Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tuesday Shows

Bones: The Girl in the Fridge
Bones is doing her old teacher and he's a jerk. The episode was just okay.
The cool part was David Boreanaz and Leonard Roberts, who playedForrest Gates on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Roberts also appeared on Tru Calling with Eliza Dushku and Smallville with James Marsters.

House: The Mistake
Dr. Chase is going up for a peer review after admitting to a mistake. The episode goes in flashbacks as we see one patient with a failing liver being treated by Dr. Chase and then die. The sick mother, played by former Kate & Allie star Allison Smith, needs a new liver, gets a cancerous one from her brother and dies. Dr. Chase feels bad for not paying close attention to her and lies about being drunk on duty.
The results are a one week suspension for him but Dr. House gets one month of supervision from a doctor. The doctor turns out to be one of his underlings Dr. Foreman the doc most like House.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Storm
Good episode but very complicated just to get to the point. Let me highlight it.
Two girls get run over,
Hurricane Katrina,
a kidnapping,
some light touching,
a vial of anthrax,
a cold scientist,
one nosy reporter,
lying cops,
even bigger lying feds,
a reunion,
Mariska Harigtay being all tough and rule breaking,
and a nosy reporter in prison.

Basically a vial of anthrax is stolen and the government erases any evidence that this incident happens at the expense of some abused girls from New Orleans. Then one cop leaks the story to a reporter who then goes to jail rather then reveal his source.

Quote of the Week: "Who do we call when we get raped?"- said by Ice-T when returning to the precient and seeing the feds took all there evidence and research into the kidnapped girls.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mid-Season Finales

Surface: Episode 10
Rich and Laura are on the raft in the middle of the ocean and it's leaking. Jackson is no where to be found but the coast guard finds his ship and there are spent bullet casings everywhere. Twice Rich and Laura fail to attract passing planes attention. They end up in a batch of eggs and when they squeezed one of them and it glowed gooey liquids. They bust open a bunch of the eggs to get a helicopters attention when mama monster came out and nearly ate the helicopter. A second helicopter was called and rescued the duo.
Meanwhile Miles and his sister are left alone again as the parents go off on a working vacation. Miles is getting worse and faints in school he has a 108.3 fever and the doctors are baffled. His sister and friend find Nimrod and take him to the hospital. Nim escapes and licks Miles wound until they're better but Miles dies. Nim is cornered by a guard and killed and suddenly Miles comes back to life. Miles' sister was great in this episode.
That whole scene where Miles gets up from death to hold his dead monsters body was an exact rip-off of ET, when ET dies to save Elliot, but it was still a great scene.

Surface will return with new episodes in January. They are currently filming episode 11 so lets hope they come back just as strong.

Prison Break: End of The Tunnel
C-Note has his reason for breaking out. He is lying to his family about being in the army and with Abruzzi in a helicopter going to some hospital only C-Note can provide transport.
Scofield gives his brother a pill, hidden under his skin, to send him to the doctors office where they will meet up and escape.
If only it was that easy.
They reach under the doctors office to the pipe that Scofield had eroded with acid, oh no but it was replaced with a new thick strong pipe.

That's it they won't be back in May instead they will be back sooner in March.

King of Queens: Raygin' Bulls
Ray Romano comes back playing Ray Barrone, his wife and kids are visiting family while his floors are being redone. Doug invites him over for a wife free weekend and they try to revisit their youths.
Meanwhile Carrie visits her mom's grave and finds out her real name is not Carrie.

What pissed me off about this episode is that Carrie thought for a second she had a sister but her father says no you don't have a sister. The first episode of the show was how Carrie had to kick out her sister to let her father move in. SHE HAD A SISTER FOR THE FIRST SEASON....WHAT HAPPENED?

How I Met Your Mother: The Pineapple Incident
Funny episode with Ted getting drunk and retracing his steps to find who's in his bed. It turns out to be Danica Mckellar, the former Winnie Cooper and current genius-hottie, who is not the mother of his future kids. There are also a few vampire references.

Two and a Half Men: Something Salty and Twisted
Alan learns he is P. whipped and uses alcohol to change his life with no success. Not the funniest which is strange because it usually is the funniest show all week.

