Also the most anticipated documentary in a while, Extraterrestrial on National Geographic 5/30 9pmET.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Of all the shows I watched before...

I finally saw all the season finales. I was late getting to Still Standing and Two and a Half Men, yet the were still funny.
Still Standing was not a let down especially at the end I was so expecting a typical the boy won't like the taste of beer or that someone was watching and wouldn't allow Brian to go to Italy but no he went no problems.
Two and a Half Men was equally funny and as usual no message what so ever.

I see you

She is sweet but the old man above her is trying to catch a peek. Posted by Hello

A trip to the theater....district.

I went past theater row to see what was good and who was around, ended up seeing nothing but I did see Christina Applegate's marquee.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Finals are over

College is finished and I earned one degree and have a summer to focus on nothing, before starting next semester to earn a higher degree. Until then I will troll NYC looking for events and scoops for my TV obsession. My last journalism class professor gave us one last project before we left, get published and more so get paid for it.

Mo' Money Links

Mo" Money

TV is educational. If you can't learn something everyday your box is broken.