Friday, July 31, 2009

TV Squad Win

Actually I won a few times from TV Squad since it's beginnings.

One early contest(c. 2006) netted me $100 (although I wanted the iPod they sent a check) for highest rated comments. Now most of their contest hold no prizes but they do have lots of giveaways.

Several times for this Subtle Subtitles and I think a few others. I didn't track them all but I will from now on because it fills a void in my life.

I have won multiple times in a row so go on TV Squad and dare to challenge this week's contestants.


Game Show Network, Channel #76

Over the last ten years I probably watched 30 minutes of this station. I remembering watching all these shows when I was a kid and the new shows are not as fun so I don't bother.

Lots of old game shows, some new, and I think they sometimes talk about game shows.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


City University of New York, Channel #75

The City University of New York's university system consists of about 20 colleges that educated some notables like Jonas Salk, Colin Powell, Frank McCourt, Ruby Dee, Jimmy Smits, Ralph Lauren, and Jennifer Lopez (the last two did drop out).

The channel helps certain current students with their courses. Some shows are actual student made while others are documentaries and films from all over the world that CUNY professors recommend.

As far as I can tell unless you are enrolled in a particular class that assigns a particular show it is nearly impossible to learn a full semester of work from this channel.

Except for a rare documentary or the Classic Arts Showcase the tone of the channel is too much like a lecture hall to be enjoyable.

Classic Arts Showcase
A free feed from satellite Galaxy 15 Transponder 5(Very Doctor Who) that gives access to any TV station in America a 24/7 showcase of classical arts in small clips. It is still available in analog as well as digital.

I can spend hours watching this but now most channels carry 24 hours worth of programs and have cut back or eliminated this free broadcast.

One animated clip always stuck in my mind and if anyone knows where I can get it online please leave a link.

A lone cat walks through a bombed out building and can see shadows of its former human family. The cat attempts to play with them, caress them, and touch them but can not since they are gone. Finally in utter desperation the cat smiles and ceases to exist, fading away in what we the audience hope is the the place where it can be happy again.

Again if anyone knows where I can get it online please leave a link.

I recorded it on tape but then accidentally recorded over it and have not seen it since 9/11. I think it was too depressing.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NYCTV 1-74?

New York City Television 2 or 3 or 73 or 74, City Drive Live, Channel #72, #73, #74

Ok TiVo guide, Optimum guide, and the corner logo all give different names for these channels but I guess the are part of the NYC Media Group which are city owned/run stations like OTB or PBS.

City Drive Live , Channel #72- A 24/7 live traffic cam channel switching between each camera every few seconds. Talking over this are ads for city services on a feed called Radio NYC.

Channel #73...everything new york - Four rotating shows about city life.
NYC TV Digital Magazine:
As far as I can tell it is a NYCTV show to tell you when and where are other NYCTV shows are playing, in a series of repetitive commercials.

Channel #74...everything new york - Mostly how the city government runs, not the state inactivity.
Access Mayor - The mayor of NYC tells stories and hold press conference, great except when he speaks in Spanish.
The Council - The city council acts up and tries to pass laws.
Other shows round out what should be boring but occasionally holds my interest.

Watching local government trying to explain or pass laws and then the audience suddenly yelling in protest until they are forcibly removed is annoying. I don't mind if all these meeting were held in private since never once did the crazies change a vote. As long as they continue broadcasting audiences should be banned.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Off Track Betting, Channel #71

Watching the ponies go round and round then poof your money is gone. Horse racing and racing information 24/7.

This is the New York State owned and operated legal off track betting business. Once OTB parlors were all over the city but the current mayor pushed to get the city/state out of the gambling business. In 2008, my favorite, Mayor Mike Bloomberg handed over the NYC owned OTB to the state and warned of a financial collapse.

Guess what OTB is now $46 million in debt and may file for bankruptcy soon. The only reason OTB still exists is that $200 million in union pay is still needed keep workers satiated.

I have no issue with horse racing or gambling but once it went legit horse racing could never make a profit.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Brooklyn Community Access Television, 1, 2, Community Access (COACO70/BCAT3), Channels #67, #68, #69, #70

Community access stations are a group of channels set aside by the cable company (forced by U.S. law) for the local community to put their views on the air. At the same time they are meant to educate the public about TV production.