Monday, November 28, 2005

TV Guide: Nov. 28 - Dec. 4

On the cover is Michelle Rodriguez with the title Lost. A five page accompanying article about the three new survivors even though there are four. Rose’s husband Bernard is not even mentioned. Cynthia Watros was not the original choice for Libby, Jennifer Jason Leigh was up for the role but the deal fell through.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • Knots Landing Reunion Friday December 2 CBS 9pm/ET.
  • Battlestar Galactica starts 10 new episodes on Jan. 6. Freddie gets a full season and Christine Taylor will be on My Name Is Earl.
  • Jan. 10 Sherilyn Fenn stars on Gilmore Girls as Luke’s baby’s momma. Kirstie Alley will be on King Of Queens.
  • has free classic TV shows on internet channel In2TV, Ashley Williams joins the cast of How I Met Your Mother.
  • Omar Epps loves House.
  • Stacy Keach goes back to sitcoms after the break in Prison Break.
  • Ray Romano tonight on King Of Queens.
  • Monk and The Dead Zone are back this week.
  • The real Bones speaks.
  • sells a nice Personal Library kit.
  • Juliet Mills, 64, celbrates her 25th anniversary of marriage with 46 year old Maxwell Caulfield.
  • Linda Hamilton will guest on According To Jim.
  • Kristen Bell doesn’t watch Lost.
  • Rome is coming back in March 2007.

Weekend Updates

Starting with those free TiVo exclusive downloads. I got the first two Cnet downloads straight to TiVo called Tech Tips and Reviews. They are just a review of products like digital cameras and mp3 players with a couple of simple tips. They are usually less then 15 minutes and more or less useless. Just go to to get a more in depth review. Next was the TiVo Video Down Load Trial of Red trousers: The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen. My word that was the most boring documentary of stuntmen I ever had to fast forward through. Unless they improve the quality of the downloads it’s best to stay away.

Grey’s Anatomy: Much Too Much
Everyone is sexing each other except for Dr. “Izzie” and Dr. Karev. Dr. Karev can’t perform with his better half so he ends up doing a lower nurse who he once shared an STD with.
Meanwhile Dr. Grey’s one night stand ends up standing up all day long. He has a permanent woody that is caused by a tumor but everyone finds out that that Dr. Grey was the one who broke is manhood.

Charmed: Vaya Con Leos
Death has come for Leo and the Charmed ones must freeze Leo and fight a finally ultimate battle to save him on some future episode. A nice emotional episode.

Ghost Whisperer: Ghost Bride
Typical silly episode but one thing did stand out, when Andrea tells Melinda that this ghost seems strong Melinda says, “There is definitely something going on up there, they’re getting stronger.” This is where the show is going. Something has changed in the ghost world and Melinda must be the key or figure out what is happening.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Post Turkey Catch-Up

I just learned Pat Morita of Happy Days and Karate Kid fame died at the age of 73 of natural causes. He was so cool and funny.
Morita was one of first Asian actors I can recall playing in comedies and dramas with out being a stereotype he did about 100 movies and just about the same amount ofTV appearances . I liked his character on The Hughleys he played a racist neighbor.

On to the shows I’ve caught up with this past Thanksgiving.

Bones: A Man on Death Row
Bones applies for a concealed gun permit and gets denied. The agents tries to save a man on death row but only find out he’s really, really guilty and he now will stay alive just to answer for more crimes.

My Name Is Earl: Cost My Dad the Election
Nice use of a bunch of amputees. Earl’s dad once ran for mayor and Earl ruined it. Now Earl is trying to make it up but ends up costing him the election again. But the dad, Beau Bridges, sees he is trying to do good and bails him out again.

House: Hunting
House stole his ex-wife’s therapy records with a cool file cabinet opening trick and finds out she’s sexless. He tries to use this to prove she still loves him and starts moving close to her. She finds out and tells him to go to hell because now she really hates him.
At the hospital an irresponsible gay guy has AIDS and coughs up some blood on the young female doctor’s eyes and mouth. She freaks out takes some drugs and sleeps with her Australian colleague.
There was also a sick rat that becomes House’s new pet. Odd but great episode.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Rockabye
Just like a recent case in the headlines a pair of religious home schooled kids run away and does the wrong thing. These two kids try to legally get an abortion but with so many religious freaks around the country the get blocked and manipulated at every turn. Eventually the girl decides to knock the baby out of her body with her boyfriends help.
Another all-star cast with great performances.

The last one with Ted Koppel featured a piece about the Tuesday with Morrie guys. But the best part was at the end when Koppel tells the audience to support the new Nightline people because if they don’t then ABC “will just replace this show with some comedy” that was such a great dis to Jimmy Kimmel, rightfully so but still funny.

