Monday, July 30, 2007

JFC Secret Ingredients

John from Cincinnati: His Visit, Day Seven

John from Cincinnati's secret ingredients are tougher to figure out than KFC's secret recipe.

Linc Stark bested Jake Ferris, he also bedded Tina Blake, and has signed Shaun to a contract. His protégé Cass is the new center of activity. She filmed a tape of John telling the internet-fansite that "Shaun will soon be gone". This freaked everyone out especially Cass. She has no knowledge of filming it, in a very terrorist fashion.

The freaking part was when Cass confronts John he hypnotizes her and she starts to hide all the proof of what happened. Leading us to believe that John may not be a force of good.

I think Shaun will be abducted by the lotto winner.

This show gives me such a headache. The websites made for this show also have puzzles and clues that just make everything more complicated.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kyle and John Settled Down

John From Cincinnati: His Visit, Day Six
More astral projecting from John but not enough to make you dizzy. Palaka nearly dies but the doc saves him. The doc also has problems looming from the hospital and Cissy is trying to help him.

Shaun and Butchie have a heart to heart and end up surfing together with John. No major reveals just the family getting closer.

Kyle XY: Free to be You and Me
Much like John FC this episode was very bonding-mushy. There was dating, dancing, and kissing.

By kissing I mean hot teen girl on girl action. I once thought ABC Family was all about the Puritan-Christian love because they have the 700 Club but from what I understand the 700 Club was forced on them. They are basically Fox for tweens. This episode handle the preachy everyone is equal stuff well.

There was a school dance where only straight couples were allowed so after some PMS issues with Hilary the gang helps Andy form an all-inclusive dance. There was a few incidents but nothing major. The best part again was when Hillary and Lori kissed to make some point that escapes me at the moment.


It's that time year right before my semester starts again and I need to finalize my shopping. Last break I bought my laptop and new TiVo through CheapStingyBargains. As I wrote in January I saved $380 on the laptop and got the TiVo for cheaper then my first TiVo.

Now I want some laptop accessories including a Linksys Router draft-N, a graphic tablet, a graphing calculator, and a laptop-backpack. CheapStingyBargains has all the deals for me save big bucks. The problem they also have great television deals. The fall season is staring in about a month and a half and I still don't have HDTV.

Lets make two lists.

Computer stuff...

  1. Would make college/work easier.
  2. Would blog faster.
  3. Could finally watch TV on the laptop(although I don't prefer it).
  1. Can finally see 40 free HD channels I pay for.
  2. Won't get laughed at by people who see my small TV.
  3. Really love TV, imagine Jericho in HD.
I prefer to call them Cheapstingybastards there original name for that reason, they show me so many great deals. I've used them plenty of times and referred them to many friends for that reason. It is a simple site for finding the best deals on the internet. All those free TV Guides and other magazines I posted about were from this website.

I have the money to spend but not for long.
What do I do?

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Or more accurately hound.

I had the unfortunate pleasure to watch the first episode. To say Baio is a jerk would be an understatement. Yet next to his friends he is a prince. His entourage, which happens to be the show they are imitating, consist of quiet actor Jason Hervey from Wonder Years fame and two bad actors.

The four some does bits while trying to find out why Baio can't commit. He hires a "Life Coach" who tells him to retrace his penis. In the first episode he meets his first Erin Moran. Moran invites him to a signing where one of Baio's friends comes in and does a bit which Moran calls him out on.

When Erin Moran is the moral center of a reality show you know we have problems.

There are a few real moments but most are when people confront Baio on his lack of heart.
Save your brain cells and avoid this show.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Emmy Joke

Award shows always bore me this one seems no different.

They ignored great shows like Dexter and Friday Night Lights.

Here is my take on certain nominees. Last year I got 2 out of 14 right so my opinion carries no weight.