Some famous non-Brooklyn CAT people are Elvira, Tom Green, and Bobby Flay.

The problem is Brooklyn is very religiously conservative, yes really. Nearly every public access show is some religious based crud. Some religions that literally didn't exist 5 years ago. I tried watching for anything interesting but the few shows that are different are beyond bad.

One show is about 300+ pound women who model lingerie.
One show is a 30-minutes of thousands of images flashing at an epileptic pace.
One channel is dedicated to telling us what is going on in Brooklyn at a community level 24/7.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, Channel #66

Mostly U.S. Senate related stuff. What sets this government station apart from the rest is Book TV.

Book TV
A one hour show where an author discusses a book they just wrote in detail.

The Art of Making Money: The Story of a Master Counterfeiter
Interview available on-line also the exploits of counterfeiter Art Williams is recounted.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Samantha Who: Series Finale

Samantha Who: With this Ring

One of the last of the sitcoms worth watching ended in pure comic fashion. Every couple that should be together stayed together except for Samantha's mom who moved in with her daughter. It ended with the possibility for a third season as Sam never fully recovered her memory and a new phase in her life began.

A toast to Christina Applegate I have no doubt you'll do more great work.
Plus the Emmy nomination should turn into a win.


Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, Channel #65

House of Representative live and in color. Whoooo government inaction in action.

Not much to watch here.

Friday, July 24, 2009


SOAPnet, Channel #64

Drama, drama, drama. This channels does a lot of repeats with three chances everyday to see ABC soap operas that aired the previous afternoon plus on CBS soap. The rest of the repeats are either much older canceled soaps, primetime shows like the original 90210 and Melrose Place, or old interviews with soap stars.

Original spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift boosted the ratings but a new onslaught of reality shows looks to bring it down.

I don't mind getting soapy once in a while especially since there is a good chance that actor struggling on a soap will one day be making $20 million per film. That and often writers steal storylines from soap operas to use in movie or TV shows.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


GalavisiĆ³n, Channel #63

Another Spanish channel with the focus on Mexican and Miami based programs. The station is mostly watched for their uncut soccer coverage. Most Americans don't watch soccer so this station remains mostly unwatched by me and mine. Still in NYC during soccer games some local bars and stores blast this station for all to see and hear.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The Weather Channel, Channel #62

Almost unwatchable if you want to see local weather.

National weather is decent but the original programs are the best part. One interesting part is that they place emergency weather crawls on the bottom of the screen over commercials. It makes sense and the only time I accept crawls on the screen 24/7.

Full Force Nature

First hand accounts and video of nature doing what nature does.

I did learn 24 people died of lightning strikes this year so far. There goes my plan to use my metal poles on the roof to take lightning pictures.

Currently we are under a flood advisory on this sunny day and it is 81 degrees F which is 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. Very humid.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


News 12 Traffic & Weather, Channel #61

Part of the News 12 family solely a Traffic & Weather station every 4 minutes they give the T & W.

This is the number one source for accurate weather in NYC because it is updated so frequently.
Currently it is 68 degrees F and 91% humidity with scattered showers. We are about 20 degrees below normal, for most of the summer we've been chilly.

One online component they should bring to the channel is the Frizz Factor for the hair sensitives.

Monday, July 20, 2009


SportsNet New York, Channel #60

The place to watch most Mets games. For those not familiar with the NY Mets they are a baseball team that plays real well for most of the season and then choke with less than ten games to make it to the championship.

The channel is filled with classic games, live games, and lots of game talk. They are not baseball exclusive carrying some college hoops, boxing, and a few other minor sports. Many original shows are all sports related.

Beer Money
A game show where some random sports fan is confronted on the streets and asked tough sports question to test their fanatical nature. Three rounds of questions may win the person $100. I hope they never stop me.

The also carry Jets related content but no games.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Currently Watching: July 2009

Meteor - NBC mini-series about an Earth killing asteroid where everyone is horrible, even Marla Sokoloff's character who is the hero of the story turns to a killer, justifiably of course. A complete opposite of the ABC kiler asteriod mini-series Impact where everyone helped each other.

Tonight's conclusion should determine if Earth is worth saving, I'd vote no but Sokoloff is the only thing worth saving.