I only saw parts of the parade on TV, I got live balloon picture the day before so no big deal. Saw enough to see the accident. And both football games sucked. I will not shop on black Friday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

More November Sweeps Victims

Alias and Threshold are canceled.

Here's the Yahoo link,
Alias canceled.

Thanksgiving Day Balloon Blow-up Tour

One of the best things about living in New York City is that when your not lazy you can take pictures of events before they are on TV. The back of American Museum of Natural History is where they blow up the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons.

This is the front.

Big Bird


Doggie sniffing Barney's butt.

Pink hippo.

Chicken Little

Macy's stars.

Some slain girl.


Mr. Potoato Head.

And crowd favorite Pikachu.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Monday Shows

Surface: Episode 9
Rich and Laura finally hit bottom in their homemade diving bell. They see lots of giant sea monsters mating and laying eggs. Rich is strangely optimistic even though they have no fresh air and a stuck rescue raft. Rich twice sees a man walking on the bottom of the ocean, his brother maybe. Eventually they trick a sea monster into knocking them loose and they inflate a raft and rush to the surface.
Meanwhile around the world the effects of all the sea monsters are interfering with fishermen. A fisherman gets bit then killed by an unseen baby monster. A shrimp boat is coming up empty with an unusually bad shrimp season but they catch a sea monster, I think it was Nimrod.
Miles is learning fast at the aquarium and he goes hunting for Nim. He ends up at a power line and finds a herd of baby sea monsters that eat his kneecaps up. Eventually he finds Nim in his closet and the monster doesn’t seem happy.
As for agent Davis Lee he is looking for Jackson, ignoring the cries for help from Rich and Laura and visiting the mystery man in the garden. He tells the mystery man that they found the sea orchid and it could only be killed using radiation and asks, “What is it?” the man replies “What isn’t it?”. The guy tells Lee about Chimeras.

Chimerism in humans this happens when twins that are not identical, one can be male and the other female, combine in-utero to form one person. The results are a normal person with two sets of DNA a 200% person, they can have a checkerboard pattern on there stomach if the are half black and half white.
In science Chimerism is when scientist take DNA from one species and put it in another to make a new species like plants that glow in the dark because of introduced fish DNA.

Prison Break: Odd Man Out
The mafia guy kills T-Bags brother and nephew, the mafia guy gets all religious and ends up dying at the hands of T-Bag. Scofield is happy because the plan is finished and they leave tonight but his brother is now in lock-up and now that the mafia guy is dead no one is in charge of the work team. Everything has gone wrong and there is only one more episode until late May.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Oprah Deserves Her On Blog

Not because she is great but because she gets away with so much crap.

They repeat the show in the wee hours of the night and I leave it on just to here voices. Usually she has someone who was molested and they go into commercials showing clips of her laughing with some celebrity. Oprah does this constantly, she has a person crying and a scroll underneath about her Jordan interview.

Today during her favorite things show she completely annoyed me by giving away a video iPod, but that wasn't what bothered me. Instead someone added an obviously fake video on top of the iPod. It was an episode of Lost that was clear and perfect, the real iPod Lost video would look half as good. There was no small print saying this was a false image but a tech person can tell, if you've never seen the video iPod you will be disappointed if you purchased the iPod based on this clip. They did the same with the Sony Vaio, no disclaimers of a false image.

Oprah is so powerful she often conducts half of an interview or gets facts wrong with little consequences. I don't care that much because the good she does out weighs her ignorance but that clip was just too funny.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Is It Thanksgiving Yet?

If you watch TV you'll never know.

Supernatural: The Journey Home
Finally saw this episode and I must say it was the best all season. The brothers go back to their childhood house and help a family with some ghosts. We see their dead mom and she helps with the ghost busting. Also a psychic name Missouri who is actually quite good is keeping the father secret from the brothers.
Finally the got rid of the lost father storyline, instead he is running from his kids until he can work out his problems. The shows getting better.

Desperate Housewives: The Sun Won’t Set
The engagement is off and the bad guy is caught. Gabrielle grieves her baby with the help of actor Danny Trejo.