Best Series, Drama

'Boston Legal'
'Grey's Anatomy'
'House' --Should Win
'The Sopranos' --Probably Will Win

Best Series, Comedy

'The Office'
'30 Rock'
'Two And A Half Men' --Should Win
'Ugly Betty' --Probably Will Win


After twenty years of watching The Simpsons John Stewart just pointed out something I never noticed.

If Homer is 38 and Bart is 10 then Homer was 28 when Bart was born.
But Marge gave birth to Bart when she and Homer were 18 just after high school.
This means Homer is 28.

Monday, July 16, 2007

John From WTF

John From Cincinnati: His Visit Day Five
Wow! Cissy is an incestuous-kid-toucher who gave her son a hand and landed him into a heroin hell.
Yet that wasn't the weirdest thing that happened.

John astral-projected his self all over the place. First to help Cissy not kill herself then to Cass to tale her camera then to finally to Linc and finally a rambling monologue with future and past colliding.

Here's his speech I got from Closed Captioning and Steve Hawks blog:

"If my words are yours, can you hear my Father? Can Bill know my Father, keeping his eye on me? Can I bone Kai and Butchie know my Father instead?

"My Father's shy doing his business. Kai helps my Father dump out. Bill takes a shot. Shaunie is much improved.

"Joe is a Doubting Thomas. Joe will save Not-Aleman. Joe will bring his buddies home. This is how Freddy relaxes. Cup-o'joe, and Winchell's variety dozen.

"Mitch catches a good wave. Mitch wipes out. Mitch wipes out Cissy. Cissy shows Butchie how to do that. Cissy wipes Butchie out. Butchie hurts Barry's head. Mister Rollins comes in Barry's face. My Father runs the Mega-Millions.

(After meeting up with Cass)

"Fur is big. Mud is big. The stick is big. The word is big. Fire is huge. The wheel is huge. The line and circle are big. On the wall, the line and circle are huge. On the wall, the man at the wall makes a man from the circle and line. The man at the wall makes a Word on the wall from the circle and line. The Word on the wall hears my Father.

"The zeroes and ones make the Word in Cass's camera. In the Word on the wall that hears my-Father-in-Cass's-camera, the good one Mitch catches doesn't wipe Cissy out. In the-Word-that-hears-my-Father, Cissy shows Butchie something else. In-my-Father's-Word, Cissy shows Butchie in Shaun. In-my-Father's-Word, Tina raises Shaun at lunch. In Cass's-camera, Butchie lays the court out for Barry, and Mister Rollins watches, and he doesn't come on Barry's face. In Cass's-camera, Butchie knows Kai kept the faith. In-my-Father's-Word, the Wave lifts them up.

(After bill talks)

"In Cass's camera, Bill doesn't bump his head on the stairs. In Cass's-camera, as long as he's being stupid, Bill gives Lois a kiss.

(After bill talks and plays)

"In His-Word-in-Cass's-camera, the Internet is big. 9-11 is big, but not every towel-head is eradicated. In His-Word, We are coming 9-11-14.

"In my-Father's-Word, Bill sees how Freddy relaxes. In Cass's-camera, Ramon wants to know who's hungry, in the courtyard and Room Forty-Five.

"In my-Father's-Word-to-come-in-Cass's-camera, Doctor Smith calls Ocean Properties. In Cass's-camera-to-come, my Father stares Not Aleman down, and Freddy sees Bill much-improved.

"You will not note my-Father's-Word, nor remember Cass's-camera, but you will not forget what we did here."

(low booming)
This is a form of non-linear story telling but since this is HBO and the ratings are not that great I'm worried the story John tried to tell won't fully play out. There are clues of what is to come about characters we don't know yet. But what is with the low booming, bombs, fireworks, or something worse?

Kyle XY: Does Kyle dream of electric fish?
Adam goes a long way to show Kyle that Tom Foss can't be trusted.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Too Hot For TV

Sure had some great weekends. Plenty of sun and humidity hasn't been killer.
Add the fact that this summer season is a bit light on good shows and you have no reason to stay home. I've actually been TiVoeing most things even at night.