True Blood - Vampire, shape shifters, religious nuts, mind readers, and something ancient lurking in the deep south. My Buffy withdrawal has been quenched.

Weeds - Never saw the first season and still love these episodes. Funny show.

Nurse Jackie - Edie Falco is a great actress but I still can't feel for Jackie.

Royal Pains - Still funny, it is like MacGyver got a medical degree.

Eagle Eye -Shia LaBeouf being himself while recreating Enemy of the State by Wil Smith.
Made of Honor - Funny romantic comedy, no surprises.
Immortal - A mixture of 98% CGI and 2% real actors where humans, aliens, and Gods mess with each other in the future. Freaky, would be great if it weren't for all the bad graphics.
Margot at the Wedding - A truly evil sister comes to a wedding and spreads her evil.
Pineapple Express - Action adventure pot comedy. Dumb, not a judgment but the category.
Naked Fear - Joe Montegna must of desperately needed a paycheck.
El Cuerno de la Abundancia - Cuban families try to inherit a large fortune, chaos ensues.

Deaths- Round 2?
Walter Cronkite before my time but a gold standard of news anchors.
Frank McCourt brilliant writer and former NYC school teacher.


Part of the Eternal Word Television Network, Channel #59

A Roman Catholic channel with no commercials and nothing but religious programming for all ages.

Into Great Silence
A documentary film about what a group of monks do for six months while cloistered. The style is unique with no narration, only natural light, no score, and MTV video like editing. It is compelling enough but it does leave you wanting more details.

Posted on a Sunday.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Formerly Court TV, Channel #58

truTV was once Court TV a station dedicated to courtroom proceedings and talking about court cases. In New York City cameras are not allowed in the courtroom and because of this the station was never popular.

Actually it was so unpopular that for years it shared a channel with Playboy Television on channel #60. At 8pm or 9pm every night the station would switch from Court TV to Playboy(which was blocked for non-subscribers) and it did not always go smoothly. Playboy added a 1 minute buffer of the Playboy symbol but it usually took 2 minutes for the blocking software to come up and stop the nudity.

Every once in blue moon the software took 24 hours to work. Oh the good old days.

Back to truTV, tagline "Not Reality. Actuality."
A mix of crime-recreation shows, caught on video, and reality shows.

One program that sounds interesting is Man vs. Cartoon where people study cartoons and try to recreate the foolishness. Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner are up next.

Forensic Files is an older show that traces the steps police take when solving crimes. It is good but at times graphic.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Animal Planet, Channel #57

Cuddly puppies during the Super Bowl, need I say more. Puppy Bowl!

Some great documentaries and real life series usually with emotional narration for us to ooh and aah over.

Meerkat Manor: Three Degrees of Separation
The lives of young Meerkats are tested when they spend time apart and some slowly starve to death.

Anything with Steve Irwin, animal cops, or bugs is worth watching.

Anything for kids is not.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


SPIKE, Channel #56

Marketed as television for men by this they mean lots of sci-fi and crime show reruns. Original programming include clips of stuff caught on tape and wrestling.

On occasion I will watch a slew of CSI: Wherever or Star Trek: Whichever, even a few of those caught on video shows. Still there is nothing too exciting on this channel that hypes itself as the cutting edge of cable.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Music Television 2, Channel #55

When MTV stopped playing videos they invented MTV2 to do nothing but play video.

Then of course MTV2 got rid of videos and does nothing but play low budget reality shows. By that I mean the ones where people eat nasty suff or hit each other until they bleed while laughing. Still these shows go from good old fashion crotch punching to MTV-over-hyped setups. Where all the fun and spontaneity is taken out and everyone gathers to prank each other.

Aside from some repeated episode of Jackass or Pimp My Ride the entire station is a dead zone.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Black Entertainment Television, Channel #54

Again one of those stations, like The Disney Channel I can spend years not watching. A typical channel full of reruns, reality, and a few originals. Focus is on the American black community not much on Caribbeans, Africans, or anyone else.

On a rare occasion when I'm really in the need for a standard sitcom I would watch The Parkers on this channel. Aside from that nothing else is worth sitting through.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Music Television, Channel #53

Once they had music often bad music but still music. Today they entire 24 hours is reality shows.

Another big problem is that a large percentage of shows they announce is often replaced with something else at the last minute.