Grey’s Anatomy: Thanks For The Memories
Dr. “Nazi” Bailey is getting demeaned by some part-timer. Dr. O’Malley goes hunting turkey with his family. Joe the bartender is invited to the Thanksgiving Day festivities and brings a pie and his Asian boyfriend but no liquor. Dr. Grey is at work sulking and whining again, I must accept that this is who she is. Dr. Webber failed the boards medical exam. A guy wakes up from a 16 year coma and is fine and dandy, cough…bad medicine…cough, except that his family moved on without him.

I’m very disappointed that only one show has a Thanksgiving episode, holidays are disappearing from TV thanks to the idiotic sensitivity groups, also I noticed that in Lost not one holiday as been celebrated or mentioned.

Congrats to the Giants still tied for first, but I’ll miss Herman Edwards because the Jets suck, injuries not withstanding.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

TV Guide: Nov. 21-27

On the cover Medium Goes 3-D! with Patricia Arquette & Jake Weber on the cover. The accompanying article is 3 pages long and has a cutout 3-D pair of glasses along with two 3-D pictures that when used with the glasses don’t look anymore special.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • In Gilmore Girls news Luke new daughter, Vanessa Marano, will be there for 10 episodes.
  • James Woods will be on ER. Drawn Together gets renewed for a 3rd season.
  • The explanation of why Shannon was killed, I didn’t read it because there’s a little spoiler and I hate spoilers.
  • Matt Roush loves Veronica Mars.
  • A holiday gift guide with nothing but crap.
  • The 79th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on Thursday at 9AM on NBC.

Friday Shows

Masters Of Horror: Jenifer
Steven Weber plays a detective who stops a man from butchering a woman. He sees the woman and she has a face of a monster but the body of Girl Gone Wild coed. Everyone is scared of her but that doesn’t stop Weber from nailing her. She then eats his cat and he does her again, then she eats the neighbor girl and he sells her to a freak show. He finds his son half eaten in the refrigerator. Even after that he still gets one off with her. He takes her and goes to the country and works as a clean-up man in a store. She eats one more kid and Weber is about to kill her when he gets killed by a clichĂ© just like the guy before him and the circle starts again.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Surface Interview on TV Squad

TV Squad's Bob Sassone had an interview with Jay R. Ferguson, Rich on Surface, here.

Basically Ferguson tells Bob that he is working on episode 11 and fallen behind quickly that, that they are working in North Carolina because of their small budget and that it's not fair that people keep writing about Invasion and Threshold while ignoring Surface, whether or not it's to talk good or bad about the new shows.

Surface, Mondays 8pm/ET NBC.

Thursday Shows

Night Stalker was not given today so everyone waiting for part two will have to wait a while for the DVD or mid-season reruns. Instead they gave a cool Primetime about college crimes.

Smallville: Solitude
Mrs. Kent becomes sick and Milton Fine tells Clark it’s Jor-El’s fault. Clark goes to destroy the Fortress of Solitude and finds out Fine is not who he claimed to be and instead is working with General Zod to free Zod from prison.
Chloe comes to rescue Clark and Clark seemingly kills Fine.
Either way Jor-El still tells Clark someone close to him will die. Cough…Chloe…Cough.

ER: Two Ships
Abby makes an old mistake by sleeping with Dr. Kovac.
While Dr. Pratt is on the roof saying goodbye to someone we see two planes behind him crashing into each other while the pieces rain down over the city. The nurse who was fired a few weeks back is rehired for the plane emergency. When an Italian guy, played by Paolo Seganti of As The World Turns and a recent Freddie episode, is mortally wounded Pratt must keep him alive until his family gets there. He does and the guy tells Pratt to give up pumping his heart for him.
The final scene has a depressed Neela coming home to see Dr. Gallant coming in a taxi as the embrace in the middle of the street. Next week is their wedding.

Gilmore Girls: The Prodigal Daughter Returns
The Gilmores are in chaos because Rory and Emily are missing. Rory is in a newspaper office being super annoying to get a job, which she does. Rory now gets her life together and returns home to Lorelai, while Emily is found but spiritually lost.
Luke finds out he’s the father of a nerdy girl and doesn’t tell Lorelai.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday Shows

That 70's Show: Misfire
Kelso needs to grow up and decides to marry Jackie, but then gets an offer from a shady Playboy Lounge manager, played by Bruce Willis, and decides to do that instead. Donna and Eric's long distance relationship seems to be on the rocks.
This was Ashton Kutcher final regular appearance.

