Monday, April 29, 2013

Broadcast Delayed

Finally saw Happy Endings last Friday after it was not shown the week before because of coverage of the Boston bombers chase. The whole coverage lasted a few days and ninety-five percent was useless.

This is another reason TV is dying because the soaps and daytime shows were interrupted five or six times just to say nothing new was happening in Boston. I would rather wait until all the facts are in before getting any updates. My knowing that some Russian bomber's mom is nuts makes no difference to the case.

I would rather laugh watching the best show that is about to be canceled.

Monday, April 01, 2013

50th Anniversary of General Hospital

It has been 50 years of soapy goodness. This year long celebration included 50 hours of episodes on Soapnet . Many of the key and older characters have been making an appearance. The apex should be the Nurse's Ball this week.

While I have not watched it from the beginning I have seen most episodes since 1991 when Luke & Laura made their original comeback. I wanted to see what the big deal was and became hooked. Mostly with the young character at the time. It was not until years of watching hat I appreciated the older characters.

Drama and ridiculous situations are common place but it is a fun entertaining show. The other alternatives like games show and talk shows all are horrible in comparison for daytime viewers. I know eventually this too will end as cheap low brow TV takes over.

My suggestion is to watch at least a weeks worth of episodes before passing judgement but keep in my this is about fantasy not reality.

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