Wednesday, June 24, 2009


TV Land, Channel #34

Where reruns go out to pasture. They often have some nice tributes when certain television actors die. Unfortunately they are starting a prime-time line up consisting of all original reality shows.

Watching some random shows toady I learned these moral lessons.

Good Times: The Windfall
Although finding $27,000 in 1974 is great having so much money in a bad neighborhood will get you killed so you must return it. If not you will turn your youngest into a drug dealer, your daughter to a street walker, and your eldest son into a thief. At the end being morally superior trumps the fact you are hungry, living in fear, and have no respect. (Honestly they did the right thing.)

Leave It to Beaver: Ward's Millions
While wanting you dad to be something more you should realize he won't care. That and not every book is worth reading some are just made to sell books. Imagine what Ward would of thought about blogs.

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