Freddie: The Italian Job
Freddie falls for a girl who already has a guy.
While this show isn't funny it was the only thong on besides the tribute to Johnny Cash, Walk The Line, I flipped back and forth.

Lost: The Other 48 Days
We see how the back of the plane survivors lived for the first 47 days. Mister Eko killed two of the others and Goodwin was one of the others. Eko took a forty day vow of silence and Ana finally cried after forty days. They quickly moved the story all the way to the point Shannon was shot. We learned from Goodwin that the abductees may not be dead especially the kids. We assume that they are killed or hurt Goodwin suggests that they may be taken to help.

Invasion: The Cradle
Mariel is feeling weird and she goes to the lagoon and sees her old dead carcass in the water to the stun of her and her hubby. It's getting a bit more interesting.

Crap I missed Veronica Mars I have start TiVoeing this show, oh well at least they repeat it on Sundays.

Tuesday Shows

Bones: Man In The Wall
During a ridiculous fight in a club Bones discovers a mummified DJ and must find out what happened. During one creepy stomach turning scene Bones strips the flesh off of the dead mans hand and wears it as a glove to get fingerprints. To counter this scene we later see a plaster cast made by the boy at age 5 to give him more of a soul.
Of course the killer is found at the end but we see how insensitive Bones really is.

House: Spin
After last week’s great but depressing episode we get more cheery in this one. Sela Ward is back and House gets all jealous and snippy with her recovering husband. I fell asleep through a part of it but woke up in time to see the team cure their patient.
Oh for those Tom Lenk fans he was in this episode as a guy who got chronic diarrhea from chewing too much sugarless gum.

Law & Order: SVU: Starved
Dean Cain played a manipulative rapist with a wussy wife. This episode was filled with stars from dead TV shows, some of them are Who’s The Boss, Six Feet Under, Lois & Clark, and Grace Under Fire. Nice to see actors don’t die they just go to Law & Order. Back to the story line at the end the wussy wife dies and the rapist is going to go free and get millions from her insurance.

My Name Is Earl: Joy’s Wedding
Funny episode. Joy is getting married, white trash style, and Earl shows up drunk and ruins it. He tries to make it up to her and ends up sleeping with her. Now he has to make it up to Darnell. After a quick pep talk Earl shows Darnell that Joy is a skank but one that is in love with Darnell. The wedding was cool but the music was great. Just Bust A Move.

I will watch Gilmore Girls and Supernatural later.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

TV Guide: Nov. 14-20

On the cover Prison Break with Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller. The accompanying article is four pages long and the creator of the show who writes for feature films has got the story arced all the way through 44 episodes(2,200 pages). The creator, Scheuring, used 1963’s The Great Escape to plot out the second season.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • The Doc. Derek’s wife on Grey’s Anatomy will become more likeable.
  • Esai Morales plays a bad dad again on an ABC show. Grey’s Anatomy gets the post Super Bowl time slot.
  • Two and Half Men gets bigger ratings every week, good it’s funny and one of the last of the sitcoms on TV. Patricia Heaton signed a million dollar deal with ABC for a new sitcom.
  • Gabrielle Union separated from her husband.
  • Cool pictures of the ER plane crash.
  • On Grey’s Anatomy Dr. Bailey was pregnant in real life so they added that to the show at the last minute, she had the baby boy on Oct. 30 with her hubby and two older girls.
  • The Country Music Awards are on tonight in New York, ehhh not caring so much, but I do like the music.
  • The Poseidon Adventure remake, ehhh.

November Sweeps Kills Night Stalker

BREAKING NEWS: Night Stalker canceled...

Yes after sitting through six or so episodes of this crap it's finally gone.

"It is with regret that I confirm 'Night Stalker' has been canceled. While I’m disappointed the series has come to an end, I am enormously grateful for the experience and the opportunity given me by the network and Touchstone Television. I would like to thank our amazingly talented cast, wonderful crew, killer post-production department, terrific writing staff, producers and partners in crime Daniel Sackheim and John Peter Kousakis, the incredible Jana Fain, and all of you who watched and enjoyed the show. It was a blast."Executive producer Frank Spotnitz on his production company's blog, Big Light Productions.

Okay now take Supernatural and Invasion with you.

