Friday, June 29, 2007

My open letter to open letter writers

Tammy Lynn Michaels updated her blog to address her reaction to her open letter to Larry King.

I personally don't give a damn either way, Larry King is out of date, Paris Hilton is a famous hooker, and Michael Moore's documentaries are less informative than a Cheetos commercial.

As for someone else writing her letter shows how people underestimate this brilliant actress.
Enough with the letter and poetry come on woman and write a sitcom/TV show. I don't want to watch Cavemen next fall but I will if nothing better is on.

Mrs. Tammy Lynn Michaels blogs

Just stumbled upon the blogger blog of Tammy Lynn Etheridge (nee Michaels) its called hollywood farm girl.

She was on the best Christmas episode of any TV shows of all time. It was in the show Popular an episode entitled Fall on Your Knees.

The episode featured Tammy as Nicole, a evil school whore, who gets visited by 3 ghost during Christmas. Yes it is unoriginal but the way it was done was perfect. Her sudden change was not permanent but still effective.

She is a great actress but she gets lots of the less than ideal roles. I liked her in Committed but that show had massive problems. Her blog is a bit bland and there's lots of poetry...ugh. She seems like a modern day hippie. Either way I hope she gets a lead in a sitcom soon it would be great.

By the way should I change my major to TV production? Science is so damned boring.

Friday, June 22, 2007


No not that one, which I thought would be a bit controversial.
Jericho was picked and will rerun this summer. It is a great show.

Well old summer shows are back.

  • The 4400 was fine.
  • The Dead Zone makes sleepy even after they changed the son and killed his dad.
  • Rescue Me is great, Shelia is my favorite, Chief Jerry Reilly taking a bullet is messed up.
  • John from Cincinnati reminds me of Kyle XY you know mystery guy with no background and lots of unexplained events. I'm hooked.
  • Kyle XY is still strong but it should focus more on the family and less on the other stuff.

I said it before I don't like reality show or game shows but if I do watch it it will be only the first season because after that they're all fake.

Shaq's Big Challenge has Shaq and a bunch of fat social stunted youths trying to lose weight. Of course they have bad parents and one of the girls is 50% fat-50% human, sexy huh?
The worst is Walter a loser-child-boy who plays video games.

Big Medicine is also a new favorite it is a show about those kids I just mentioned in about 12 years. There are 750 people on that show that have bariatric surgery to become thin because self control is too hard.

Big People, Little World is just great mostly because they have a beautiful home that is super messy. That is the place I want to raise kids.

Kathy Griffin gets sadder every episode.

Still adjust the blog so don't mind the unevenness.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Kyle XY: The Prophet

Kyle is with his creator which is a man who spent 13 months in the whom, eugenics is fun.

Adam Bailyn, the guy who gave his mom an extra 4 months of bloat, was a unique experiment by Einsteins friends. He then felt sad and lonely so he created an artificial whom to stretch gestation to 16 years.

Feeling bad about all the failed experiments he left the group and was being hunted. He has powers to control his body which allows him to change the electro-magnetic parts of his body to move water and other objects.

Oh yes as I predicted on the last episode there is a girl experiment walking around.

It was a good episode even though they killed Adam before telling Kyle of his bio-parents. He did warn Kyle that the more you use your mind-powers the weaker your body gets.

The episode is called The Prophet because that was what a secret society called Kyle.

Also Fallen is coming back in August.

Monday, June 11, 2007

And.......Fade to Black.

The Sopranos: Made in America

Let's clarify this season finale for those of you not use to watching TV.

  • There was no twist or unseen shockers.
  • It was not left for you to imagine.
  • No one died or will die.
It just ended with the family having dinner.
  • What we now learn is that AJ is finally in the family business, even a little bit counts.
  • Meadow is dating a mob-connected guy.
  • This was one of the worst endings to a show ever.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sad Kathy

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

Kathy is back in season 3 of this reality show. One of the few reality shows I watch only because she is funny. Although she did have a teary outburst when talking about her ex-husband and how he betrayed her.

It should be great to watch her date but I think she has a friend with benefits in her new roommate Tom. By the way aren't all her assistants annoying TV whores.

The Shield: Spanish Practices

Well not what I expected for a season finale but it leaves you with a smile as now Vic has all the power for next season.

It will be great to see Vic in control not having to do side deals.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

They're BACK!!!

The summer shows.

Kyle XY, Monday June 11

Rescue Me, Wednesday June 13

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Atlantis is better

Stargate Atlantis: Sunday

Damn that was a depressing episode.

Everyone on the main Atlantis team has a day off and we see what happens in flash backs from the moment of an explosion.

The running theme is fun and love with minor characters and also Dr. Carson Beckett looking for a fishing buddy. There are shades of Grey's Anatomy when we see Dr. Beckett preforming bomb surgery.

Kind of saw this coming since Stargate: SG-1 also killed off their doctor.

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