The Sun is not my enemy.
Real life has higher resolutions.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Out There Somewhere

Happy Birthday Luisa

Fridays Again

Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code
Apparently there is little use in blogging this show since the episodes I watch on the Sci-Fi channel is a year or more old and there are 2 million Doctor Who sites. Still great show I miss Rose and the other Doctor.

Monk: Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan
The show use Sarah Silverman to poke fun at themselves. It shows how bad they have got. They completely abandon the search for his wifes killer and lost the soul of the show.

Psych: American Duos
The guys investigate an attempted murder on an American Idol copy show. I laughed from begin to end. The funny references were flying out every second. Gina Gershon as Emilina the Paula Abdul copy was brilliant when she had the her exchanges with Lassiter.
This show is simple it is straight men versus comedian. When O'Hara put on the pink fame outfit and was giving her speech it was great. Shawn and Lassiter actually solved the case when they first meet the crooks.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hospital Cloning

General Hospital: Night Shift: Frayed Anatomies
They make no bones about it, this is a Grey's Anatomy rip-off. They have a black chief, a big black sassy woman and an ER full of hot young inexperienced nurses and doctors. What's different? The janitor...Billy Dee Williams.

Helping a new doctor with elevator buttons Billy Dee throws out a classic, "You'll have to be gentle, or she'll decide to quit on you.". Yes he's no mere janitor he's Sexy-Janitor.

This is the second spin-off from General Hospital, the other being Port Charles which started similarly but ended up in a supernatural mess. This is a SOAPnet venture that is only meant to last 13 episodes every Thursday at 11pm.

Verdict: Bigger budget but still a soap.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting Jack Off

After a little over two years Jack.FM is finally off New York City radio. On June 4, 2005 at 5:00pm without notice the oldies station was replaced with a bad computer mixer. The rest of United States loves this crappy formula radio along with talk radio, which also failed in New York.

Well it's over WCBS the oldies station came back today at 1:01pm. While I think they will downplay the 50s songs but still have oldies songs and live DJs. Hopefully they'll bring back Cousin Brucie and Mickey Dolenz. When it first went off the air I complained about it here but I always knew NYC was better than that Jack crap.

As for talk radio on 92.3 that also failed and they returned to rock. Why radio executives keep trying to force bad programming to NY is bewildering. Yes the rest of the country likes this format of computers and angry talkers but this ain't that place for dictator radio. NYC is too independent.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The State of Morning TV

I'm rarely awake before noon if I have to be at home and when I'm at school/work I don't come home until after noon. That being said I still keep in touch with the failing morning shows and soaps, it's sad.

The View
They still need to replace the clown and the psycho, I'll let you guess which is which. The front runner is Kathy Griffin who is current showing her more serious side by crying in every episode of her show.
Side Note: I didn't realize she has a dead brother who was a criminal.
I think this show is watchable just because it fascinating to see how some people think.

As The World Turns

As soap operas struggle for ratings in a dying format they bring out stars to boost viewership. Jewel, Ricky Martin, Beyonce and others have done this. Who appears on this soap in a week long story line....Andy Williams.
Not to knock Mr. Williams I mean I love Moon River but he will turn 80 this year. Sending a rising star(Gwen Munson aka Jennifer Landon) to Branson, MI to duet with a blast from past.
They also had an actual two damsels in distress who were tied to a railroad track and a girl running through the woods the fell and twisted her ankle.

They could not possibly fit any more stereotypes about women into this show.

The Price is Right
Bob Barker is gone and no good replacements were announced.

Why they don't all these crappy reality shows on during the daytime this way primetime TV can return to its heyday of sitcom and dramas is beyond me.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

7 Point Pledge

After Melissa Etheridge rocked and preached out. She really made you think when she asking "What Happened" to America. Basically she wondered if we were in too much debt to care but seeing how people in every country had some sort of debtors prison it is not that.