Also please double the budget for Surface.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Mondays Shows

Surface: Episode 8
Miles has to serve community service after his father pulled some strings to help his son. Initially he does trash pick-up on the highway but after a plea from his sister he gets to work at an aquarium instead, he discovers that more eggs are found.
Laura and Rich build a sub with Jackson and rush with the parts and set off to the sea-hole to find proof. Something happen on the surface while Jackson sinks the two and the line is cut. The last scene has the sub free-sinking into the hole while leaking water.
Davis Lee the government agent in charge of covering up is seen at home with his mute-sign language enabled wife. When he was asked about his job he tells her not to ask, when she sees the picture of the Sea Orchid he tells her, It’s not a flower it’s the future.”.

Prison Break: And Then They Were 7
Scofield gets a visit from his wife to obtain a prison ID badge disguised as a credit card. One of the C.O.s finds out about his green card wife and the credit card.
Meanwhile Veronica and the rest of her little group was taken hostage by the government goon but they turn the tables and trap him in a well. When the lesser goons come to find him they decide to let him rot in the hole.
In prison Charles Westmoreland confess that he is D.B. Cooper and wants in on the escape but now there is only time for six escapes but there are seven members of this cabal.

Sunday Shows

First in TV news the Aquaman guest appearance on Smallville was so popular that a pilot has been ordered. I’m not completely excited because I remember the crap that Birds Of Prey was on the WB.
Also I learned while Oprah was on a date with Roger Ebert, twenty years ago, he basically guided her into the career she has now.
Just checked my TiVo and now they are offering a six week subscription to CNET Download Product Reviews. A 15-minute video of reviews of tech products for broadband customers. Let's see if this screws up my computer like most TiVo downloads does. I love my TiVo and I like my computer but the two of them don't seem to get along well.

Desperate Housewives: Color and Light
Blah, blah, blah…sleeping with exes…blah, blah, blah…creepy actor Page Kennedy’s last episode…blah, blah, blah…ridiculous marriage proposal…blah, blah, blah.

Grey’s Anatomy: Let It Be
Great episode. A woman comes in with a gene that may lead to cancer and wants all of her woman parts removed as a preemptive strike. Once again the medical side of the show is a little on the soft side but the drama is strong.
Dr. Grey is still whining pining over “McDreamy”(their word not mine). George avoided a near death experience and tries to help a suicidal patient but fails. Cristina and Burke have an awkward date, and Bailey is pregnant.
One reason I like this show is that half of the characters are people of color and all of them have rich and deep storylines, unlike ER that still can’t right a storyline for a black character without making them angry.

Rome: The Spoils
Pullo gets into deep problems after becoming an assassin but in a gory and violently cool scene resurrects his spirit and his friendship. Meanwhile Brutus has a choice to make with Caeser…hmm I wonder what he’ll do.

Veronica Mars: Rat Saw God
Joss Whedon made a small appearance in this episode as a rental-car agency manager. Also Harry Hamelin was back talking to his son in prison who was rearrested for the murder of some Mexican. The pieces of the bus crash and Veronica’s life seemed to be intertwined. Also we learned noting new about Wallace.
The “Rat Saw God” title has to do with a rat that Mr. Mars found taped to the bottom of the seat in the school bus after it was pulled from the water.

I miss Extras that was a funny show with a great last episode.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

November Sweeps Kills Fox

From Reuters...

As for the demise of "Arrested," it comes just as the acclaimed comedy came
back this week after a hiatus to make room for Fox's baseball coverage. The two
back-to-back episodes averaged a paltry 4 million viewers Monday, sending Fox to
fifth place in the 8 p.m. hour and putting a dent on the ratings of its
lead-out, the rookie drama "Prison Break."
There is a possibility that the show will be shopped around, but its high cost is expected to be prohibitive for
a cable network.
Fox said Thursday that it will pull "Arrested Development"
and "Kitchen Confidential" off the schedule for the remaining three Mondays of
the November sweep, replacing them with a rerun of the previous episode of
"Prison Break" leading into an original episode of the serialized
"Arrested" and "Kitchen" are set to return to their time slots with
original episodes December 5, following the fall finale of "Prison Break" on
November 28.

Also Prison Break won't be back until May, good job Fox, way to kill that show.

On the WB after ten seasons 7th Heaven gets canceled, I don't care about that show but it had a good run.