The one show I can watch without gagging is Run's House. Former rapper Rev. Run has a big family and they want to be stars. They are also very religious and loving. Like everyone who has a camera pointed at them the family puts on a bit of a show but something are just genuine. When Justine, the mom, lost her baby they kept filming and it was heartbreaking. When Jojo, the eldest son, got arrested for possession of weed you can see the pain he felt but the family worked through it.

Tonight is the season finale I will be watching.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Video Hits One, Channel #52

The softer side of music has changed into reality crap with retrospectives.

I Love the '80s was a ten part show dedicated to the distant past of the 80s. Since then the have even done I Love the 2000s. Now half their reality consists of remembering the recent past.

Still I do watch and record Jump Start a five hour collection of decent music videos.
I'd list my current favorite videos but I'm afraid it would look like a emotional teen girl's playlist.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Entertainment Television, Channel #51

Where your brain goes to die.

Celebrity gossip with no accountability since they can always redo a show to edit the slander.

The only place to go for live red carpet coverage during awards season. I miss Joan Rivers.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Comedy Central

Comedy Central, Channel #50

Stand-up comedians, dirty cartoons, and fake news shows what more can a sense of humor stand.

I watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report every night but I do have to say I enjoy when they go break. They can get overbearing after a while.

The Daily Show went from a simple fake entertainment news show to a political heavyweight. I don't care for politics since it is mostly a bunch of hypocritical-power-hungry-smart-mouths who occasionally do something great. Anyone who take politics serious is a moron and this show proves it. The lying and out right two-faced politicians outted on this show would ruin a career except their zombie like followers always make excuses for the behavior.

Case in point:
New York had a Democratic senate then a coop gave Republicans control then after another coop they became a 50/50 senate and refused to work for a month. Then our former Lt. Governor turned current Governor, after a prostitution scandal from the Governor elected, broke the deadlock by appointing a new Lt. Governor. The fear of a new Lt. Gov. made the turncoats reinstate Democratic control.
Honestly this whole thing would make a great sitcom.

Anchor show South Park barely shows any new episodes and less than half are funny but they did make the network what it is today.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

ABC Family

ABC Family, Channel #49

Lots of family friendly reruns. A handful of not so family friendly original shows.

Kyle XY was the show that put this station on the radar of most TV viewers but it was abruptly canceled. Their new anchor shows are Greek and The Secret Life of An American Teenager. I've watched bits and pieces of each and they seem well made. If I didn't cut back on TV I'd be watching both.

The station does like pushing the envelope on new shows but lacks the loyalty or strength to hold out through low ratings.

Most of their new line-up consists of transforming recent teen movies into TV series.

On big drawback is The 700 Club. A religious program that is forced to be carried on the station due to what I can only assume was a deal with the devil, details are sketchy. I've watched this often hate filled hour because some of what is said is so ridiculous it should be a comedy, while other segments resemble well made documentaries.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Formerly Science Fiction Channel, Channel #48

New tag line: Imagine Greater
Translation: We are dumping science and bringing in paranormal crap.

Lots of science fiction originals and repeats. Although recently they expanded to include reality, wrestling, and paranormal shows.

Current Watchlist:
Portals open up in time and bring in animals and change history. Great British show that has been canceled.

Doctor Who
Time traveling alien and his pet human. Again British and great but a year or two behind the current run. BBC America carries newer episodes but my cable company doesn't carry BBC America.

Warehouse 13: Pilot
A remake of Friday the 13th: The Series.
Three former secret service agents must find and store paranormal objects.
I enjoyed Friday the 13th: The Series because it was the devil cursing objects. Warehouse 13 tries to gives some pseudo-scientific explanation which is annoying and only fosters more bad science.

A comedy about a town full of mad scientist and one sane sheriff.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Full Service Funeral

Big TV event that I couldn't stomach to watch live so I just recorded it from different channels.

1:00pm -2:00pm
ABC coverage Martin 'Two-faced" Bashir and Chalres Gibson spoke over the beginning of Micheal Jackson memorial service. Smokey Robinson read some letters about 30 minutes before the choir started.

After more annoyances from Gibson, Mariah Carey and some guy sang, she use to be such a good singer. The song was not even over and Gibson chimed in with more unnecessary facts.

Queen Latifah spoke and read a Maya Angelou poem.