To answer her great question it is science. We are abandoning science and entering a new dark age where religion takes over and exploration gets crushed.
You're the problem if you every said or agreed with the following...

  • We need to fix Earth before we go to space.
  • Space exploration is a waste of time.
  • Creationism is science.
  • Scientist contradict themselves.
  • Evolution is not real.
  • Testing on animals is wrong.
  • Stem cells are not the solution.
  • There will always be more trees, fish, land, etc.
  • There is a conspiracy.
I understand science is complicated and most people are just average but it boils down to advance mathematics which if you can't explain it then you shouldn't have an opinion.

Melissa Etheridge inspires while Al Gore again did another dumbed down slide show with a 7 Point Pledge. (My comments in parenthesis's)
  1. Join an international treaty (No, bad stay independent)
  2. Take personal action (OK but it will cost in the short term)
  3. No new facility that burns coal (Great)
  4. Work for a dramatic increase in the energy efficiency (same as #2)
  5. Laws and policies of renewable energy (Careful one windmill kills 100 birds)
  6. Plant and protect trees/plants (Again careful must be done right)
  7. Support those who share my commitment (I support science)
Foo Fighters and Alicia Keys were also great they didn't say anything significant.

Live Earth, Dead Format

Bravo had about 17 ½ hours of the Live Earth concert thingy. I've never been fans of concerts let alone concerts on TV. This one is no different.

A bunch of ill-informed celebs join with a crowd of ill-informed youngster to try to help an actual
cause. The fact that people like Madonna owns millions in stock of the worlds biggest polluters yet most of her charitable donations goes to her own private organizations means little to the masses.

As a person who actually took environmental courses in college, along with the common knowledge learned from loving science, I know that most living things on Earth are in crisis. I applaud the Live Earth folks for getting the information out but a concert is a half-assed approach.

The Earth is not in crisis only most living thing on it. Sure I'm splitting hairs but it is an important distinction. Everything that humans do leaves footprints, there is no 100% green solution. Not that it is hopeless just the opposite this current crisis is temporary and it will be up to most powerful among us to lead the way through this period.

Petra Nemcova just gave a speech on how she feels the tsunami, that claimed her fiancé, was the Earth calling out for help. The problem with that is that an earthquake caused the tsunami and quakes are caused by collision of continental plates that are not affected by pollution or global warming. This is what I mean by ill-informed.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Real Documentaries

I watched this Deep Sea Detectives a History Channel show. This particular episode focused on finding the wreck of the Derbyshire, a container shipped that sank in a Typhoon in 1980.

While looking over the 2 mile long wreckage the camera found this creature.

Here is a quick video I took about the creature they discovered and named the Derbyshire Nymph. It is an isopod which is part some of the oddest crustaceans on the planet.

I just like real documentaries that involve science or tell an accurate story not those Michael Moore or Morgan Spurlock skewed views or outright bad science.

PS: Ignore my crappy small TV I have other expenses. I'll get an HDTV when they are on sale.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kyle from Cincinatti

Kyle XY: Balancing Act
Kyle must balance his superman training with his new family. He fails at the family stuff but makes up with a new car, sort of.
We are learning more about his handler Tom Foss who killed his family in a drunk driving accident.
Jessi XX's handler gets her therapy with Mrs. Trager.

By the way the sexual tension between Mrs. Trager and Kyle is ridiculous. Don't tell me it is just innocent, it is weird.

John From Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Three
Well John is just a freak like Kyle XY except not as smart, more magic is happening and everyone is seeing it.

Is John the catalyst or is it just a coincident? Either way this strange show is well acted and done well. I hope we get a conclusion before cancellation. Remember Carnivale, Odyssey 5, or Jeremiah they all were weird and good but canceled before the reveal.

Mo' Money Links

Mo" Money

TV is educational. If you can't learn something everyday your box is broken.