Friday, November 11, 2005

TV Guide: Nov. 7-13

Super late for last week’s TV Guide but here’s the short of it. Grey’s Anatomy is the title and Patrick Dempsey & Ellen Pompeo share this cover. The accompanying five page article follows Dempsey around the set and shows off his happy playful attitude.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • A reality spoof on ABC starring Kermit the Frog and the rest of the Muppets.
  • A main character is going to be killed Nov. 21 on Las Vegas.
  • They wrongly predict that Sun would die on Lost. Star Jones’ husband was arrested.
  • When 24 premieres it will be 4 hours in 2 days.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is single and apparently waiting for me, I may have read into that a bit.
  • A Lost book list.
  • Rory’s Birkin makes another appearance.
  • The alum’s of Buffy and their new roles.
  • Loonatics Unleashed.
  • The alum’s of thirtysomething and their new roles.
  • Rick Springfield returns to General Hospital for 4 episodes but writers want more.

Well lets see if I can get to read the next TV Guide before Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

November Sweeps Killed Shannon

November sweeps are a period of time that TV people put on their best shows and episodes to show advertisers that they can bring in customers.

Yesterday on Lost we saw what writers due to boost ratings. Sawyer is mortally wounded and slipping fast but in the last couple of seconds when the back-of-the-plane people get close to our favorite survivors and we have a problem.
One of the back-ones just disappears and then in a panic Shannon is shot and falls into Sayid's arms.
Is she dead? We won't truthfully know until weeks from now because next week it will be starting from the beginning with the plight of the back ones and their stolen children.
The other cool scene in the show is when Shannon and her step-mother went to the hospital we see Jack walking behind the doctor and then moving him aside to walk on by.

Below is an email sent by ABC before the last episode.

Dear Frequent Flyer —

Greeting from the Writer's Room of Lost!

As we careen wildly toward the midpoint of season two, the Writer's Room
is working feverishly to continue to provide you with the kind of "Lost" thrills
and spills to which you, the viewer, have grown accustomed. Sometimes, that
includes changing things up a little bit..., season two is
already rife with change - new series regulars in the form of the tail section
survivors (or "tailies" as we like to call them - as opposed to the "fusies" of
the fuselage section), new mysteries (the Dharma initiative, the elusive Alvar
Hanso, the mysterious Desmond), and new challenges - but some of our more daring
experiments will come your way not just in the stories, but also in the way we
choose to tell them.

During the November sweeps, you will not only be
seeing the death of a major character (and we're not telling who it is here!),
the tragedy will lead into one of the most unusual and compelling hours we have
yet to produce. We won't spoil too much, but let's just say that the intense
inside story of the tailies and their trials on the island will be told in a way
that will surprise you - and those of you who have gotten used to "Lost's"
method of telling stories in the present with flashbacks to the past are going
to be thrown for what we hope is a fantastic thrill-ride of a loop on this one.

Beyond the November sweeps, "Lost" is going to continue to find new and
exciting ways of telling stories on the island. One of the more thrilling
developments going on around here is that director Darren Aronofsky - the daring
visionary behind such films as "Pi" and "Requiem for a Dream" - as well as the
upcoming Hugh Jackman/Rachel Weisz sci-fi drama "The Fountain" - has just signed
up to direct an episode of "Lost..." and you can bet that the blend of the
mystery and drama of "Lost" with the visually innovative style of this maverick
filmmaker is going to make for some truly awesome television.

Wanna know
more? Here are the confirmed titles and writers of some our upcoming episodes...

Written by Elizabeth Sarnoff

"The Other 48 Days"
Written By Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

by Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Leonard Dick

And there's a lot more where
those came from - as always, stay tuned, and thanks for getting Lost with

Note next week's episode will be extended and I checked my TiVo and it is, as of today, still showing a run time of 1 hour so I'll phyically have to extend the recording, I've opted to also record Invasion just to make sure any overlapping is not lost, no pun intended.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Voting Is Good But TV Is More Fun

Remember Vote today, Bloomberg for Mayor, No on Prop.1 & Yes on Prop.2. For all other seats vote for a good mixture of Democrats and Republican just to balance everything out maybe a Green party member but not Independent.
Election Day 2005.
Back to TV.

Surface: Episode 7
Great episode it began with a plane in trouble about to crash because of massive power failure. As we see the plane plunging towards the ocean the clouds open up and a herd of giant see monster are swimming along causing green lightning to shoot around them. It was an incredible shot.
We also learn that the government has known of these creatures for 4 years. They are trying to assess the threat but a secret group has derailed the government plan and are responible for the Docs murder.
Miles sets his sea monster free after a police chase.
The plant found along with the monster was found to be feeding off electricity, could this be a weapon against the monster who generate electricity. Remember it was found with the dead monster, could that be what killed it.
Best written show this season, someone please raise the production budget.