Lionel Richie was good, sang about Jesus. Berry Gordy spoke...

2:00pm -3:00pm
CBS coverage
and Gordy is still speaking dubbing Jackson the greatest performer who ever lived. The Katie Couric interrupts. Gordy ends his speech and clips are being show of his works.

Stevie Wonder spoke and sang.

Magic Johnson and Kobe "Disgusting no-means-yes" Bryant spoke.
Johnson spoke of bonding over fried chicken, oh boy if I were a conservitaive Republican I'd have a field day with that story.

Jennifer Hudson sang, good voice. She looks pregnant but it could of just been a bad dress.

Rev. Al Sharpton, ha know our NY loud-mouth is yours. I did enjoy his preach.

John Mayer played a guitar.

Brooke Shields reminisced and was on the verge of crumbling.

Jermaine Jackson sang.

Martin & Bernice King preached not as well as the Rev.

Rep. Sheila Jackson, no relation.

Back to ABC I thought I put NBC, whoops.

Let's hope this resolution 600 does not get passed.

Usher sang but was interrupted by a special weather advisory in NYC. He is such a good actor.

Smokey Robinson spoke.
Shaheen Jafargholi sang?
Kenny Ortega choreographer spoke.
Various singer I did not recognize sang with family and friends.
Jermaine, Marlon, and Paris Jackson prompted by Janet spoke.

Gibson is an idiot.

Pastor Lucious Smith said goodbye.

Final notes:
Jerry Lee Lewis still has great music despite actual facts known to the world.

Jackson was never charged with any crime and no evidence have ever surfaced. It would not surprise me if the now adult accuser gives an interview telling the world his father made up the story for $22 million.
Equally if the stories are confirmed it will not surprise.

A ten year old Micheal Jackson did nothing wrong and at what point he may have started doing wrong may never be known so it should all be kept in perspective.


The History Channel, Channel #47

Great documentaries and recreations.

Unfortunately they dedicate a lot of time to ghost, UFOs, and future predictions. History like science can be studied proven and changed according to the best information provided. The way they deal with these paranormal crud is neither scientific or objective. It's so out of character with the rest of the programming I wonder why they even show it.

Now like every other channel they have ventured into non-related reality programming, Ice Road Truckers and Ax Men. Following the lives of workers who destroy the environment for a select few to have expensive things, like Deadliest Catch, they are elevated to hero status for doing grunt work.

Never have tasted opilio crab.

Is it Summer?

Cover of "Noise"

My TV is off after watching the horrible Tim Robbins movie Noise. Also I just finished listening to Loveline online which is part of my daily ritual.

Everything is off and except for the delivery guys dropping off baked goods around the local stores no one is outside.

It has been incredibly cool this summer and near perfect weather for the last few days yet no one is outside.

I recall 15 years ago the streets of Brooklyn was crawling with real noise and robberies and everything from music to murder, attempted murder at least.

Now all day and night there is not one gang of kids or loud girls, no drunken parties or group of cars cruisin'. The few times I've seen groups of one time troublemakers they are huddled around cell phones not noticing I'm carrying a bag of quarters or holding a decent camera. Of course I'm not looking for trouble but has the cell phone and internet done what TV could never do.

Got kids so fat and lazy they are no longer a threat.

I've actually seen a group of teens using laptops on the street and subway and no one even looks at them funny.

Summer meant one thing noise and adventure, I planned months in advance to avoid all noise and adventures. It seems now I'm a risk taker if I want to see an event live rather than online. Talking about a new exhibit at the MET someone told me "yeah I saw that it was pretty cool." I thought that was something since the exhibit hasn't opened,"Did you get to go to preview event". She responded "No, I saw it online it's better because you avoid the crowds and ticket cost."(Tickets are suggested fees so if you want to pay $0.25 it's fine)

Really? A 2,000 year old gold statue is best seen online from your 10 inch laptop, while texting and listening to your iPod.

It's a draw a nicer quieter city but dumber citizens.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Arts & Entertainment, Channel #46

This is becoming very repetitive.
Once a unique channel with biographies, classical music, and brilliant crime dramas it has now become a dump for cop show reruns and reality shows.

I have not watched anything on this station for a while so I can't judge but Obsessed seems interesting. A reality show about people with fears or obsessions.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Lifetime, Channel #45

I do enjoy this channel. The overly dramatic sometimes real life stories are great.

