Sunday, June 07, 2009

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Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies: Water & Power
An Emerson heavy episode where he spends the time in search of one Penny.

TiVo has been recording pilot episodes at random. It took me month to watch them but now I'm hooked. Even when some have been canceled.

Privileged: Pilot
A college grad played by Joanna Garcia goes to NYC fails at being a magazine writer then becomes a tutor to rich brats in Miami. It's funny and clever basically they are making fun of the new generation of celebrities.
It's been canceled so I may watch as many episodes that they air.

True Blood: Episodes 1-8
Since Buffy there has been a lack of good supernatural shows. Supernatural on the CW is fine but a bit ridiculous at times. I did not original watch this show because they said it was a copy of Twilight a series of awful vampire novels for teens/tweens.
Finally bored enough to watch it HBO ramped up the sex and blood and it turn out to be great.

Vampires have announced their presence to he world and in two years are trying to get equal rights, possibly with a hidden agenda. Now they can be sustained by Tru-Blood a Japanese fake blood safe for vamppires. Sookie Stackhouse is a telepath and meets and falls for a nice vampire.
The show asks if vampires and telepathy is possible then what else is possible. The explanation for vampires is magic, at least up to the episode I've seen. June 14 is the second season premiere and I'm catching up quickly.


  1. I haven't watched "True Blood" yet because I want to read a few of the novels first. I'm not sure who compared them to "Twilight", but the Sookie Stackhouse books are not listed as YA books. I doubt that HBO had to do much to ramp up the sex, as you said.

    I watched "Privileged" before it got canceled. It was OK, but I like the novel better. The biggest change was that the main character in the show is sunny, but she is much more cynical and sarcastic in the book.

  2. Apparently all the best TV is based on books.

    I prefer watching the show first then reading the book because I find I just can't enjoy a show if I'm constantly going, "No Dexter didn't do that" or " Garfield never ate that type of Lasagna".

    The books are usually so much better that erases any holes or bad acting of the movie/show.


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