Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Net

The New Evangelization Television, Channel #30

All religious all the time.

They are broadcasting from Brooklyn and are also known as NET NY. I occasionally watch programming from here especially late night when the play religious music and show bible verses over beautiful nature or art scenes.

While watching last night I noticed that the station only had Catholic themed shows and commercials. The ads were very well done as well as the shows. While I'm not sure if this is a Catholic based network it would seem that way from the little I can gather.

Pioneers of the Spirits: Dante Alighieri

An in depth if not slightly pro-religious view of Dante's life and works. I read Dante's works and knew of his history and while watching this show it came back and even gave a little more insight on his lost love Beatrice. They did go over his opposition and exile in an understated manner.

Tapestry of Faith: Italian and Lithuanian Apostolates

Viewing Brooklyn's Italian history and famed precession, The Feast of San Genaro. Then showing how the Lithuanians rock the same traditions.

Channel of Peace
The multi-lingual church on TV with pretty images.

They do give documentaries on animals which is slightly odd.

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