Nothing is too complicated on Lifetime movies but they tend to reduce everyone into two categories.

The Victim:
Usually a she has been done wrong by someone she loved and/or trusted then must fight to become a powerful force for change.

The Perpetrator:
The bad doctor or child or husband or friend that terrorizes and dismisses the victim becuase inside they are jealous of the victim.

If you watch enough of this programming you eventually start walking down the street pointing out, victim...perp...victim...perp. Lately Lifetime movies try to psych you out by showing everyone as perps and then revealing the true perp at the end. Almost clever but they do it constantly so it lacks the shock and awe.

Add to that a handful of originals, reruns, and reality show and you have a typical day on Lifetime.

Along That Theme
I happen to watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, hey ignore my viewing habits I do not discriminate when it comes to television.
These must have been the dumbest college girls in history. They never heard of the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy. Honestly, a triple dose of estrogen and will only stop the egg and nothing else. It is available without a prescription.

Magic pants I can believe, college women who haven't a clue about how someone gets pregant is ridiculous.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Bravo, Channel #44

This is the prime example of the dumbing down of society.

Once a commercial free station dedicated to the performing arts in all its glory.

Then some Queer Eyes helped some Straight Guys and the station expanded into a reality nightmare. I enjoy watching Kathy Griffin on this station but that is it. Her specials and reality shows are funny and the underlying message is don't take this serious it's not really real.

Were you ever to give up watching TV and site this channel in your argument I think you would win.



Friday, July 03, 2009


American Movie Classics, Channel #43

Yet another commercial free movie channel turned into a normal unremarkable station.

Mad Men and Breaking Bad are the two hottest things on this channel but I have yet to watch either. I keep waiting for a marathon to catch up but with other shows to catch up with it has become more difficult.

Back to regular TV I'm currently watching new episodes of the allegedly canceled Samantha Who? and Better Off Ted. By the way watching the 1935 Perry Mason movie reminded me a lot of Better Off Ted in humor and style. Given this I probably would enjoy Mad Men.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

WE tv

Women's Entertainment Television (not official), Channel #42

Part of a group of formerly commercial free movie channels that since has fallen into pile of reality and reruns.

During it's phase as Romance Classic they should great movies and dramas with no interruptions.
During it's phase as WE it should foreign shows like McLeod's Daughters and older reruns.

Most of the previous were highly rated but to save money and continue the effort to kill TV they switched to a cheaper reality show based format.

While an occasionally Dharma and Greg or Girlfriends episode does not hurt I can't say watching much of it is any good.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Turner Classic Movies, Channel #41

Before television was popular the local cinema showed movies and shorts in a schedule similar to today's TV programs. Cartoons, newsreels, propaganda, commercials, and movies.

TCM has an enormous collection of the classics and if you're feeling nostalgic this is the place.

No commercials.
No editing.

Most people don't notice but when movies are put on television even cable they are edited. This always confused me why, for example, the Men In Black in theaters had one small scene cut during HBO's run, then had three scenes cut on regular cable.

With TCM you see it all. This may not appeal to everyone since the sensitivity of 1940s America may not translate well today. Still I take into account the time it was made and am very impressed people were not as awful as the secondhand stories one might hear.

I just watched a 1935 classic the third of six Perry Mason movies.

The Case of the Lucky Legs
Perry Mason, played by Warren William, is on the case of some broad who is accused of murder. William plays Mason to the hilt. Why no one shoots the famed lawyer is a surprise, his arogance is titanic in nature. The secretary steals the movie.

The breaks between movies are filled with original trailers and mini tributes to the old actors. Hearing Michael Caine talk about his encounter with Cary Grant was nice. After Grant retired he could walk down the street without being noticed. While Caine thought this was sad I think it is great. The ability to act for years then live a normal life is something wonderful, especially in today's internet-24/7-stalking-paparazzi.

This is a very refreshing channel that dedicates itself to movies the way they were originally meant to be seen.

Sidenote: I can't keep up. Please stop dying.
Fred Travalena a great impressionist in the time when this was a respected art form.
Karl Malden a serious legend in his field.

Mo' Money Links

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TV is educational. If you can't learn something everyday your box is broken.