Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat Is On

Rescue Me
After a year on hold, although it seems longer, Rescue Me came back advancing the story-timeline a bit. Everything is still messed up in Gavin's life but at least there are no secrets.

The women in Gavin's life are draining the life out of him. While the firehouse rallies around Lou.

The show is still great despite the long wait. They plan to air the series finale on the week of September 11. Unless I am over thinking it I see lots of foreshadowing in these final episodes. I doubt the final episode will have everyone go off quietly.

Of course on TV the number one news story is the heat. 104 in New York City with a nighttime temperature of 90 degrees. I have heard a couple of people say that this is nothing since we have cooling technology and that our grandparents lived through worse without ACs.

Well those people are wrong. People should Google...Weegee, "Crowd at Coney Island, Temperature 89 degrees . . . They came early, and stayed late," July 22, 1940

They will find this picture...

There is also a great Smithsonian article that explains how New York City and most other places around America would slow down to the point it virtually shutdown. The early 1940s were so hot at high 80s and low 90s that people slept outside and did not show up for work for days.

People in the near past were not stronger and less whining. The just died quickly and nobody sued. So all this heat coverage is justified. 110 is not normal for any human and the fact we are not dying by the thousand shows how we have evolved and adapted over the last half century.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Summer Premieres! Time Warps Begin!

Weeds: Season 7
Starts off 3 year after the events of the last episode. Nancy Botwin is free woman with no threats or danger to face so as usual she creates her own. Traveling around NYC with an arsenal was hilarious. Her family comes back from their so-so European lives to reconnect and she is less than joyous.

The Big C: Season 2
The truth is out and everyone is taking it well while Cathy is look to fight the Cancer with everything she can. Her best friend Rebecca is trying to steal the spotlight with her unborn baby.

True Blood: Season 4
One day in fairyland meant one year in real time. Everyone thinking Sookie was dead moved on. She may be back the are bigger problems as a witch coven becomes very powerful.

Futurama: Season 6
Getting worse each episode. The show was about normal life with the occasional odd futuristic thing now it is everything is odd and people take it as normal. This show has lost it's mojo.

Royal Pains: Season 3?
After spending 2+ years in the same summer they final sped through fall, winter, and spring to start off the next summer. Dr. Hank never left the Hamptons and is now reuniting with everyone else. Only Dr. Hank seems to have his life together the rest are letting insecurities ruin their relationships.

Burn Notice: Season 6
Michael Weston is back as a spy and will never know why he got burned. We finally see some great scenes with his mom that explores his childhood and reason to become a spy.

Men of a Certain Age: Season 2
Still depressing as ever but they have been teasing us with a few rays of hope. Everyone on this show is always on the brink of financial and personal ruin/success.

Hot in Cleveland: Season 2
Still not funny, Bertinelli is underused.

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I can only say due to the non-regular schedules TV shows have these days that these time bending plot devices will continue. Granted older shows like The Waltons also suffered with timeline issues.

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