Prison Break: Sleight of Hand
Scofield puts a plan in motion to take back control of a prison section and help an innocent man.
Now these parts are a bit stupid...first he has to have a woman's phone number tattoed on his arm because he can't remember one phone number.
Second he puts three mafia guys in prison and isn't dead the next day.
Third the Vice-President notice her sweepers aren't doing good so she hires another sweeper to fix everything and he is good at his job but doesn't kill everyone fast enough.

Grey's Anatomy: Something to Talk About
Brilliant and funny episode.
A pregnant man, a woman whose heart bursted into flames during surgery and lives, the doctors relationships are defined and Dr. Grey whines some more before getting half a backbone.

I have to watch Rome, Arrested Development, Charmed, Family Guy and American Dad but that's going to have to wait.

I've more or less given up on Desperate Housewives, That 70's Show, King of Queens, How I Met Your Mother and some others.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Why Supernatural Sucks

The first version of Supernatural was about reporters going around and investigating and getting the monsters, the WB said no sounds boring he "tapped danced" around for a second and blurted out road trip and the WB said great let's do that. Kripke thinks it's's not. They have 2 and 1/2 season worked out about what killed their mom. Show creators are reading the message board. This is all from the mouth of Eric Kripke creator/executive-producer during an Attack Of The Show Interview.

Friday, November 04, 2005

TV is Getting Complicated.

Trading Spouses:Meet Your New Mommy : Perrin/Fisher Pt.:1 of 2
While I’ve stopped watching all the reality shows this one caught my eye, rather my ear. A psycho I set my TiVo to record and saw it was a two-parter.
The show is about putting spouses in households completely different then their own and hopefully sparks will fly. In this case a neo-hippie trades lives with a psychotic religious tyrant.
The best parts with the hippie are that she has a new husband and they are not communicating well but her family is nice. The church zealot on the other hand has a devoted husband but one daughter who sinned and has a five-year old at the age of 20, while the other daughter is like dad a virtual slave.
While the hippie meets the church group they do the un-Christian thing and treat her like the devil, I mean come on if you see a sinner help them or convert them don’t shun them.
While the nut other mom talks to god and starts to have a mental breakdown because she saw a Christian-psychic.
Next week they reveal what the other mothers have allotted the $1000 prize and crazy mom is going to tear up the check and her sanity with it.

Smallville: Exposed
I’ve lost partial interest in this show when Clark refused to tell Lana the truth after giving some flimsy excuse. In this episode the gang goes to a strip club to get a pervert killer and no freak of week.
The cool part was Tom Wopat as an old friend turned Senator of Jonathan Kent, strangely no mention of Mrs. Kent…hmmmm.

Joey: Joey and the Poker
A bit funnier than usually thanks to plenty of guest stars including crowd favorite Alan Thicke.

ER: Dream House
They fired a nurse working their since day one yet spent more time on a damn monkey. Ridiculous.

Law & Order:SVU : Raw (Parental Advisory)
This was a great episode involving Nazis, a crowd of shot children, a pervert and evil adopted parents who are not racist. This was a complicated episode but great and everything comes together. Oh also there was a court room shooting, an Oscar winner and lots of twist.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

TV Guide: Oct. 31 - Nov. 6

Late again, on the cover Martha Stewart, Martha My Life Now, and the 4-page article talking about her schedule and current activities.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • Treehouse of Horror XVI, even later then me.
  • Ashton Kutcher’s company is making 30-Year-Old Grandpa a sitcom loosely based on his own life.
  • Michael J. Fox will be on Boston Legal, Rick Springfield returns for a one time gig on General Hospital.
  • Noah Wyle and Kevin Sorbo became daddies, not with each though.
  • Mary Tyler Moore will be on That 70’s Show.
  • Frankie Muniz is pictured with his fiancĂ©e, kinda creepy.
  • An interview with Jason Lee, his son is named Pilot Inspektor.
  • Matt Roush likes Bones.
  • Finally the say where Charlie Sheen gets his cool threads.
  • Tom Wopat, Dukes of Hazzard, will be on Smallville.
  • Sunday Category 7: The End of the World, a CBS sequel to Category 6 about a big ass hurricane.

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TV is educational. If you can't learn something everyday your box is broken.